Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 263

Chapter 263 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 2

The wails were like needles pricking on their nerves, which caused Xie Yuqing and the others to suffer a headache. They squatted, as they covered their heads and moaned in pain.


Teng Yongqing recited one of the names of Buddha in a low but steady tone. The wails stopped at once.

Madam Chee turned to look at him; her brows frowned.

“Granny! It is me.”

Madam Chee gazed at him. She looked a little surprise, but her gaze contained a hint of tenderness. However, sternness soon replaced it, and she said coldly, “How dare you against me!”

“Granny, I came to save you, to bring you back to Luo Jia Sect and relearn Buddhism.”

“Buddhism? Haha….” Madam Chee laughed her head off, “If Buddhism can cleanse an evil being, he would not have done this to me. Buddhism, such fake teachings! I am here today to kill all the liars, and kill everyone else!”

As she swung her arms, the skulls in her sleeves wailed at once; it was like the movement had provoked them. Moving a step forward, jets of the four black beasts’ blood twirled around her legs, but a wisp of black Demon Qi from Madam Chee blocked the blood. The Qi stopped the blood at the level of her ankles, preventing it from coming up. The blood boiled and bubbled once they came into contact the Demon Qi, dropping to the ground.

“World-honored One, what is known as a true idea is no-idea, and for this reason, it is called a true idea. The idea of an ego is no-idea [of ego], the idea of a person, a being, or a soul is no-idea [of a person, a being, or a soul]. For what reason? They are Buddhas who are free from all kinds of ideas. Detach yourself from all ideas and rouse the desire for the supreme enlightenment….”

Teng Yongqing put his palms together and devoutly recited Buddha texts continuously. He emitted a faint golden aura, which suppressed the wails from the skulls and relieved a little bit of the tension in Xie Yuqing and the others.

“Shine the torches!”

Ye Shaoyang’s shout pulled Xie Yuqing and Xiao Ma back to reality. They quickly switched on their torches and shone at Madam Chee, while Xiao Ma acted on his own to take out the cinnabar gun and shot Madam Chee a few times, Xie Yuqing also followed suit.

Madam Chee’s face turned paler under the intense light. Flicking her finger, she covered her face with her sleeves. Suddenly, Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing heard the sound of strange laughter behind them.

Turning around, both of them saw two ghosts with long, disheveled hair, with scabs and scars all over their faces. A vertical wound covered with blood extended from their foreheads till their chins, and they had a pair of blood-red eyes. While the ghosts opened their mouths, Xie Yuqing and Xiao Ma saw a greenish tongue with multiple cavities that were filled with maggots crawling up and down.

Xie Yuqing could barely bear the disgusting scene, as she had seen many kinds of corpses throughout her police life. On the contrary, Xiao Ma almost vomited. However, both of their gazes were attracted by the two ghosts, and the distraction provided Madam Chee an opportunity to avoid the lights and arrive at the sixth sub-formation.

At once, ritual tools on the ground catapulted toward Madam Chee. Fluttering her sleeves, some skulls detached and fought with the incoming ritual tools.

Only then did Ye Shaoyang realize that the skulls were not the illusions made up of her Demon powers. Rather, they were tens of thousands of spirits that had died unjustly; the Yin-grown Blood Pagoda Tree had captured them. He had never expected Madam Chee to bring them out as cannon fodders to break the sub-formations. No wonder she could pass the first five sub-formations in such a short period.

“All Qi originates from Yin and Yang; The Three Pure Ones will bestow the red damask with power!”

Ye Shaoyang initiated a hand seal and pointed at the red damasks placed in the sixth sub-formation. Layers of red damask flew up, circling Madam Chee in the pattern of the Taiji Diagram and strangling her. Jets of black Demon Qi dispersed through the gap between the layers of red damask.

“Shine the torch! Where is the light?” Ye Shaoyang hurriedly looked back. He cast out two ancient Chinese coins when he saw that two ghosts were trying to stop Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing from shining the torches at Madam Chee; he quickly killed them.

“Shine the torches!” he shouted again.

Within a second, the two shone the torches toward Madam Chee, who was covered with layers of red damask. Suddenly, another two spirits appeared in front of the torches and blocked the light.

The intense light eroded the faces of the spirits, part by part; flesh disappeared, and black blood oozed out to reveal the bones beneath. Xiao Ma moved the torch to one side, and the tissue regrew, but the part shone on was eroded; the flesh turning into bones.

Arrgh…. The spirits showed a grim expression, as they howling relentlessly. Xiao Ma could not bare looking at their faces. He closed his eyes and muttered to himself, “It’s just an illusion. It’s just an illusion….”

“What the hell!” Ye Shaoyang cast out two more ancient Chinese coins toward the two spirits and killed them.

“They are not illusions. Madam Chee sent them outside the formation. They have no power but can only frighten and distract you. Just kill them with your cinnabar guns if more appear. Shine the torch, quick!”

He continued to form different hand seals, as he recited an incantation to tighten the red damasks around Madam Chee.

Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing raised their torches, and two spirits blocked in front once again. So, they reached out for their cinnabar guns and shot them. Then, they cast the lights at Madam Chee once more, but it was too late, a cluster of black Demon Qi burst forth and tore the red damasks; she escaped and sprung toward the seventh sub-formation.

The red niter threads activated once she flew toward the seventh sub-formation. The threads flew toward her, but she just repelled them with a simple move and entered the sub-formation.

Ye Shaoyang initiated another hand seal, manipulating different kinds of ritual tools to attack Madam Chee.

Taking advantage of the fact that Madam Chee was busy blocking the attacks, Old Guo took out a sheet of blue talisman paper and quickly drew with a cinnabar pen. Then he stuck it on his Date Wood Sword. With Old Guo’s current power, he could barely handle a blue Talisman Paper, but he had to strain himself to use it. He bit on his tongue tip, spat a mouthful of blood on the paper, and recited incantation once.

The Date Wood Sword turned red; it resembled red-hot iron, as it chopped at Madam Chee.

Madam Chee raised her hand and grabbed at the sword body, urging the black Demon Qi to fight against the glowing sword.

“Too weak!” Madam Chee said flatly. With a snap, the sword broke into two and a strong Demon Qi struck Old Guo’s chest, throwing him out. Old Guo vomited a mouthful of blood when he landed. He rolled out of the formation and waved to the others, “I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Keep fighting!”

After he finished his words, he sat cross-legged and started his breathing technique.

In another few seconds, Madam Chee destroyed the seventh sub-formation and arrived at the eighth, which Teng Yongqing guarded.

“Granny, please surrender….” Teng Yongqing spoke to Madam Chee, hesitating a little. In his hands, he held a string of Buddha beads.

“Useless child!” Madam Chee took a glanced at him and stepped into the sub-formation without a second thought. The eighth sub-formation was much more powerful than the former. Madam Chee slightly frowned, as she felt a little tired of fighting. Her robes were covered in multiple burning holes from the ritual tools.

Ye Shaoyang formed a hand seal, as he shouted at Teng Yongqing, “What are you waiting for?! Kill her!”

Teng Yongqing sighed; he placed the string of Buddha beads in between his palms and formed a Buddha hand sign, reciting the Buddha texts, as he rotated the beads. The beads turned faster when he increased the speed of chanting.

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