Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 262

Chapter 262 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 1


“If you like watching the Sakura, you can go to Wuda in the future. I heard the scenery is more beautiful than here, and the Sakura was not irrigated by blood.”

“Where is Wuda?”

“I don’t know. Maybe near the house of Wu Dalang?” said Ye Shaoyang as he scratched his head.

Tan Xiaohui chuckled, “Don’t bluff. You know where it is for sure. It is a university in Jiang City.”

“How do you know that?”

“I grew up together with Tan Xiaohui, and we learned together. If not, how do you think I can communicate in Chinese?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded.

“Anyways, there are still many beautiful places I have never been to. And, I am always beside Tan Xiaohui,” Tan Xiaohui continued to speak in a relaxed tone and she stood up and stretched herself.

“I always hoped to be a human and live once, learning, making friends, or even getting into a relationship. When you rescued me, I was so happy. Finally, I could live as a human; I have an identity. It’s my great pleasure to meet you and Xiaoru…. Thank you. Thank you.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “No. I am sorry. If I got to know this earlier, I would not reveal your identity.”

Tan Xiaohui replied to him with a sweet smile, “You are a sorcerer. It’s your responsibility to subdue demons and capture spirits. I feel satisfying to live as a human for so many days.” She plucked a petal of Sakura and sniffed it, as she enjoyed the moment, “Nice.”

Looking at her expression, Ye Shaoyang felt as though she had become the Tan Xiaohui before he revealed her identity. Just as he wanted to discuss his plan of bringing her to the Floating Temple, Tan Xiaohui looked back at him and winked, “I think I have to go down now. It will take me some time to find the lair and release Madam Chee. You can initiate the formation once you see something a strange. Goodbye, Big Brother Shaoyang.”

“OK. I have one thing to tell you after we kill Madam Chee.”

Tan Xiaohui stood among the Sakura trees and smiled at him. Then she turned around and walked into the forest. She avoided stepping into the formation because she was a demon. Falling Sakura flower petals covered the path. Blood oozed out from her foot each time she stepped on the flower petals.

Ye Shaoyang gazed at her figure till she disappeared. He planned to rest in the security house for a moment, but he was afraid that Tan Xiaohui would bring the fight forward, so he remained there and waited. Everyone gathered when it was almost 11 p.m. Ye Shaoyang took the opportunity to give a short motivational speech while waiting for the battle.

“If I lose control, just leave without me,” said Ye Shaoyang as he looked around at the group, “and find my master at Maoshan. He will find a way--”

“Big Brother Shaoyang, I believe you can handle it because you are a Heavenly Master,” interrupted Zhou Jingru emotionally.

Ye Shaoyang replied with a laugh, “Everyone will die in the future; it is the same for Heavenly Masters.”

After waiting for another ten minutes, rays of red light emerged from the direction of the well. Immediately, Ye Shaoyang instructed them to go to their respective locations as planned, and he asked Xiao Ma to wear the mask and check the well.

Then, he walked to the ninth sub-formation and waited nervously.

Not long after Xiao Ma left, another ray of white light appeared from the direction of the well; a woman’s angry voice followed. The voice did not belong to a mortal.

A terrifying, powerful Demon Qi swept across the Sakura garden. Sakura petals filled the entire sky.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Shaoyang said, “Madam Chee is coming.” He sat cross-legged and cut his middle finger, dripping his blood on a red damask. The blood spread quickly to the other red damasks and activated the formation.

Clattering sounds relentlessly came from the end of the Sakura garden. Even though the trees blocked Ye Shaoyang’s view, he could sense Madam Chee walking slowly on the sack clothes with the blood of the four black beasts. The ritual tools that supported the formation had activated to the max, but they failed to stop Madam Chee from moving forward.

Bang! The presences of the surroundings had been thrown into a mess. Ye Shaoyang’s heart sank; Madam Chee had just passed the first sub-formation!

In the next second, another roar echoed through the cemetery; jets of Demon Qi in the form of black smokes resisted the white smokes emitted from the ritual tools, and both soared up into the sky.

“She destroyed the second sub-formation faster than I expected.” Ye Shaoyang heaved; Madam Chee’s cultivation had surpassed the usual supreme demons.

Teng Yongqing turned around and said to Ye Shaoyang, “Heavenly Master Ye, we must fight with every ounce of our energy!”

Ye Shaoyang nodded; he thought that Teng Yongqing’s words were redundant; they would not survive if they did not fight with all their strength.

Strange voices sounded from the distance, getting nearer, and nearer; even Zhou Jingru understood that Madam Chee was approaching. Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder, and she jumped with a shout involuntarily. Looking back to see Ma Cheng, she caught her breath before she asked, “It is you! Why are you here?”

“The security said you all would take action tonight, so I just passed by to have a look.” When he saw the different colors of auras shoot across the sky deep in the Sakura garden and heard the scary howlings, Ma Cheng was dumbstruck. He asked hesitantly, “Are you capturing ghosts?”

However, Zhou Jingru ignored his question, as her gaze followed the movements of the black and white smokes. Ma Cheng stood in front of her and said in a gentlemanly manner, “Let me protect you.”

His words left Zhou Jingru speechless.

The movement on the opposite side grew more vigorous in the next ten minutes; Madam Chee had gone through the fifth sub-formation. Then, they heard hurried footsteps approaching, and they saw Xiao Ma running and staggering along the way. Although the mask covered his face, they could sense his fear from his eyes.

He shook his hands toward Ye Shaoyang, while he ran about wildly, “Completely out of control! She is too strong! My goodness, damn scary!”

Ye Shaoyang did not blame Xiao Ma; all in all, he had done his very best to survive till now. So, he instructed Xiao Ma to pair with Xie Yuqing and shoot Madam Chee with the intense light when she approached.

The wind around them blew wildly, rocking the trees side to side. Ye Shaoyang knew it was Madam Chee. Taking a deep breath, he muttered, “She is coming.”

Then, he heard sounds of gulping behind him.

Ye Shaoyang looked back; his eyes swept past each of them. He thought of saying something to calm them down, but everyone tensed up suddenly, so he quickly turned his head. A red figure had appeared at the end of the red damasks, standing motionless and looking at them.

It was a pretty woman with long hair; she wore a red robe and stood on the red damask with bare feet. The three vertical, faint red lines on her face and each eyebrow gave her pretty face a more demonic look.

“Heavenly Master Ye.” The woman spoke in an airy voice and stared at Ye Shaoyang with an innocent look.

Ye Shaoyang quietly drew in a breath. Finally, the big boss of the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation had appeared; this was the Madam Chee he had waited to meet for a long while.

“I have no time to speak nonsense with you. Let’s finish this quickly.” Ye Shaoyang pointed at her.

Madam Chee raised the corner of her mouth and cast an evil smile at them. She slowly raised her arms together; her long sleeves were just like a butterfly flapping its wings.

“Oh my God!”

“No way!”

“It can’t be!”

Everyone including Ye Shaoyang was puzzled with what they currently saw:

Thousands of skulls hung over her sleeves and arms. Even though the faces were different, they all shared a suffering look. At once, screams and howls filled the garden, irritating their eardrums and stimulating their nerves.

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