Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 260

Chapter 260 The Floating Temple

Xiao Ma pinched his nose, “No wonder it smells so stinky, boy's urine and corpse oil! But, what is a black chicken?”

“All male alpha cockerels are black. The blood from their cockhead can suppress the evil being's power effectively.” Since Xiao Ma had contributed plenty, Old Guo explained the matter to him.

Xiao Ma counted his fingers, “Is the blood from a black donkey’s hoof and a black dog’s eyes more spiritual because of the particular body parts? But, what’s so special about the black pig’s nose? Pigs are stupid.”

“There is always one thing that suppresses another. A pig’s nose is very sensitive toward demon Qi. The pigs that were raised in the village frequently dug out snakes to eat.” As Old Guo spoke, he took out a paint roller from his haversack and connected the handle. Dipping the roller in the jug, he started to paint the sack clothes from one end.

Ye Shaoyang opened up another jug they had brought over from Old Guo’s house and took out the red threads that had soaked in the red niter. He fixed the red threads onto the carpenter’s ink marker. Then, he reached out for an anti-dust respirator and wore it.

Xiao Ma was stunned, “Can this mask subdue spirits?”

“The thing stinks!” Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes. He pulled out the red threads from the carpenter’s ink marker and placed it along the part Old Guo had painted with the blood of the Four Black Beasts.

After he busied himself for a moment, Ye Shaoyang passed the carpenter’s ink marker to Xiao Ma and asked him to continue. Meanwhile, he carried a backpack full of copper coins and copper beads, spreading them onto the clothes with red threads. Old Guo passed his job to Teng Yongqing. He took out the talisman papers and stuck them onto the red damask, which formed the nine sub-formations. The four of them took two hours to finish the preparations before they finally rested.

Ye Shaoyang took out a tiny bottle filled with gold and mithril powder and drew three Dark Gold Ink Talisman Papers. Then, he drew a Bagua symbol on the last sub-formation with cinnabar ink and stuck the three Dark Gold Ink Talisman Papers on the Bagua symbol. At this point, he heaved a sigh of relief, “Done, finally.”

The sack clothes turned red; it looked like a crimson carpet after they painted it with the blood, extending deep into the forest. Teng Yongqing looked around and sighed emotionally, “You are amazing, Heavenly Master Ye. The blood of Four Black Beasts, threads with red niter, copper coins, copper beads, and hundreds of sheets of talisman paper; you’ve taken four extra safety measures. I guess this formation can subdue at least ten supreme spirits. Only you have the great skills and power necessary to control such a grand formation.”

“With the aid of you and Xiaohui, even if she is a powerful demon, we should have a high chance of success, right?” Xiao Ma interrupted.

Ye Shaoyang nodded slowly. Even the Blood Gu undead king would have no chance of breaking into the ninth stage. However, they had never fought Madam Chee for real. The Formation of Five Elements had restricted her power all the while. Everyone knew she was a supreme demon, but none of them knew the exact extent of her cultivation. Everything was unknown to him.

Old Guo stared at the formation and dramatically said, “Junior Brother, all the materials I have prepared cost at least seventy to eighty thousand Yuan. I have brought the bill here.”

“You can find Xiaoru to pay for the bill after we settle matters with Madam Chee.”

Xiao Ma hurriedly reminded Old Guo once he heard about money, “Remember to claim my service charge; the more, the merrier. Even though the money belongs to Little Ye, hey hey.”

Teng Yongqing asked as he frowned a little, “Why does the money belong to you?”

Ye Shaoyang glanced at Xiao Ma, and replied, “He speaks rubbish!” He stood up, cleaned his hands, and said, “We are done here. I need to discuss the final plans and the essential parts with Xiaohui. I need her help.”

The four left the cemetery and returned to the town. On the way, Ye Shaoyang called Zhou Jingru, asking her about Tan Xiaohui. Once he learned that Tan Xiaohui had returned to the hotel, Ye Shaoyang felt immediately relieved. He was worried that Tan Xiaohui would leave for too long and the effect of some potions would wear off. After that, he called Xie Yuqing, requesting her to bring the two brightest torchlights to the hotel.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shaoyang fell into deep thought for a long time before he turned to Old Guo and asked, “Senior Brother, do you know of the Floating Temple’s location?”

Old Guo paused for a moment and looked at Ye Shaoyang, “How would I know if even you don’t know where it is?”

“All year round, I stayed at Maoshan, and I only followed master out for consecration purposes. Besides, all the consecrations occurred near Maoshan. Not like you, I learned many things from people, but you have traveled around the world, so you would surely know better than me.”

Old Guo replied as he drove, “When I was in Minnan Province, the people said that the Floating Temple was built on top of a floating mountain, and no living being has ever climbed the mountain.”

“Impossible. There is no such thing as a floating mountain. Or else, it will be shocking news to the world.”

“Anyways, I have never heard anyone being there before,” said Old Guo as he shrugged, “By the way, why did you ask that?”

“Master said there is a Demon Pagoda in the Floating Temple.”

Immediately, Old Guo understood Ye Shaoyang’s intentions, but he shook his head, “You plan to cleanse Xiaohui? That is not possible. The Floating Temple will not accept any creature from the Underworld. If you truly want to help her, why not let her stay in the mortal world?”

Ye Shaoyang sighed, “Senior brother, you know the rules. Any creature from the Underworld is not allowed to loiter in the mortal world. Anytime, she can get punished by heavenly tribulation, and few have survived these before.”

“But you can help her with your Daoist craft,” said Old Guo.

“She can’t be with me all the time. She is not my wife.”

“You can marry her….” Xiao Ma said timidly.

Ye Shaoyang kicked him at once, “She is a demon, and I am a human, how can we get married?”

Xiao Ma rubbed the area where Ye Shaoyang had kicked him and replied, “So what, don’t try to be racist.”

Again, Ye Shaoyang kicked him. Then, he spoke to Old Guo, “Even husband and wife will not stay together for every second. As such, I want to give the Floating Temple try.”

Old Guo slowed down the speed, and he frowned a little and thought out loud, “Maybe you can try, but rumors say that the masters in the Floating Temple were the successors of the Mighty Sorcerer Zhang. Each of them has obtained a very high cultivation level, and they are rather arrogant. They won’t entertain Daoists like you.”

Ye Shaoyang snorted, “I will fight them if they don’t agree to help. I believe they will help me after I defeat them.” 

Old Guo sent Ye Shaoyang a sullen look, “Junior brother, I know you are great, but their cultivation levels are many times higher than yours, how are you going to defeat them?”

Ye Shaoyang grumbled, “You won’t know if you haven’t tried.”

Old Guo’s heart jerked, as he thought of the cases they had gone through together. Maybe, he was serious about this matter.

Xiao Ma tapped Ye Shaoyang’s shoulder happily, “Hey, I thought you refused to let Tan Xiaohui stay due to your principles. Never knew you were worried about her. Sorry, for blaming you wrongly.”

Ye Shaoyang humped and said nothing.

Zhou Jingru and Tan Xiaohui were waiting in the room when the four of them arrived. Tan Xiaohui sat quietly in the corner of the couch, holding a tea cup and smiling at Ye Shaoyang as the group entered the room.

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