Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 259

Chapter 259 The Blood of Four Black Beasts

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “I don't know who Daniel Wu is, but you look like Wu Mengda.”

“I think you are just jealous of me; that’s you won't tell me the truth.” Xiao Ma snorted. He sat on the couch and switched on the television.

“I thought you have a date, why are you still here?”

“One hour to go; let me spend some time here.”

“Good timing. Help me make some potions,” Ye Shaoyang said, as he took out the talisman paper that Old Guo had passed him yesterday. He extracted the water from the River of The Past and the Grass of Life and Death. Then he placed them in separate porcelain bowls. Xiao Ma showed an intense curiosity upon hearing the two unique names. He examined the glistening yellow river water and subsequently the other bowl.

“Isn't that something like a lump of hair? Why is it called the Grass of Life and Death?” Xiao Ma picked up the bowl of hair, as he asked curiously.

Ye Shaoyang explained, “You're right. For those spirits who are entering the Heaven Path, they need to cleanse their spirit Qi in the River of The Past before they reincarnate. Some of their spirit hairs would drop into the river, and the hair would absorb the spirit Qi. Eventually, the hair becomes a living being after floating across the river and growing along the riverside like grass. Because the River of The Past is related to Life and Death, they were named after it.”

Xiao Ma had never expected his question to bring such a stunning story. “Why would you need these?”

“The river water can cleanse out the hateful Qi in spirits and demons, while the Grass of Life and Death can absorb their cultivation.”

As Ye Shaoyang finished his words, he scooped out all the Grass of Life and Death, wrapped them with a Skyfire Talisman Paper, recited an incantation, and ignited the talisman paper, burning the items into ashes. Then, he mixed the ashes and other potion powders into the river water, stirring them into a paste.

After that, he spread out a red damask on the ground; he asked Xiao Ma to smear the paste onto the damask, while he drew talisman papers to the side.

“What is the use of smearing this onto it?” Xiao Ma asked as helped out.

“You will know in the future.”

After less than half an hour, Xiao Ma felt tired of squatting. He gave the excuse that he was running late for his date and slipped away.

Ye Shaoyang had no choice but to do it by himself. In his mind, he decided to reduce Xiao Ma’s pay to the minimum.

It was almost noon when he settled everything. Since he worried about the price in the hotel restaurant, he bought some eight Yuan fast food at the roadside vendor and returned to the five-star hotel in satisfaction.

Ye Shaoyang contacted Old Guo to catch a ride to the Ma Family Cemetery. Right when he finished packing his things, Old Guo arrived, and the two of them moved the items into the car. When they drove to the entrance of the cemetery, the security surprisingly did not block them. Instead, the security guards helped them move the material into the Sakura garden.

Given yesterday’s experience, Old Guo still felt a slight sense of fear toward the Sakura garden. Gazing deep into the forest, he asked, “Have you exterminated Tan Xiaohui’s soul?”

“Tan Xiaohui?”

“The actual Tan Xiaohui, the one who attacked us yesterday.”

“She was not Tan Xiaohui,” sighed Ye Shaoyang, “Madam Chee had disintegrated the real Tan Xiaohui’s soul to cultivate long ago. The one who attacked us was a strand of her remnant soul; Madam Chee mind controlled it. At first, I thought it was a Soulbound Undead. After giving the matter a second thought, I rejected the idea. Madam Chee could not leave her seal; she could only get her things done with a puppet corpse. If the soul of the actual Tan Xiaohui still existed, ‘Tan Xiaohui’ would have been here to rescue her.”

At this realization, Old Guo shook his head gently, “Even a strand of a remnant soul could exert such great power. She must have possessed a significant cultivation when she was alive. Junior Brother, I...I don’t think you can fight her alone.”

“That is not my main concern,” Ye Shaoyang muttered in a pensive mood, “I’m afraid we have not choice but to eliminate her. If she escapes, with such great cultivation, she will cause chaos everywhere. We have no choice. We must succeed.”

Old Guo frowned, “I feel we are taking a great risk. At the moment, you will need to focus entirely on the formation. If she happens to break the formation, touch wood, Teng Yongqing, I, and the others will have no way to block her.”

Suddenly, he had a brainwave, and he licked his lips, “We can trap her in the Five Elements Formation until we find a way to defeat her. Since she can’t get out from it once we manage to trap her.”

“That doesn’t mean she can’t break the formation forever. If she manages to solve the formation by herself, no one can stop her anymore. The earlier we kill her, the less trouble we have to go through. Let’s start.”

As Ye Shaoyang finished his words, he took out the Yin Yang Compass and advanced into the forest. Old Guo followed, carrying the two bulging backpacks on his back.

After arriving at the empty land with the well, Ye Shaoyang walked around the area to observe the subtle differences in the value of Yin Qi shown on the compass. He managed to guess the path through the lines of eight trigrams. Then he spread the red damask with a layer of potions around the well. Next, he nailed the red damask on the ground with seven silver nails that Old Guo had custom-made. Each nail went through the respective center holes of the copper coins.

The other end of the red damask spread out in the opposite direction of the path; multiple seven-inch spikes strung together with copper coins nailed the damask to the ground. It went all the way into the forest, resembling a red carpet from afar.

With Old Guo’s help, Ye Shaoyang placed pieces of clean sack clothes on the trees according to the Nine Stars Killing Formation.

Nine sub-formations represented the nine stars forming The Nine Stars Killing Formation. When the sack clothes spread over one area, Ye Shaoyang would circle a few trees nearby with the red damask before he proceeded to the next sub-formation.

As they busied themselves with setting up the formation, Xiao Ma and Teng Yongqing joined the two. Together, they placed the sack clothes and eventually reached the entrance of the forest. They rounded the nine trees nearby with the red damask before they nailed it onto a tree trunk, forming a dead end. There was a space, twenty to thirty meters inside the formation.

“We are done finally.” Xiao Ma panted as he took out a handkerchief and wiped his sweat like a gentleman.

Ye Shaoyang noticed Xiao Ma’s action and his suit, shooting him a look of disgust, “We have just completed the first step. Senior Brother, could you lead them to carry the blood of the Four Black Beasts here?” Since they were here, Ye Shaoyang was too lazy to carry it by himself.

After a few minutes, Old Guo carried an empty pot, as he walked back leisurely. Behind him, Xiao Ma and Teng Yongqing carried a large jug sealed with red cloth, as they approached Ye Shaoyang strenuously.

Ye Shaoyang instructed them to place the large jug on some free space. A thick, foul-smell assaulted everyone’s nostrils once he removed the seal.

“Oh my goodness, the smell!” Xiao Ma almost puked on the spot; immediately, he retreated a few steps.

Ye Shaoyang could not stand the smell either. He held his breath, peeped through the opening, and asked, “I guess the blood is fine?”

“No problem,” answered Old Guo, “The mixture of the blood from black dog’s eyes, black pig’s nose, black donkey’s hoofs, and black cockscomb’s blood is in the correct ratio. Eight taels of corpse oil, two taels of alum, 0.3 taels of Jiuxiang grass, and one catty of boy’s urine; I accurately weighed all of it myself.”

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