Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 258

Chapter 258 The Missing Spirit

“Are you mad? Considering offers from a spirit, you are putting yourself at risk!” Ye Shaoyang could not help but scold him.

“Ahem, I was just asking. At that moment, the Feral Heart Spirit came for the little spirit. He was smart; he knew that he had no place to go, so he hid behind me and told the Feral Heart Spirit that I had rescued him. The Feral Heart Spirit believed his words when it saw the entrance and launched an attack on me.

Damn! The Feral Heart Spirit was at the rank of awakened spirit; I was no match for it because I had no ritual tools with me. Luckily, you saved me when I almost gave up. That’s all. You know the rest of the story.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “At first, I was wondering why the Feral Heart Spirit would cross its boundary; it came because of the little spirit. Hmm, but why?”

Old Guo shrugged, “How would I know?”

Ye Shaoyang fell into deep thought, Why would the Feral Heart Spirit cross the border to the place near the Netherworld Council and risk being caught by the Spirit Commissioner? That means the Feral Heart Spirit held a deep resentment for the little spirit. Ye Shaoyang made up his mind that, when he was free, he would try his best to find that little spirit and enquire about it. After all, he was the one who released the little spirit to the mortal world by chance. No matter if it was well-behaved or not, he could not let it stay here.

“Doesn’t matter. We will drop this matter for now. I have to go back and rest. I will leave the things here and drop by again tomorrow,” said Ye Shaoyang as he stood up.

“Why don’t you sleep here?” Old Guo drank another mouthful of liquor; his face slightly flushed.

Ye Shaoyang glanced over the shop, “I feel uncomfortable sleeping with these paper effigy, coffins, and garland around. Besides, it is just a short distance back to my place. Well, see you tomorrow.”

As Old Guo opened the gate for Ye Shaoyang, he muttered to himself, “I don’t quite understand why you, a Heavenly Master, would fear coffins and paper effigy; you are not even scared of ghosts!”

“That is different; coffins make me think of death. They are not related to ghosts. Heavenly Masters are afraid of death too.” replied Ye Shaoyang as he exited the shop, looked back, and waved to Old Guo. After walking a few steps out of the alley, he felt that something was not right and dived to another alley beside him.

A young, dull-looking man stood in the alley. Ye Shaoyang knew a spirit was possessing him at a glance. The spirit appeared to be seven to eight years old, and it wore a weird combination of t-shirt and short pants. It paused, stuck out its tongue at Ye Shaoyang, left the young man’s body, and ran away.

Is that the little spirit that escaped from the cellar? How dare it possess a human? That is unforgivable! Ye Shaoyang quickly strode across the alley.

The young man recovered once the spirit left him, and he wondered why he was here. He was shocked when he saw Ye Shaoyang rushing toward him. Immediately, he withdrew a dagger and pointed at Ye Shaoyang, “Don’t come near me, or I will stab you!”

Damn, what’s up with him?

Ye Shaoyang stood upright, motionless and stunned. The young man raised the dagger and swung forward.

What a psycho!

Ye Shaoyang sprung toward him and struck at the young man’s hand that held the dagger. Groaning in pain, the young man dropped the dagger but still tried to fight back. With a kick and a hook, Ye Shaoyang slammed him on the ground and locked his hands. Simultaneously, footsteps sounded out from behind them. Ye Shaoyang turned around and saw a young lady and another two young men running in his direction.

The scene stunned the young lady. She hesitated for a moment before she thanked Ye Shaoyang, “Thank you for taking action to uphold justice!”

What? Uphold justice?

Before Ye Shaoyang could understand the situation, the two young men came forward and searched the pockets of the young man on the ground. They passed a purse to the young lady, who claimed that the purse was hers, and she called the police.

After listening to her and the police’s explanation, Ye Shaoyang realized that the young man he subdued was a robber trying to escape after snatching her purse.

“Handsome, thank you for your help. Here is a little token of appreciation,” said the young lady as she took out three notes of money and passed it to him. Ye Shaoyang refused her with a polite smile. Then he turned his back on her and left the scene at a quick pace. He did not want to waste his time making a witness report at the police station.

Walking out from the alley, Ye Shaoyang suddenly had a strange thought, Did the little spirit possess the robber to buy time for the young lady and the men to capture him?

If so, the little spirit was the one who acted bravely for just a cause?

Ye Shaoyang shook his head helplessly. He did not sense hateful Qi from the little spirit, which indicated it was not an evil spirit. For now, he could put this matter aside, as the little spirit was harmless. He would just let it enjoy the moment in the mortal world a little longer until he settled his matters.

Ye Shaoyang took a cab back to the hotel. After he returned, he pulled out the talisman paper that Old Guo had handed to him. He planned to make some potions, but he was too tired. So, he went to bed after a quick bath.

Before he dozed off, he thought of Xiaohui; he planned to make a call but realized it was too late. So, he texted her: Don’t overthink. Our feelings toward you have not changed.

His phone’s message ringtone rang just as he placed it under his pillow.

“Tan Xiaohui: Thank you.”

He wanted to have a short chat before sleeping, but he did not know what to say and how to comfort her. As such, he switched off the lights and slid into dreams.

On the next morning, after Ye Shaoyang got up from his bed, he called Zhou Jingru for breakfast with Tan Xiaohui. However, Zhou Jingru said that Tan Xiaohui had gone out early in the morning.

“She said she wants to enjoy the mortal world before she leaves. She prefers to travel alone,” said Zhou Jingru bitterly.

Ye Shaoyang felt slightly depressed after listening to Zhou Jingru. Then, he asked, “How about you? Want to have breakfast together?”

“I’m afraid I can’t. I am busy with my stuff now. I will go back in a while.”

“Alright. Take care. I will call you if anything comes up.”

Ye Shaoyang hung up the phone and went down for breakfast. When he had just arrived in the room and took his meal, Xiao Ma arrived.

Ye Shaoyang was stunned when he saw Xiao Ma; it was like he had met a thousand-year-old demon. Xiao Ma had dressed up in a new suit; he wore a pair of sunglasses, and his leather shoes shone.

“How do you feel?” Xiao Ma smirked.

“Are you attending a funeral?”

“Pui! Pui! What nonsense are you spouting! I am going for a date!” Xiao Ma growled.

“Why are you wearing a black suit and a pair of sunglasses for a date?” asked Ye Shaoyang.

Xiao Ma chuckled, “This is our first date. I want it to be more formal to show my sincerity. Well, do I look smart? Do I look like Daniel Wu?”

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