Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 257

Chapter 257 The Feral Heart Spirit

Ye Shaoyang quickly pulled out a length of red thread and tied it to a Great Coin of Carving. He opened Old Guo’s mouth, dragged out his tongue, and stuck his tongue tip into the center hole of the coin. While reciting the soul seizing chant, Ye Shaoyang cut his tongue tip, and blood oozed out. As a result, the coin emitted a purple aura that entered Old Guo’s body.

Ye Shaoyang seized the opportunity. He stuck a blank talisman paper onto Old Guo’s forehead immediately, took some blood from Old Guo’s tongue tip, and drew three curves on the paper. Grasping the talisman paper, he shouted, “Come out!” With a pull, he dragged out three vague shadows from the talisman paper.

This outcome stunned Ye Shaoyang, Why three?

A small white figure ran out of the cellar at the speed of light once it landed. Ye Shaoyang reacted quickly. But before he could grab it, Old Guo’s soul rolled twice and laid motionless on the ground. Another figure quickly entered Old Guo’s physical body. It laughed when it found out that it had successfully possessed Old Guo.

However, just when it opened the mouth, Ye Shaoyang inserted two fingers into the mouth, grabbed the Great Coin of Carving, and said, “Out you go!” With a single motion, he pulled out the coin together with a dark shadow. The shadow retreated to a corner, holding a Chinese broadsword, as it looked Ye Shaoyang up and down angrily.

He fixed his gaze on the shadow; it appeared different from a human, even though it had a humanoid shape. It had two humps on its head and black fur covered its body. Its hair grew especially longer at the sunken area, located at the position of its heart, where a red lumpy object contracted and relaxed repeatedly.

Feral Heart Spirit?

Ye Shaoyang paused; according to the copy of Evil Beings by Maoshan Sect, the Feral Heart Spirits originated from the Underworld. It possessed a peculiar characteristic: an external heart at the sunken area between its ribs. The heart was its weakest point. It was extremely fragile because it was located outside of its body.

“Heavenly Master?” Fearfulness replaced the angry look on the Feral Heart Spirit. It had never expected to meet a Heavenly Master after possessing a human. Even though it was fierce and cruel, it was not stupid enough to go against a Heavenly Master, who was much powerful than it. Its will to fight disappeared, and it turned away and attempted to escape immediately.

Ye Shaoyang smiled coldly; he swung his soul binding chain, hooked its neck, and pulled the Feral Heart Spirit toward him. The spirit realized it had no chance to escape. Although it was no match for him, it was left with no choice but to fight back. A chilling Yin Qi emitted from its broadsword, as it chopped toward Ye Shaoyang’s head.

Ye Shaoyang dodged to the side. With one hand pulling the soul binding chain, his other hand grasped the Peach Wood Sword, and he shouted, “O' mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!”

The Peach Wood Sword stabbed right into its heart. Pfff! The heart ruptured; green blood spurted in all directions and vanished. The physical form of a spirit was usually sustained with its Spirit Qi. Any part away from the spirit would instantly disappear.

The Feral Heart Spirit shrieked in pain and convulsed. Its body gradually turned faint, and Bang! Multiple primordial spirits flew out of the cellar.

Ye Shaoyang breathed out a sigh of relief. He looked back at Old Guo’s soul, which curled on the ground and said, “Hey, what are you waiting for?”

Old Guo was dumbfounded to the point where he forgot that he was a soul; he recovered from his confused state after Ye Shaoyang reminded him, and he re-entered his body.

Ye Shaoyang quickly ran out of the cellar and tracked the Spirit Qi to the compound, searching for the small white figure. He sensed that the Spirit Qi had left the shop. Knowing that he had no chance of catching up to the white figure, he returned to the cellar. Old Guo sat on the ground, coughing non-stop. When he saw Ye Shaoyang approaching, he asked in a low, muffled voice, “Junior Brother, what happened to my tongue?”

“I cut it with the Great Coin of Carving to remove the Feral Heart Spirit from your body.”

Old Guo covered his mouth, moaning in pain, “But, you had cut a layer of my tongue. Ouch, it is so painful.”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “You should feel lucky to come back in one piece. Tell me about the whole incident, and who was the spirit that escaped?”

“It should be fine. It was a seven or eight-year-old spirit from the mortal world. The Feral Heart Spirit captured me because I was trying to rescue the spirit.”

“What’s happening?” asked Ye Shaoyang as he frowned.

“It is better for me to clean the wound on my tongue first. Let me get back to the ground floor.” Old Guo covered his mouth as he exited the cellar. Ye Shaoyang followed him up. Old Guo got himself a strong liquor, gulped it, and rinsed his mouth, moaning in pain.

Ye Shaoyang was stunned, “Damn you! I think you are just craving liquor. You aren't treating your wound.”

Old Guo gulped down the liquor. After he drank another mouthful, he rolled it around his mouth again, and swallowed. Letting out a long sigh of relief, “Nah, this is part of the disinfection process.”

“Then you shouldn't swallow it.”

“What a waste! This liquor is expensive, more expensive than a bottle of perfume!”

His answer left Ye Shaoyang speechless.

Old Guo handed a talisman paper to Ye Shaoyang. When he gave it a sniff, he said happily, “You brought it back!” Usually, a sorcerer could carry their personal belongings in an incorporeal form when traveling the Underworld, and they could load it with things from the Underworld. However, the items from the Underworld would become an image after coming back to the mortal world, and they would have no way to use it. As such, a sorcerer would store items from the Underworld in talisman papers to use them in the mortal world.

Water from the River of The Past and Grass of Life and Death were sealed in the talisman paper.

Ye Shaoyang felt relieved once he knew he had these things. He sat down on a chair by the counter and rested.

Old Guo approached one of the coffins, sat directly on top of it, and drank a mouthful of liquor; he did not avoid it as a taboo matter nor did he feel uncomfortable.

Ye Shaoyang could not help but laugh, “I am not good at playing the internet, but I believe if I upload the picture of you sitting on the coffin and drinking beer, you will become popular.”

Old Guo still felt a little shock about the incident in the Underworld, and he did not laugh at Ye Shaoyang’s joke.

“I went straight to the River of The Past. While I was getting some of the river water and Grass of Life and Death, a Spirit Commissioner approached me. It said nothing after checking the talisman paper you had drawn for me. On the way to the entrance, while I was heading for the mortal world, a little spirit, approximately seven to eight years old, stuck his head out and looked around the opening.

“I created the entrance with my blood. Nobody can pass through it unless I give them permission. The little spirit asked me to bring him back along and offered me some good stuff. So, I asked him for the details regarding the good stuff.”

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