Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 255

Chapter 255 A Cicada?

Old Guo did not find the matter funny, so he gave Xiao Ma a mean stare and turned to asked Ye Shaoyang, “Well, it’s no easy task going down there. I’ll have to go get ready; see you guys later.”

“Hold on, before you go, help me prepare these things too,” Ye Shaoyang took out a small notepad, wrote down what he needed, and tore off the page for Old Guo.

Old Guo took a quick glimpse and was shocked, “All of these things need at least a hundred thousand… who’s going to pay for them?”

“I’ll pay for them.” Zhou Jingru quickly chipped in, “Since this is also related to the Evergreen project, I’ll pay for it. Don’t say no, Big Brother Shaoyang.”

“Okay, I won’t say no,” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and thought, Well I won’t be able to pay for it anyways….

After Old Guo left, everyone thought about Tan Xiaohui and fell silent.

Teng Yongqing placed his hands together and chanted, “Merciful Buddha….”

“Oh stop it; are you still hungover?” said Ye Shaoyang sarcastically.

Teng Yongqing felt awkward after being ridiculed. He wanted to explain himself, but Ye Shaoyang waved his hand and said, “There’s something I keep forgetting to ask you; what kind of demon is Madam Chee?”

Teng Yongqing was taken aback, “Haven’t I told you? The true form of Madam Chee is a Cicada.”

“A cicada?”

“Yes, a cicada.” Teng Yongqing explained, “There’s a type of cicada that we call the twelve-year cicada. These cicadas will live underground for twelve years, before finally coming out. Then it goes through ecdysis and dies several days later. Madam Chee was a twelve-year cicada. Before she became a demon, she lived under the tree in front of a monastery.

“Since Buddhists recognize cicadas as spiritual insects, and she listened to twelve years of Buddhist chants, she quickly became a demon and left the monastery. She went away to cultivate until she eventually met my grandmaster. Then she told everything to my grandmaster. The story was passed down for generations, which is why I know it.”

Madam Chee is a… cicada!

Ye Shaoyang felt shocked at this revelation and thought, It does fit the description Xiaohui gave. It must be because they went into the temple. This also means that she did not lie to me; she just didn’t know Madam Chee’s true form.

“A cicada demon….” Ye Shaoyang frowned and muttered, “I have never faced such a demon. Since it is somewhat related to Buddhism, I bet her powers will not be far from the ‘Four Beasts’.”

Xiao Ma heard the new term and curiously asked, “What are the four beasts?”

Ye Shaoyang ignored him, as he was deep in thought. However, Teng Yongqing enthusiastically explained, “They are the fox, the weasel, the cat, and the porcupine. These animals are said to possess some level of spirituality. It is a common belief that there are the four gods, the four immortals, the four beasts, and the four Yuan.”

Xiao Ma became even more interested; his eyes shone, as he asked, “Quick, tell me more about each of them.”

The exchange irritated Ye Shaoyang, so he rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. Even though Zhou Jingru and Xie Yuqing were both interested in hearing the explanation, they still followed Ye Shaoyang out and asked about his plans.

“I’ll use a day or two to ready the things for the formation. Yuqing, for now, you can go back. I’ll notify you once I’m ready. Jingru….” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and continued, “I hope you can stay around Xiaohui these two days. I don’t know how to explain this, but I think it’s better this way. After all, you understand her more.”

“I understand.” Zhou Jingru nodded.

Ye Shaoyang forced a smile and returned to his room. He threw his bag down and laid on the bed. Immediately, thoughts about Tan Xiaohui filled his mind.

He was not too sad about her being a demon. After all, he felt that she was good to everyone. However, he was surprised by how events had turned out. He felt sad for what ‘Tan Xiaohui’ had been through, I guess if she had a choice, she would want to be an ordinary person and not a demon with great power.

Too bad there are many things that are already set in life. There are no ifs, no redos. I wonder how many people would really appreciate that they are humans….

Ye Shaoyang felt helpless and powerless as he thought about this; the fact that he could not change reality.

Suddenly, he recalled something, and he took out the handkerchief Tan Xiaohui had given him. At that time, he was too focused on the medicine, so he had forgotten about the handkerchief. Now that he had the time to examine it closely, he found that it was extremely smooth and light. Then he placed it under a light for closer inspection.

Immediately, he realized the material’s identity - silk! There was no way Xiaohui would use other silk to make this handkerchief… that means this is her own silk!

Since she gave it to me… this means….

Even though Ye Shaoyang would sometimes be oblivious, he was not dumb. He roughly knew the meaning behind this gift, and he felt even worse about the situation. He laid on his bed and took out his phone to call Rui Lengyu.

Ye Shaoyang felt extremely stressed and troubled, so the only person he wanted to hear from was Rui Lengyu.

In the other room, Teng Yongqing was still explaining away, “...the four immortals are the horse, the peng, the snake, and the crane. The snake would go through dragonification, the horse would turn into a Qilin. As soon as these animals become aware, they become immortal. The four Yuan are four sea creatures: the toad, the Blackfish, the carp, and the Chinese softshell turtle….”

Xiao Ma paid extreme attention to these words, nodding as he listened.

After talking with Rui Lengyu, Ye Shaoyang felt better. This call also had a secondary purpose: to ask if Rui Lengyu could come and help him fight Madam Chee. However, Rui Lengyu told him that she was busy dealing with another case.

Ye Shaoyang immediately felt that the task at hand was as heavy as a mountain, but there was no other way now. It was either now or never, so there was no need to fear.

Without hesitating anymore, he took out his notepad and drew a sketch of the sakura garden. Then he formed a list of the items he needed to alter the formation. After that, he began to draw the needed talisman papers. At around midnight, Old Guo called Ye Shaoyang and told him that the materials were ready and asked where did he want them delivered.

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