Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Who is Who 2

Tan Xiaohui sat motionless, while Zhou Jingru and the others went up to look at the body out of curiosity. Everyone was shocked when they saw the face. Xie Yuqing looked at the corpse then back at Tan Xiaohui. She stood still, baffled, “Oh wow, how are they so alike?”

After a short pause, Tan Xiaohui muttered, “There’s no need to compare, she… is the real Tan Xiaohui.”

Her words left them all bewildered.

Ye Shaoyang chuckled, looked at her, and asked, “Who are you then?”

Tan Xiaohui walked over to the sofa and held the corpse close. Tears started to stream down her face, as she muttered, “Sorry for the hardship….”

After some time of crying, she laid down the corpse gently and looked up at the silent crowd. She smiled gently and said to Ye Shaoyang, “I bet you’ve figured out my identity, right?”

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and said, “I have, and you’re one of the spirits in the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation.”

“What!?” Zhou Jingru and Xie Yuqing both exclaimed in shock. Teng Yongqing was also shocked, and he looked at Tan Xiaohui in disbelief.

“That’s impossible!” Xie Yuqing said, as she looked at Ye Shaoyang, “Didn’t you say that the spirits need to be spirits from the Underworld? She… even if she is a spirit, she is not an Underworld spirit.”

“I’m not the spirit of Xiaohui,” ‘Tan Xiaohui’ said, “I’m… the arctic silkworm.”

These words shocked everyone, except for Ye Shaoyang.

The arctic silkworm! She was a worm… a demon!

‘Tan Xiaohui’ looked at the corpse and teared up again, “She’s my master, Tan Xiaohui.”

Ye Shaoyang and the others looked at her silently. They waited patiently for her to elaborate.

‘Tan Xiaohui’ let out a sigh, as she looked down. She opened up her hands and looked at her ten fingers, “I love the feeling of having hands….”

Her words left everyone a bit surprised. However, they soon understood that she was a worm, so she did not have hands.

“I’m the arctic silkworm, and I protect the family of great witches. I’m a demon… and Tan Xiaohui is my master. The things I’ve told you before were all true, but they were all my master’s experiences. She came to Stone City to study and find Jing Shuai. Unfortunately, she was tricked and killed in battle….”

She paused and smiled, “The cousin I told you guys about was actually Xiaohui. Before she died, she used all her strength to hold back the Spirit Commissioner in order to let me run. Her final words were ‘stay alive’....”

‘Tan Xiaohui’ teared up again and cried. Zhou Jingru opened up a pack of tissues and sat beside her to console her.

‘Tan Xiaohui’ was slightly surprised, as she looked at Zhou Jingru, “Aren’t you afraid? I’m a demon.”

Zhou Jingru brushed away the hair stuck on ‘Tan Xiaohui’s teary face and said, “You’ll always be Tan Xiaohui to me.”

‘Tan Xiaohui’ looked at her with gratitude, and she nodded and continued,

“Unfortunately, I was unable to escape from the Spirit Commissioner. They captured me, but they did not kill me. Instead, Jing Shuai suggested I become a part of the formation; that’s why they trapped me in that tree. They knew that I couldn’t escape, but they didn’t think I could seal myself off, insulating myself from their magic. As a result, their plans failed, and they abandoned the formation.

“Originally, they were just burying Ma Cheng’s ancestor to please Ma Cheng. However, because of me and the failure of the aiding formation, they thought of another plan: to use the remains of the ancestor to create a Fleshy Undead and gather the Yin Qi at the same time. They knew that when the Fleshy Undead formed, Madam Chee would be able to bypass the Formation of Five Elements and enter the Fleshy Undead.…”

Then, she looked at Ye Shaoyang and said, “You’re a Daoist, so you should know more about the inner workings of this.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded; he had known that the Fleshy Undead could be used in such a manner. Previously, because he did not know that the aiding formation had failed, he thought that the Fleshy Undead was just something irrelevant. Ye Shaoyang thought, This Jing Shuai is pretty impressive; not only does he know the art of Gu, he is also a master of formations.

Suddenly Ye Shaoyang had a question, “Since you were sealed up, how did you find out the later truths?”

“I found about out them out recently. The Spirit Commissioner and Jing Shuai are dead, while Madam Chee is trapped in the formation. As a result, there was little resistance. ‘Tan Xiaohui’ looked at Ye Shaoyang and said, “That’s about as much as I know. If you have any questions, just ask me.”

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath. Even though he had figured out that she was the arctic silkworm, he had conflicting emotions after hearing her story.

Ye Shaoyang thought through the things she said, and he did not have any more questions. In fact, he now knew how she was able to find out so many things right after she returned from Sichuan. It was because she already had some leads.

“When we first found you in the tree, you were already like this. Did you change form immediately before we came?”

‘Tan Xiaohui’ shook her head and explained, “My demon form is Tan Xiaohui, while my real form is a silkworm. Because as a silkworm I can’t do much, I usually just stay in my demon form.”

After saying that, she giggled and said to Ye Shaoyang, “I bet you were surprised that a demon like me was right under your nose for so long….”

“I already knew there was demon Qi coming from you early on, but I thought that was the arctic silkworm on you. I didn’t think it was actually coming from you,” Ye Shaoyang smiled and said, “But why didn’t you tell me right away after meeting us?”

“I wasn’t sure if you were trustworthy at that time, so I acted as Tan Xiaohui to observe you.”

“Then… you should believe me now, but why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

‘Tan Xiaohui’ looked at him for a while, and said with a sad voice, “You really don’t know?”

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