Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Seeing Doubles

“O' mighty Heaven and Earth!” Ye Shaoyang formed a hand seal and slapped its forehead. Oddly enough, the female spirit immediately turned into a wave of water.

Was that the female spirit from before?

Before Ye Shaoyang could understand the situation, his right shoulder felt heavy again. He turned over; it was another female spirit trying to bite down. Ye Shaoyang swiftly slapped the spirit, and it disappeared. This happened a few times more.

Ye Shaoyang kept destroying them but more and more appeared. At the same time, the Blood Pagoda Tree started to approach Ye Shaoyang, trying to encircle him. Then a wave of water appeared and countless heads fell from the tree, rolling toward him. The heads had pained expressions, and they screamed.

Illusions, all of them are illusions. Only that female spirit is real!

Met with this terrifying situation, Ye Shaoyang instead grew calmer. He took out the Qixing Dragon Sword and sat down. Then he laid the sword on his leg, bit his tongue, and spat out a mouthful of blood onto the sword. Immediately, the sword shone purple, forcing the spirits back.

Ye Shaoyang shut his eyes and began to chant and meditate, A calm heart will go through all turmoil; all illusions will fade, and nothing will affect the pure-hearted….

Ye Shaoyang opened his Divine Eye and began to search for the female spirit among all the illusions. This was why Ye Shaoyang did not immediately start attacking. He wanted to first find the spirit female and kill it with one attack.

Countless illusions faded away in front of his Divine Eye. Finally, Ye Shaoyang discovered the location of the female spirit. He opened his eyes and sliced toward that direction. Immediately, a purple ray shot out, pierced through all the illusions, and struck the female spirit.

Ye Shaoyang looked up and saw that the tree had returned to its original place, and there were no more terrifying heads. Instead, a deep red blood flowed from the top of the tree.

Below the tree laid a girl; she had long hair, and she wore a white t-shirt with blue jeans.

Ye Shaoyang walked over and was shocked, This is no spirit; she’s real!

From the way she was dressed, Ye Shaoyang believed that she might be Tan Xiaohui’s dead cousin.

Ye Shaoyang picked her up and was about to check her appearance, but he remembered the tree and felt that it was best to leave first. As such, Ye Shaoyang immediately took the girl and went up.

Ye Shaoyang saw a ray of light as he went up. Naturally, it was the light coming from the mouth of the well.

When Xiao Ma saw what Ye Shaoyang carried back, he thought it was a corpse, but when he saw its familiar clothing, he exclaimed, “Little Ye, why did you bring that female spirit up!?”

“She’s not a spirit; this is a corpse.”

“How is that possible? Won’t it rot away in the water already?”

Ye Shaoyang laid the corpse on the ground. Then he sat down, took a few deep breaths, and said, “This is a puppet corpse. It still has a piece of soul sealed inside it, which prevented the corpse from rotting. Just now, when I was down there, I destroyed the piece of soul. As such, only a corpse lays before you.”

Xiao Ma looked at the corpse, while he scratched his head and said, “This is probably the cousin that Xiaohui mentioned.…”

“I think so too,” Ye Shaoyang said.

Xiao Ma smiled and said, “She couldn’t find her for so long. Now that we’ve found her, Xiaohui would feel happy. Oh, maybe not, since this is her cousin’s corpse. Well, let’s see how she looks like. Is she as pretty as Xiaohui?” He approached the corpse and pushed her hair aside, revealing her face. After seeing her face, Xiao Ma did not move or make a sound.

“What is it?” Ye Shaoyand asked.

“He’s probably shocked by her beauty,” Old Guo chuckled. He walked over and looked at the corpse’s face. Old Guo fell silent as well.

“What the hell is going on!” Ye Shaoyang exclaimed. He could not sit around any longer, so he stood up and looked at the corpse’s face too. She was indeed pretty, but she also seemed very familiar…. After a few seconds, Ye Shaoyang’s mind was blown. He fell back in shock. Then he approached the corpse and examined its face more closely.

Xiao Ma also came closer and muttered, “Maybe she just looks like her?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “She’s her cousin, not her twin, how could….”

Xiao Ma almost cried and asked, “Then how did Tan Xiaohui die? When did she come here?!”

The corpse on the ground had Tan Xiaohui’s face!

Old Guo also collapsed onto the ground in shock. He wiped away his cold sweat and muttered, “This is bad, what is going on….”

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang’s mind was filled with thoughts of the recent events regarding Tan Xiaohui. He repeatedly thought things through and suddenly understood something. He shot up and said to the other two, “Follow me, quick!”

Xiao Ma and Old Guo asked simultaneously, “Where to?”

“To the aiding formation in the northeast!” Ye Shaoyang looked at the corpse of ‘Tan Xiaohui’ and said, “Bring her along too!”

Xiao Ma picked her up and the three of them quickly ran out of the sakura garden. This time though, they did not climb the wall. Instead, they simply ran out the front gate.

After boarding the car, Old Guo entered the location on his GPS and quickly drove off.

As they were on their way, Zhou Jingru called Ye Shaoyang. She asked how things went and Ye Shaoyang told her that he would return once matters were settled.

Zhou Jingru was relieved and asked, “Did Ma Cheng make it hard for you?”


“That’s good. Let’s talk when you get back, okay?”

Right before Zhou Jingru ended the call, Ye Shaoyang suddenly asked, “Wait, is there anyone else beside you?”

“Everyone is here, even Officer Xie.”

Ye Shaoyang looked through the rearview mirror at the ‘Tan Xiaohui’ on the back seat and asked, “What about Xiaohui…?”

“Sister Xiaohui? She’s here, why?” Zhou Jingru asked, “Do you want to talk to her?”

“No, nothing. Let’s talk later.”

After ending the call, Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath. His thoughts felt muddled again.

“What did she say? Was Xiaohui there…?” Old Guo asked.

Ye Shaoyang nodded and replied, “Yes….”

Xiao Ma looked at the corpse, puzzled. He could not believe his eyes.

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