Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Jin Shuai’s Conspiracy

“If not for Mister Ye, we would still be in the dark about this matter. However, how did my great-grandfather turn into this… this creature? Is the Feng Shui here not suitable? But Master Liu told me that this is a good Feng Shui spot, the land of a hidden dragon.”

Ye Shaoyang was suddenly suspicious, “That Master Liu you mentioned, what did he look like?”

Ma Cheng dug into his memory for a while before he answered, “He has dark skin, and he is quite short, with a face full of pimples.”

Ye Shaoyang and his companions stared at each other and helplessly smiled. Indeed, it was the same ugly face again!

Xiao Ma took out his phone and showed Ma Cheng a photo of Jin Shuai.

“That’s right, it’s him!” Ma Cheng immediately recognized Jin Shuai. When he noticed that Jin Shuai was a wanted man, he was dumbfounded, “I can’t believe that he is a criminal! Who is he?”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “Tell me, how did all these things happen? What did he say to you?”

Ma Cheng nodded. Just as he opened his mouth to recount the story, Ye Shaoyang signaled for him to pause. Ye Shaoyang approached the well and tied eight red strings at the top of the well, and secured the other end of the strings onto the ground with copper nails. Then, he attached Soul-Responsive Bells to the red strings.

If a spirit or devil were nearby, they would trigger the bell. Ye Shaoyang took this step to avoid giving the female spirit a chance to catch them off guard.

“Okay, now you can talk.” Ye Shaoyang sat down on the ground and faced Ma Cheng.

Ma Cheng sat on the ground too and tilted his head a little, as he started recounting his story, “I remember this like it was yesterday because I was the one who dealt with the matter. At first, I encountered some paranormal events. A spirit was always disturbing me, claiming that my family had forcibly occupied its house, so it had no place to stay. It didn’t harm me, but I was bothered. I hired a few sorcerers, but they did not succeed in getting rid of it.

“The spirit was really a pain in the ass, although it wasn’t a true threat. The situation continued until Master Liu appeared. He managed to catch the spirit with just a pluck of his finger. Then, he lectured me, claiming that my great grandfather’s grave was the cause. I can’t remember the terms he used, but to sum it up, my ancestor’s grave was occupying some land that spirits supposedly owned. Those spirits had nowhere to go after we used the land, so the spirit came looking for trouble.

“He also warned me that more spirits would come looking for me if I didn’t move the grave. He said I was lucky since this one was a tame spirit, so it did not harm me. However, more powerful spirits would come for me soon. He sounded persuasive, so I believed him. He helped me regarding the Feng Shui and introduced me to a spot he claimed to be the dragon’s spot. He charged me eighty thousand for that.”

“Eighty thousand!” Xiao Ma bit his lips, “That is a huge amount!”

“Of course it is,” Ye Shaoyang looked at Ma Cheng, “Jin Shuai was a smart guy. Even if money wasn’t his aim, he knew if he requested too little, Ma Cheng would doubt him. The more he requested, the better for him.”

Ma Cheng nodded in agreement, “That’s right. Next, he brought me to this place and showcased his sorcery. I don’t want to go into the details of it, but in conclusion, he convinced me that he was a powerful person and this spot was the dragon’s spot. So, I moved my great grandfather’s grave here and heavily decorated this place just as he instructed. All the decorations here were a result of his instructions, I merely followed it.”

Ye Shaoyang understood the situation better now after listening to the story. As he observed the sakura garden in front of him, he smiled at Ma Cheng, “You must have spent a huge amount of money decorating this place, right?”

“I was obsessed with him. I was so convinced that this was the Dragon’s Spot. I obediently followed all his instructions. He set up this garden very quickly and left soon. Before he left, he instructed me to buy animal’s blood to water the sakura trees in the garden consistently. Also, he wanted me to guard this place, as this is a precious Dragon’s Spot and I was from a wealthy family, there would be people who were jealous of me. So, I arranged a few men to guard this place.”

Ma Cheng self-teasingly laughed, “That’s the whole story. When I heard my men telling me that you guys broke into the garden, I thought you guys must be sent by my competitors in business. When I saw your shovel on my great-grandfather’s grave, that’s how the misunderstanding happened.”

Ye Shaoyang angrily glared at Xiao Ma. This would not have happened if Xiao Ma was not stupid enough to think they were digging up the grave. This team-mate was a pain in the ass!

“Can you tell who is this Master Liu, who had cheated me for such a long time?”

“Well… This is a long story, and you might not understand it. Let me simplify this story for you. This man was a wanted criminal and a Miao’s Gu Master. He had been cultivating evil beings in five different spots for sinister purposes. I had damaged the rest of the four spots, and this spot is the last.”

Ye Shaoyang paused before he continued, “From what you have told me, he had been cheating you. He arranged for the spirit to disturb you and then he stood up and gained your trust by pretending to catch the spirit. Then, he led you into his trap step by step. He was right when he told you that this spot was a Dragon’s Spot, but the move was not for great-grandfather. It was to use your great-grandfather’s corpse to cultivate evil being. I don’t want to get into the details of it, but, you are being used.”

Ma Cheng frowned, “Why did he choose to use me? Is it because I am rich?”

“Of course.” Ye Shaoyang nodded, “How many persons in the Stone City can afford projects as heavy as constructing a tunnel through mountains?”

Ma Cheng gripped his fist in anger as he asked in a cold voice, “Where is this person? Tell me, so I can kill him a hundred times!”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged, “He is dead.”

Ma Cheng smashed his fist onto the ground as he yelled out some most obscene words in fury.

Ye Shaoyang could understand Ma Cheng’s feeling. Not only had Ma Cheng been cheated out in money, even his ancestor’s remains had been taken for a ride. This was an enmity nobody could forgive, especially for Ma Cheng. If Jin Shuai was still alive, Ye Shaoyang would not even doubt that Ma Cheng would kill Jin Shuai by himself.

Now, Liu Qin led a few men through the sakura garden toward Ma Cheng. The transport was already here, they were ready to move the coffin.

Ma Cheng asked for Ye Shaoyang’s permission, and they started the move.

A few men came forward as they carefully dug up the coffin from the hole.

Ma Cheng took the opportunity to ask Old Guo when would be the next auspicious date to bury the coffin. Old Guo sealed replied by saying that he had to settle the work he had on hand, so they took each other’s contacts for future use.

“What next? You guys will be catching spirits right?” Ma Cheng stared at Ye Shaoyang as he asked.

Ye Shaoyang nodded.

“You are the expert in this,” Ma Cheng anxiously looked around before he asked, “Anyway, is there anything I can help?”

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