Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Sakura Cemetery 4

Ye Shaoyang peered at the rearview mirror and saw that Xiao Ma was using his phone. Xiao Ma’s face was filled with joy. As such, Ye Shaoyang guessed that he was chatting with Wang Ping. He turned around and asked, “Weren’t you with her just now? How do you have so much to talk about?”

“Ah?” Xiao Ma paused for a while. He quickly refuted, “What’re you talking about? I slept alone in my room last night.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled evilly and stopped making fun of him. He pulled out a map and gave it a look, “Xiaohui told me last night that she has checked the temple. She said that Madam Chee was not there. That’s why we think she can only be at the last formation.”

Xiao Ma quickly chipped in, “How come? Madam Chee definitely showed herself there. And, you said it yourself, the Formation of Five Elements traps her there.”

Ye Shaoyang looked at him and said, “Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation, why is it called a moving mountain formation?”

Xiao Ma paused, as he did not know the answer.

“Moving mountain describes the ability of the formation to move about. The formation of the five spirits can move between one another. If I’m not wrong, the seal and Madam Chee have been completely moved to the last formation. What we saw last time was only a remnant of her consciousness. She was trying to trick us.”

Xiao Ma’s eyes widened open, and he asked, “Then how do explain the killing we witnessed?”

“Her spirit servant did that. Again, she did it to trick us. Last night, Xiaohui and I discussed her findings, and this was our conclusion.”

Old Guo added, “How did she get this information?”

“I don’t know, but her words seem believable; this also seems to explain the puzzle. For example, after Manager Zhang and that overseer died, nothing happened to us when we were there. If Madam Chee was present, she could have gravely injured us. However, we left there unscathed, which puzzled me. If she wasn’t there in the first place, that would explain what happened.”

“Her spirit servant is really smart, eh? It made such a great switch.” Xiao Ma shook his head and sighed, “But why did they do this?”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

“What?” Xiao Ma and Old Guo exclaimed in unison.

“I really don’t know. However, I think we can find all the answers when we reach and investigate this last formation.”

Ye Shaoyang looked out the window and saw that the scenery had changed. He did not know where they were, but he was certain that Old Guo knew the way since he had come here before.

They drove on a paved road halfway up the mountain. Then, Old Guo stopped beside the road and said, “The cemetery is not far from here, so I think it’s a good idea to drive there. Let’s sneak up.”

As such, the three of them slowly walked up the nicely paved road.

Xiao Ma looked around, as he walked and asked, “That’s strange; this place is in the middle of nowhere, but there is such a nice road….”

“This road leads to the cemetery of the Ma Family, so this road must be because of them. It is probably used to bring building materials up,” Old Guo explained.

“Wealthy people. They built a road because they wanted to build a cemetery!”

Old Guo let out a humph and said, “That’s not ridiculous though. If I was that wealthy, I would use a helicopter to carry the materials up the hill.”

Xiao Ma replied, “That’s ridiculous; how long would that take?”

“I wouldn’t care if I had the wealth.”

Xiao Ma rolled his eyes and said, “That’s just being stupid.”

They followed Old Guo and walked about three hundred meters. After that, they reached a flat area that was the size of three football fields. The whole area was furnished with square bricks. A little hill sat at a corner of the mountaintop, with a courtyard nearby. The courtyard had white walls and a green roof.

The courtyard had an arched doorway. The area above the arched doorway was plain, without any markings or words on it. The walls extended from the doorway to each side like a fan. It extended out until it connected with the small hill, forming a castle of sorts.

In front of the arched doorway was a metal fence that blocked off the doorway. Besides the metal fence was a small booth; a few people were inside.

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and told Old Guo, “Senior brother, take out the masks.”

Xiao Ma paused and asked cowardly, “We’re going to put on the masks here?”

Old Guo answered, “Well, there are cameras ahead, so we have to cover up.” Then, Old Guo pulled out three masks from his bag. They were Sun Wukong, Sha Wujing, and Zhu Bajie. Old Guo put on the Sha Wuking mask, while Ye Shaoyang quickly snatched away the Sun Wukong mask. Then, he pointed at the Zhu Bajie mask and told Xiao Ma, “Wear that, that’s for you.”

The three of them got ready, and Old Guo waved his hand, “You two go. I’ll keep watch.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and said, “This place is so empty, there’s nothing to watch out for. Come on, just come with us. When we’re done with this matter, we’ll split the money.”

Behind the mask, Old Guo rolled his eyes. Then he said, “This sounds more and more like a heist.”

Xiao Ma pulled him and said, “Come on, if we get caught, the three of us can chat in jail.”

“What kind of thinking is that?” Old Guo replied angrily. However, Xiao Ma was still able to pull him over.

They approached the security booth and saw two men. These men sat on chairs and seemed to be having hotpot. A screen hung on the wall. Ye Shaoyang saw a car behind the security booth, so he guessed that was how they went out to buy stuff.

“How could these two guys guard this kind of place?” Xiao Ma said in a low voice.

“With a salary of twenty thousand a month, you’d probably stay here too,” Old Guo said.

They looked through the arched doorway into the courtyard and saw a small road with cypress planted on both sides. At the end of the path was an opening in the small hill.

Ye Shaoyang looked left and right. Then he gave the other two a look. Next, they swiftly moved close to the wall and Old Guo said, “Behind that opening is a tunnel that leads to an empty field, that’s where the sakuras are.”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “How do you know this when you haven’t gone in?”

“I climbed onto a higher place and was able to see the layout of the area. I wasn’t able to get in through there though. Do you want me to bring you there instead?” Old Guo asked.

“Forget about it; we’ll just climb over the wall.” Then, Ye Shaoyang muttered, “I saw a monitor in the booth just now, that’s probably the security footage?”

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