Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Sakura Cemetery 3

The next morning, Ye Shaoyang got up at around seven in the morning. He went down to the buffet restaurant and picked out some food. Zhou Jingru was also awake and at the restaurant. Her hair was still a bit messy, and her face still looked sleepy. Ye Shaoyang waved at her when he saw her. Zhou Jingru got a cup of Häagen-Dazs and sat with Ye Shaoyang.

“How do you feel?”

“Still have a headache,” Zhou Jingru giggled a little and said, “Sorry about last night.”

“It’s nothing, you were very cute last night,” Ye Shaoyang said in a caring manner, “Why don’t you get some real food? Ice cream won’t fill you up.”

“I have no appetite right after waking up. I just want to see if having some ice cream will help with the headache.”

Then Zhou Jingru became stunned when she noticed the three plates of food in front of Ye Shaoyang.

“Um…. I eat a lot,” Ye Shaoyang awkwardly said.

“It’s good, men should eat more. But the strange thing is… why did you only pick the meat skewers?”

“Umm… I thought that meat is expensive, so I wanted to eat as much expensive food as possible,” Ye Shaoyang laughed awkwardly.

Zhou Jingru found this reasoning slightly amusing. She wanted to remind him about the things that were really expensive, but she held back because she did not want to lower his self-esteem. The more she thought about, the funnier it felt. Finally, she could not hold back her laughter anymore and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Ye Shaoyang asked.

“Nothing, just that you’re very cute. Eat up, eat up,” Zhou Jingru covered her mouth and giggled.

Ye Shaoyang felt slightly pressured as Zhou Jingru watched him eat. He thought of eating more, but he felt shy about taking more food. After finishing his three plates of meat, the two of them began to chat.

Faced with the Zhou Jingru’s questions, Ye Shaoyang honestly answered and told her about all his plans for today. Zhou Jingru was shocked and said, “The place you talked about belongs to senior Ma?”

“Senior brother Guo said so,” after saying that, Ye Shaoyang immediately thought of something and asked, “You know this person?”

“Of course I do, senior Ma is one of my dad’s friends. Senior Ma is a humble person, which is why my father and him are pretty close.”

Ye Shaoyang’s eyes lit up when he heard this, “Then I won’t need to go through all the trouble of sneaking in. Why don’t you just help me tell him the situation and ask if he can let us in?”

He thought Zhou Jingru would immediately agree. However, she frowned and said, “This is… something that I can’t do.”

“Why? I’m just going in to take a look. Would he not let us do such a minor thing?” Ye Shaoyang felt a bit bewildered.

“I’m not saying that he won’t allow us to have a look. Even if I want to buy the land, senior Ma would happily give it to me. It’s just…” Zhou Jingru looked down and said in a low voice, “Senior Ma has a grandson called Ma Cheng. This guy… has always liked me. He has always pursued me, but I’ve never said yes. One time, I gave an excuse and said that he was too much of a playboy. I told him that if he could stay away from women for three years, I’ll consider it. It has almost been two and a half years already, so… I can’t just go and find him.”

Ye Shaoyang looked at her, stunned, Yet another one of Zhou Jingru’s admirers hah.

“Did he really not date other women during these two years?”

“Probably not. We’re in the same group and have a lot of mutual friends. A high profile person like him won’t be able to hide a girl. So far, there has been no gossip… so I think he really didn’t date anyone.”

As Zhou Jingru talked about the matter, she shook her head and said, “I just thought that it was a good excuse. I thought a playboy like him would not be able to hold back…. I’ve never thought he’d be able to do it. If I go now to find him, it’ll be like me reminding him that our pact is almost up.”

Ye Shaoyang was slightly moved, “This guy is pretty loyal.”

“Yeah, he’s actually pretty handsome and capable too.”

“Then… why don’t you give him a chance?”

Zhou Jingru gave him a stare and said, “Don’t joke around. If I liked him, I would have accepted him after just one year. I wouldn’t have waited till now.”

Ye Shaoyang coughed and said, “How about you just go directly to Senior Ma? There’s no need to meet Ma Cheng, right?”

“Senior Ma fell sick previously and has gone abroad to receive treatment. Ma Cheng was left behind to help run the family business. That’s why there is no way of avoiding him.”

“Um…. I’ll just sneak in then. If I really get caught, I’ll just ask sister Yuqing to help me.”

Zhou Jingru shook her head and said, “If the Ma family really wants to punish you, even the police chief would not be able to save you.”

Ye Shaoyang asked in shock, “That crazy?”

“The Ma family has a lot of connections. But just give it a go, try and sneak in. If you guys get caught, just call me,” Zhou Jingru shrugged and said, “If it really comes to that, I can only approach him.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded since this seemed like the best way. Then, he comforted her, “Don’t worry though, I won’t get caught.”

After saying goodbye to Zhou Jingru, Ye Shaoyang went back to his room and packed his stuff. He went straight down and headed for the front of the hotel. He saw Old Guo with his car parked in front and he was… arguing with the security.

Ye Shaoyang heard a bit and understood what was going on. The front area did not allow cars to wait, so the security guard wanted to chase Old Guo off. However, Old Guo was not willing. When Ye Shaoyang came, the security guard was just radioing in his boss for help.

Ye Shaoyang boarded the passenger seat. He told Old Guo to drive away and stop arguing.

“Xiao Ma gave me a call just now; he just needs a few minutes,” Old Guo said, “Just wait a bit more. Since the car parks are full, it’ll be a hassle to drive back here.”

Ye Shaoyang said, “But you really can’t just park here like this.”

“What’s the big deal? Everyone is doing it. This security guy is giving me a hard time because I’m driving an old car. If I drove a Bentley, would he bug me?” Old Guo said these words purposefully toward the security guard.

Right then, Xiao Ma appeared and boarded the car. Old Guo gave the security guard a mean stare and drove off.

Ye Shaoyang looked at the rearview mirror and saw that a few security personnel were running out of the hotel. All of them yelled angrily at Old Guo’s car. Ye Shaoyang turned to Old Guo and said, “You really pushed it far this time. If we didn’t move just now, your car would have been smashed up.”

“I dare him!” Old Guo said angrily, “If I wasn’t in a rush to do something, I would play with them. You think I’m pushing it? I’ll let you know that I had a hand in their Feng Shui when they built the hotel. The owner was very thankful to me.”

Ye Shaoyang was surprised to find out that everyone he knew, except for Xiao Ma, had some sort of special background….

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