Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 240

Chapter 240      The Sakura Cemetery 2

Ye Shaoyang raised his head to see Tan Xiaohui smiling bitterly at him. She did not touch any alcohol at all, but she seemed to be gloomy with worry.

“Do you know what she wants? Tan Xiaohui asked softly.

“What?” Ye Shaoyang regretted being quick tongued. He quickly shook his hands. He seemed to know what Xie Yuqing wanted to say. However, he felt that somethings should not be revealed and should instead be kept secret. It was like a paper window. Once you poked through it, there was no way to recover. It would leave a mark even if you tried to repaste it.

“Xiao Ma! Xiao Ma!” Ye Shaoyang shouted, hoping to have him send Xie Yuqing back to her room. Turning around, Xiao Ma and Wang Ping were having a nice conversation back at the couch.

Damn him! Know nothing except picking up girls yet almost succeeding, Ye Shaoyang scolded Xiao Ma in his mind, as he said to Old Guo, “Give me a minute. I will send her back to her room.”

“It’s okay, I will take care of her. You can go on with your conversation,” said Tan Xiaohui as she stood up and offered to help.

Ye Shaoyang thanked her in advance. To his surprise, a tiny woman like her could carry Xie Yuqing on one side of her arm. She walked out as if she did not put any effort into supporting Xie Yuqing. It seemed like the white witches had high standards of physique. Ye Shaoyang could not help but admire her.

Having no more worries, Ye Shaoyang turned back to Old Guo and said, “For this matter, I think…. Umm, sorry, where were we at just now?”

“You were saying that you were prepared to form a family now.”

“Yep, yep. Wait a second--Pooh! Pooh! Since when was I preparing to form a family?”

Old Guo answered, as he glanced over at Xiao Ma and Wang Ping, who were whispering to each other, “I think your apprentice is going to pick her up soon. You should consider one too. Besides, you have already reached the age of marriage.”

Rui Lengyu’s face and voice appeared at once in Ye Shaoyang’s mind. He shook his head hurriedly, pretending that the wine had begun to take effect on him, as he simply muttered, “I swear not to get married as long as Hell exists.”

Old Guo wanted to say more but Ye Shaoyang stopped him, “Don’t try to be a busybody. Back to the topic, who is the owner of the cemetery, and why are you afraid of offending him?”

Old Guo sighed, “Mr. Ma, the owner of the cemetery, is a powerful political entrepreneur and a low-profile multimillionaire. He is of the same rank as Zhou Jingru’s father. If I happen to offend him, I will have no chance to survive in Stone City.”

Ye Shaoyang frowned, and mumbled, “How did such a man get involved in the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation?”

“Whether he is related or not, we will only know after looking into the matter. The main concern is that we don’t have a way to go in.”

“How about we climb over the wall?”

Old Guo shrugged, “The CCTV are all around the corner. The security will discover us.”

“We can cover our faces,” said Ye Shaoyang.

“What?! Sneaking into someone’s house with masks on? That is a crime!”

“It won’t be caught so easily. How about tomorrow?”

Old Guo sat upright in a dumbstruck manner. He hesitated for a moment before he shook his hands and replied, “No, I am too old to climb over a wall. You can proceed without me.”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, “Ahaha, seriously? Why did you fight as quick as a young man previously against the Violent Undead in Li Clan’s Village Waterfront?”

Old Guo rolled his eyes, “Alright, I can send you there and look out for you.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled sinisterly, but he did not press the matter any further, “OK. Tomorrow, 8 a.m. fetch me at the lobby. Remember to prepare shovels and other necessary equipment.”

“Noted. Since we have work to do tomorrow, and we are done with our drinking now, why don’t you join me for a foot massage?” said Old Guo as he stretched himself.

Ye Shaoyang quickly rejected him, “No, thanks. I have no interest.”

“Drop it. I will ask Teng Yongqing.” Old Guo stood up and walked toward Teng Yongqing.

Even though Teng Yongqing was a honest man, Xiao Ma still forced him to drink two glasses of liquor during the meal. Now, he sat on a corner of a couch, putting his palms together devoutly, as he prayed for Buddha’s forgiveness. However, he had a drowsy look and alcohol breath from his mouth gushed out upon reciting the Buddhist scripture created a weird combination.

Ye Shaoyang quickly held Old Guo back, “Forget about him. He has just broken his vow of alcohol abstinence, yet you are going to tempt him lust!”

“What the hell are you talking about? It is merely a foot massage. It is common nowadays, men and women, going for a foot massage,” Old Guo objected.

“Fine, ask your wife to come along. Or, I can help you. I have her contact number,” said Ye Shaoyang.

Old Guo packed his things and walked toward the exit, grumbling, “In that case I better go back and sleep.”

Ye Shaoyang burst into laughter, “Ahaha, I knew it. You have a guilty conscience.”

Upon exiting, Old Guo looked back and scolded, “For Heaven’s sake, guilty conscience! I am afraid of her knowing me spending money. That penny pincher will chop off my feet if she knew I spent money on a foot massage!”

Old Guo’s words left Ye Shaoyang speechless.

After Old Guo left, Ye Shaoyang went to Xiao Ma and Wang Ping, who were still whispering happily with each other. He tapped on Xiao Ma’s shoulder, “I am leaving. Tomorrow 8 a.m. wait for me at the lobby. I have job for you.”

Xiao Ma raised his head and paused for a while. Then, he nodded, “Noted.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled. He glanced at Wang Ping and exited the room.

Once he left, Wang Ping pouted her lips in displeasure, “I thought you promised to go shopping with me; why did you accept his offer?”

Xiao Ma let out a mischievous laugh and comforted her with sweet-talk, “We can go shopping any day, but a job is different. I will shop with you for the whole day after I have completed my job.”

Wang Ping smiled faintly, “You look proactive, but that is Ye Shaoyang’s business. How is that related to you?”

“His business is my business.” These words escaped his lips without a second of hesitation.

An awkward smile appeared at a corner of Wang Ping’s mouth.

Right after Ye Shaoyang showered, someone knocked on his room door. It was a wet-haired Tan Xiaohui, who was wearing her pajamas.

Ye Shaoyang wondered if she had become fairer than usual after bathing. She looked more charming than normal.

“Um….Anything I can help you with, Xiaohui?”

“I am here to tell you something,” replied Tan Xiaohui, as she entered the room and sat on the couch before Ye Shaoyang invited her. He poured her a glass of water, and sat opposite to her.

Tan Xiaohui continued, “I came here because of Madam Chee. Previously, I was too busy with other stuff, so I forgot to tell you an important piece of information.”

Her information shocked Ye Shaoyang. They discussed the matter for quite a long period. At last, they reached a common ground. However, they had one big mystery left unsolved.

“Perhaps, you will get the answer in the final formation,” said Tan Xiaohui.

Ye Shaoyang nodded in agreement. He briefed her regarding tomorrow’s plans, asking her if she wanted to come along.

A strange expression flashed across her eyes, but she shook her head, “I would better stay here. There is no use in having many people since you are just going to survey the place. We shall further discuss our next move after your investigation.”

Then, Tan Xiaohui left after the two discussed a little more. Once she left, Ye Shaoyang climbed onto the bed and slid into dreams at once.

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