Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 239

Chapter 239    The Sakura Cemetery 1

The cauldron shook vigorously. Jets of black smoke drifted out, and shrieks sounded from within the cauldron. Tan Xiaohui changed her gesture in holding the cauldron, as she muttered an incantation in the Hmong language repeatedly. Her words grew faster each time she repeated the chant.

Pfff! Suddenly, blood spurted onto the gauze, and the cauldron stopped moving. Tan Xiaohui took a deep inhalation.

“Done?” Ye Shaoyang gazed at Tan Xiaohui and asked.

Tan Xiaohui raised her head and smiled at him, “Yup. Congratulations Big Brother Shaoyang, you are safe now. Check your arms.”

Ye Shaoyang quickly folded up his sleeves and examined the inner parts of his arms.

They were gone! The streams of poison were gone! His arms were now clean and smooth.

Phewww! Ye Shaoyang exhaled in relief. Finally! The human blood Gu that had troubled him for almost a month had been removed!

“Oh yeah, did I vomit out the blood in the pill along with the awakened Gu?” Ye Shaoyang smiled once he saw Tan Xiaohui nod, “Great! I don’t want to keep pimple Jin’s blood in my body. It makes me feel sick.”

Ye Shaoyang laid on the bed, feeling relaxed. Although he was optimistic and never gave up quickly, he had worried about the Gu, especially when he saw the two streams of poison during his showers. It was like a timeline for his death sentence. Now, he had eliminated the Gu, so the stress and worries vanished at once and left him feeling relaxed.

Glancing around the room, he was shocked to see that Xie Yuqing and Teng Yongqing were present. Then, he realized that he might have been too focused on dealing with the Gu. As a result, he did not notice them coming in for breakfast until now.

Teng Yongqing chanted the names of Buddha as a blessing to Ye Shaoyang, while Xie Yuqing punched his shoulder and smiled, “Not bad, Little Trickster, you have finally recovered and can act cool again.”

“You don’t say,” Ye Shaoyang took a glance at her and saw her panda-eyes, so he asked, “Didn’t sleep for the whole night?”

Xie Yuqing stretched, “I was helping the local police investigate the black witches. There are still a few more to go. What a busy night.”

“Anything useful?”

“Nothing for the moment. Wang Ting was eliminating their power,” said Xie Yuqing, “The local police believe in the existence of Gu, and they have experience in handling such cases. So, I will leave the rest to them. By the way, if you are free, do make an effort to give them your verbal reports as witnesses.”

Ye Shaoyang responded immediately, “No, we are not free. We need to rush back to Stone City to deal with the final boss of the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation.”

“Alright. Let’s go back today.” Xie Yuqing got her subordinate to book flight tickets for them and sent all their personal information to her subordinate. Their flight was booked for 6 p.m., flying from Rong Cheng to Stone City. Hence, all of them rested and set off to Rong Cheng in the cars arranged by the local police, leaving Wang Ting behind to help out the police.

Ye Shaoyang did not feel as sick as last time when the flight took off. When he peered through the window, the buildings and roads became smaller and smaller, as the plane went higher. Suddenly, a thought he had before came to his mind, Dao Feng was last seen in Sichuan. Could his disappearance be related to the black witches, or it was just a coincidence?

One day, he would come to Sichuan again to look for Dao Feng.

When they touched down at the Stone City airport, Zhou Jingru picked them up with two luxurious cars, sending them to the hotel. After they settled down, they went for dinner together.

The meal could be considered a celebration of their successful mission. Ye Shaoyang invited Old Guo. Upon entering the private room in the restaurant, Xiao Ma turned emotional once he saw Wang Ping ordering dishes at the table. His face flushed, and the way he stammered had her laughing in joy.

Zhou Jingru could not help but jump with joy when she learned that Ye Shaoyang had utterly eliminated the human blood Gu. A lady like her, who had never touched a drop of alcohol, clinked glasses with Ye Shaoyang and drank an entire glass of wine all at once. Then, Tan Xiaohui and Wang Ping supported her back to her room.

The others were tipsy too. Taking the opportunity that he was just slightly drunk, he called Old Guo over.

“Any updates on the stuff I asked your help for?”

Old Guo drank a mouthful of tea to keep himself fresh before answering, “The final formation of the Five Spirit Moving Mountain Formation? Coincidentally, the place is a private cemetery with hired security guards. I couldn’t enter without permission, so I could only see a Sakura plantation in it. Maybe the final formation lies there.”

“Sakura trees?” Ye Shaoyang frowned. A Sakura garden had to be planted at places that were crowded with people. Otherwise, the plant could easily accumulate the Yin Qi around and created evil beings, without even planting them in a cemetery. It was a taboo action.

[Sakura are called Ying Hua in Chinese. The 'Ying' resembles the sound of 'Yin' in Yin Qi, and Sakura is a type of Yin wood, which both facts adding to the effect of accumulating Yin Qi.]

Something fishy was happening behind the scenes.

“Why didn't you check on the place secretly? asked Ye Shaoyang.

“I can't. Walls all around the cemetery with CCTV at every corner. I have no place to hide.”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “Nah, no big deal. You will have no problem if you don’t get caught, right?”

Old Guo shook his hands hurriedly, “No, no, no. The CCTV footage will act as evidence. If the owner takes it seriously, he can easily find me. The owner of that cemetery is not as easy to handle as you think. You don't want to provoke him if you know who he is.”

Before Ye Shaoyang could ask, someone pulled his arm. He turned around; Xie Yuqing was hugging his arm, her eyes half-closed. Her breath had an alcohol smell as she approached him.

What the hell was happening! Ye Shaoyang jumped at once, Is she trying to take advantage of me after drinking wine? As he tried to push her away, Xie Yuqing handed him a glass of wine, “Let’s drink, Little Trickster….”

Ye Shaoyang felt relieved. He took the glass, pretended to drink, but he blocked her view and poured the wine onto the ground.

“I’m done. Perhaps, it is better for you to join Xiao Ma and the others.”

However, Xie Yuqing did not release her hand, and she mumbled, “I know I am drunk. I have never been this drunk before. Because I am happy, and do you know why?”

“Because you picked up money accidentally?”

At this moment, Xie Yuqing seemed to sober up a little, staring at Ye Shaoyang with her innocent, watery eyes, as she sighed, “You know, I have been so worried about you since the Gu got in your body. Normally, I have no problem with my sleep, but during that period, I could only sleep after watching two episodes of comedy. Thank God, you are perfectly well now.”

Ye Shaoyang felt touched at her utmost concern. What a true friend. He looked at her, and nodded in appreciation, “I am grateful to you for all your help and concern.”

“Don’t thank me. I want to….” She laid on the table and dozed off before she got to finish her sentence.

A quiet sigh sounded in front of her.

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