Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 237

Chapter 237 The Garnet Baihua Pills


“Umm… I don't deserve a successor of the supreme witch family as my apprentice.” Although Ye Shaoyang knew that she was joking, he did not dare to make fun of her.

After they walked abreast for a few more steps, Tan Xiaohui suddenly held her palm up in front of Ye Shaoyang, “Take this.”

Ye Shaoyang hung his head down and saw a colorful bag with something bulging inside. He asked, “What is that?”

“There are three Garnet Baihua Pills inside. When I was young, I coincidentally plucked the seeds of Red Crystal Grass on a mountain. Then, I mixed them with a hundred types of herbal plants and refined them into pills in a three year period. The Garnet Baihua Pill is the antidote for most poisons; it has a miraculous effect on treating deadly wounds and seriously ill people. As long as one’s Hun and Po are still around, this pill can even revive a dead person. So… just take it.”

Before Ye Shaoyang could react, she had stuffed the bag into his palm.

Although the bag was basically weightless, Ye Shaoyang felt his palm sink. It was as though the bag weighed the same as its value. He opened the bag hurriedly. An intense herbal smell assailed his nostrils, perking his spirits.

“Big Brother Shaoyang, it is better to keep the pills in a tightly sealed container to conserve the efficacy of the potions.”

Ye Shaoyang paused. Upon careful inspection, a red handkerchief wrapped the pills. It was knitted with many colorful and fine pictures like clouds, trees, and so on, having a unique Miao-ethnic style. He wondered out loud, “Why did you wrap them with this handkerchief?”

Tan Xiaohui bent her head and muttered, “I just wrapped it for you.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” Ye Shaoyang replied, as he handed the handkerchief back to her.

Tan Xiaohui shook her head, “It’s okay. You can keep it.”

Ye Shaoyang did not think much about it and stuffed the handkerchief into his backpack. Then, he took out a small porcelain bottle, placed a Garnet Baihua Pill into it, and gave the remainder back to Tan Xiaohui, “I only need one. These are too precious.”

“No. Take them all.” Tan Xiaohui sighed quietly and mumbled, “I might not have the chance to use them.”

Ye Shaoyang was stunned; before he could ask her further, Xie Yuqing slowed her pace suddenly and turned around, “What are you two discussing?”

“Nothing.” Ye Shaoyang kept the three pills, as he smiled at Tan Xiaohui. Then, he quickly caught up to Xie Yuqing and walked beside her. Afraid of her making a joke about him and Tan Xiaohui, he asked Xie Yuqing first, “What are you going to do with the black witches?”

“We will investigate the murderer cases they have committed. Then, we will charge them for the abduction and attempted murder.” Xie Yuqing pouted at the mysterious young man, who was hanging his head low.

“Those charges will only put them in jail for a few years,” replied Ye Shaoyang, as he frowned heavily, “especially when they have cleaned away the black dogs’ blood. At that time, they will regain their powers once more. If they perform the blood witchcraft again….”

Tan Xiaohui interrupted, “Don’t worry. I have discussed with Constable Xie. Wang Ting will perform witchcraft to uproot their powers permanently.”

Ye Shaoyang paused for a while. There was nothing to worry about if they became powerless. He nodded, as he advanced to the mysterious young man. He walked along with him for a distance before he asked, “Do you know the Spirit Beast Summoning Technique?”

The mysterious young man turned to Ye Shaoyang, glimpsing at the latter with his light blue irises but not replying.

“Why aren’t you answering me?”

“I don’t know anything.” The mysterious young man replied coldly. Despite the tone, Ye Shaoyang felt that he was telling the truth.

“What have you not known?” Xiao Ma suddenly appeared from behind.

Ye Shaoyang cast Xiao Ma an angry look, “Are you stupid enough to ask someone who has lost his memories to recall what he can’t remember?” Then, he turned his back and asked the young man, “What have you remembered so far?”

“I can only recall my name. Yue Heng.”

“Yue Heng…. how old are you?”

“I don’t remember.” Yue Heng hung his head low, looking at the ground as he replied flatly.

“He looks seventeen or eighteen to me,” answered Xie Yuqing.

Ye Shaoyang agreed. He thought for a while before he asked, “How did Jin Shuai capture you? Stop telling me that you don’t know. Take your time to think about it.”

Yue Heng stopped abruptly, tilting his head to the side, as he tried to recall his memories. Then, he answered, “He captured me in a cave. I can barely recall that the undead king’s coffin was inside the cave. I drank a few mouthfuls of the Demon Witch Blood, which left me paralyzed. Then, the man came in, saw me, and captured me.”

Ye Shaoyang and Tan Xiaohui exchanged stunned looks. They had never expected such an outcome! No wonder Jin Shuai wanted him so much for the enemy’s heart; it was because he had drunk the Demon Witch Blood.

Tan Xiaohui guessed, “Maybe Jin Shuai planned to move the coffin to the Dead Man Valley for the ritual.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded in agreement and asked Yue Heng, “Why were you inside the cave with the undead king’s coffin?”

Yue Heng shook his head, “I really can’t recall any of it. I can only remember unconnected pieces of memories. Don’t ask me now. I will tell you if I recall something.”

Since he made such a request, Ye Shaoyang had no choice but to leave him alone. He nodded politely at him, giving up asking any further. Suddenly, Yue Heng said, “You are the Heavenly Master from Maoshan Sect. You are greater than a Necromancer.”

Ye Shaoyang was flabbergasted, “You learned something about Maoshan Sect?”

“I know a little Daoism, especially about Maoshan Sect and some….” He stopped and shook his head, “I don’t know why I would know this.”

Ye Shaoyang frowned, “Do you mean you remembered somethings but cannot recall the things that relate to you?”


Remembering other kinds of stuff, while forgetting the memories related to himself. Such a strange situation, especially since he knew some Daoism.

Who is he? Is he a Daoist too?

Ye Shaoyang placed his hand on Yue Heng’s shoulder, but he did not sense any Gang Qi in the latter’s body, indicating he was not a Daoist.

Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Shaoyang said to Yue Heng, “Let me know if you recall something.”

Xiao Ma moved closer to Ye Shaoyang and suggested his inference, “Little Ye, could Jin Shuai have removed part of his memory?”

“I don’t know. We can’t conclude on this matter. Give him some time to think about it.”

Then, he pulled Tan Xiaohui aside and asked in a lowered voice, “What would happen if someone drinks the Demon Witch Blood?”

Tan Xiaohui went blank for a moment before she answered, “The Demon Witch Blood is deadly for mortals. Black witches do not drink the blood but keep it in their cauldrons. I have no idea either. I have never encountered such a scenario.”

Ye Shaoyang gazed at Yue Heng’s back and said with a sigh, “I will bring him with me for this moment to observe him and prevent unnecessary troubles.”

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