Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 105

Chapter 105                 The Festering Organs 2


Granny Liu and her daughter quickly prepared the required materials for the delivery, while the old village head went to boil water. This left only Ye Shaoyang and Zhou Jingru in the room.

“Big brother Shaoyang, is everything going to be fine?” Zhou Jingru nervously asked, “Why do I feel disconcerted from Xiao Fang’s screams?”

Ye Shaoyang thought of replying to Zhou Jingru with ‘how would you even know the pain? You have never given birth before.’ But he changed his mind. He did not want to act mischievous at this moment.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine with me here,” said Ye Shaoyang.

Ye Shaoyang and Zhou Jingru could hear Xiao Fang’s continuous screams, as Granny Liu constantly gave her words of encouragement. This continued for almost twenty minutes. Ye Shaoyang and Zhou Jingru worriedly waited, especially Zhou Jingru. The moment she heard a baby’s cry, she spontaneously smiled and let out a long breath.

“Wonderful, It is so wonderful….” Zhou Jingru muttered.

Ye Shaoyang quickly sped to the outside of the delivery room.

“Starting from now, no matter what strange things you see, stay calm and don’t say a word. Carry the mother and the baby out now!” Ye Shaoyang shouted from outside the door.

Inside the room, Xiao Fang bit down on a towel and silently screamed in pain.

Granny Liu glanced at her daughter. She planned to remind her daughter that they needed to deliver one more baby. But then, she remembered that she should not say a word. So, she swallowed her words and placed her hand on Xiao Fang’s protruded abdomen. She gently pushed downward, as she gave Xiao Fang an encouraging look.

Finally, the fetal head exited the womb. Granny Liu instinctively wanted to assist the head, but it glided out without her help. She looked down and nearly shouted. She immediately covered her mouth tight and backed off a few steps. The baby’s head was twice the size of a normal baby’s. The skin was as white as a sheet; its eyes extended till it almost touched its ears. The eyes had a slightly reddish tinge and blood streaks filled them.

Without any assistance in the delivery, it slid to the ground. It crawled on all fours once it landed. It was almost the same size as a normal infant, but it had long arms and only four fingers on each hand. Jets of black Qi surrounded it. It swayed its head, stuck out its tongue, and licked the blood on its lips. It smiled at them in a cheesy manner and revealed two rows of canines.

This was definitely not a normal infant!

Even though Old Liu and Xu Yajuan had mentally prepared themselves, they almost fainted on the spot. Xiao Jun felt so worried about his wife’s safety that he managed to forcibly suppress his fear. He quickly wrapped his wife in a blanket. With his wife on his back, his other hand carried the normal baby. Then, he rushed out of the room. The old village head hurriedly opened the door of the next room and let Xiao Jun in.

The Violent Undead Infant crawled toward Xu Yajuan. It let out a spooky laughter, as it crawled. It had an extremely ferocious expression. Xu Yajuan retreated to a corner. Her legs gave in, and she collapsed. She sobbed, as she covered her face with her hands. The Violent Undead Infant directly jumped toward Xu Yajuan’s knees. But it seemed to feel afraid of something on her body. It did not dare to go any nearer, but it kept on making a lot of scary faces. Suddenly, its eyes popped out; blood oozed from its orbits, ears, and nose. As this happened, it shouted in a very high pitched voice, “I’m blind, I’m deaf, my organs are festering! I’m blind, I’m deaf, my organs are festering!!!”

It shouted twice in a row.

“Ahhh!!!” Xu Yajuan let loose a heartrending cry. Her eyes rolled up, and she fainted. The Violent Undead Infant happily smiled when it saw Xu Yajuan’s mouth open wide. It went near her head, and it exhaled a breath. Suddenly, a copper mirror appeared between Xu Yajuan and the Violent Undead Infant. When the corpse Qi came into contact with the copper mirror, its surface immediately blackened. The Violent Undead Infant abruptly looked up at the owner of the mirror with hatred. Ye Shaoyang withdrew the copper mirror and laughed, “You can absorb my Yang Qi.”

The Violent Undead Infant contorted and crawled on all fours toward Ye Shaoyang. It jumped up, grabbed his neck, and exhaled a mouthful of corpse Qi toward his mouth. Ye Shaoyang did not care about the corpse Qi at all. He formed a hand seal and smacked the Violent Undead’s Gui Men point. It let out a screech and fell off. It turned around and tried to escape, as it had realized that Ye Shaoyang was not easy to deal with.

Granny Liu huddled behind the door. She opened her mouth in fear when she saw the Violent Undead Infant spring toward her.

Damn it! Ye Shaoyang said in his mind. He quickly rushed toward Granny Liu. But it was too late; the Violent Undead Infant had already prised open Granny Liu’s mouth with both of its hands. A white shadow, its soul, had escaped from its body and dived into Granny Liu’s mouth. Granny Liu’s whole body trembled. Her face became ghostly pale as if her death was imminent.

“Damn monster!” As he took a big stride forward, Ye Shaoyang cut his middle finger, pressed it onto Granny Liu’s forehead, and drew a vertical line of blood that reached her lower chin. This could seal up Granny Liu’s life soul, which prevented the Violent Undead Infant from capturing her soul. Granny Liu let out a loud strange sound. Then, she tried to seize Ye Shaoyang’s throat, but he avoided it. He quickly grabbed her left hand and gently pinched Granny Liu’s middle finger between his right index and middle finger. Then, he drew back. He pulled out a white shadow from Granny’s Liu’s body. It was the soul of the Violent Undead Infant! The soul struggled and tried to escape.

“You’re just a preterm Violent Undead Infant, but you’re already filled with strong hatred.” Ye Shaoyang shook his head, as he pressed his left index finger on the Violent Undead Infant’s Gui Men point. Then, he recited an incantation. In response, the soul of the Violent Undead Infant let out a miserable shriek, and it instantly disappeared into thin air.

Xu Yajuan woke up. When she saw that her mother laid still on the ground, she threw herself onto her mother and loudly cried.

“Your mother is fine.” Ye Shaoyang stuck a Soul Stabilizing Talisman Paper onto Granny Liu’s nape. He and Xu Yajuan worked together to carry Granny Liu to another bedroom. He ordered Xu Yajuan to take care of Granny Liu before he left the room. The old village head worriedly walked toward Ye Shaoyang, “Heavenly Master, the mother is safe, but the newborn baby is still in a comatose state. The baby still has a pasty-face.”

“He stayed together with the Violent Undead Infant for a period of time, and the corpse Qi has entered his body. It is a miracle that he can survive until now. Please lead the way.”

Ye Shaoyang followed the old village head to another bedroom. He examined Xiao Fang’s condition first. Although she had fallen unconscious, everything was fine. There was no corpse Qi present in her body. Then, he looked at the baby; the baby was weak and pale. He could see visible blood streaks in the baby’s eyes, which made the baby look slightly creepy. Ye Shaoyang returned to the room where he fought with the Violent Undead Infant. He pried open its mouth, knocked off two canines, and placed one of them in the baby’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Jun worriedly asked.

“The Violent Undead’s canines can absorb nearby corpse Qi. This is also how they cultivate.” As Ye Shaoyang finished his explanation, he placed his hand on the baby’s head. Then, he recited an undead repelling incantation to rid the baby of the corpse Qi. The canine automatically absorbed the corpse Qi. He changed to another canine after he fully used the former one. The black Qi disappeared at a visible rate from the baby’s body. After a while, Ye Shaoyang released his hand, “Alright, place this Undead Repelling Pill beside this baby. After two days, the pill will have eliminated the remaining corpse Qi in his vessels, and he will be fine.”

The old village head and Xiao Jun felt delighted beyond measure. They wanted to kneel down and kowtow to Ye Shaoyang. Ye Shaoyang waved, “There is one more issue. Do you know what a Violent Undead is? It is an undead with its soul sealed inside the body of an undead. It’s one of the soulbound undead. I just got rid of the corpse Qi in the baby’s body, but the spirit Qi still exists.” As he said these words, he opened up the baby’s eyes. The eyes still had a bloody red coloration.

“What...What should do?” The old village head started to worry again.

“We can only treat this case with a spirit’s tongue.” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head. He blamed his own carelessness, as he had forgotten about this and killed the Violent Undead’s soul. How could he find another spirit’s tongue now? Then, he turned around and asked the father and son pair, “Where is your village’s cemetery?”

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