So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 99

Chapter 99: A Heart-to-heart Talk Between Father and Daughter Chen

“Old Chen, what do you think happened to Yanyan?” Mother Chen looked at the door of the bathroom that was closed with suspicion and asked.

“How would I know?” Father Chen shook his head. “She was alright when she left for school this morning. Why is she like this when she came home?”

“Are you asking me, Old Chen? You are a policeman, and yet you ask me?” Mother Chen complained.

“My beloved wife, the police are not omnipotent. Would the police know everything?” Father Chen laughed bitterly. “I just got home. How can I figure it out?”

“Then, you should investigate faster and find out what’s happening!” Mother Chen complained.

“Alright, I will go and investigate!” Father Chen helplessly approached his daughter’s room.

As he entered the room, what came first into Father Chen’s eyes was the messy blanket. There were traces of wet marks on it. Chen Mengyan was already an adult, and apparently, she didn’t pee on her bed. They were obviously, tears.

Father Chen sighed. It seemed he wasn’t wrong that his daughter just cried. Father Chen hesitated toward his daughter’s stuff. It was an offense to breach someone's privacy even his own daughter's!

Father Chen didn’t want his daughter to look down on him. Finally, he left the room. If she wanted to talk about it, she should have done so. If she didn’t wish to do so, she didn’t want me and Mother Chen to know.

As he closed the door, Father Chen abruptly realized there was a photo behind the door. He picked it up curiously...

How can my daughter have this picture? However, Father Chen seemed to understand what had happened. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. She has really grown up. The day for her to worry about relationship issues has actually come!

Father Chen felt that he needed to take responsibility as a father. If his daughter kept ruminating about it, it wouldn’t be great!

Yang Ming returned home, but he felt better. He had vented out most of his anger. Even though he was gloomy, he didn’t express it. Hence, his parents didn’t notice it.

Back in his room, Yang Ming switched on his computer and logged into QQ. Hey, there are a lot of pretty girls in the world. Yang Ming tried to not brood about the problem with Chen Mengyan.

Wild Female Teacher: “Are you there?”

There's No True Love in this World: “Yes, want to play Landlord? Which room?”

Yang Ming asked out of habit.

Wild Female Teacher: “I don’t feel good today. Can you chat with me?”

There's No True Love in this World: Alright, I am also not feeling so great as well. We can console each other.”

Wild Female Teacher: “Why are you not feeling great also?”

There's No True Love in this World: “Just like you!”

Wild Female Teacher: “Just like me? I had a break-up. Are you the same?” 

There's No True Love in this World: “En, something like that.”

Wild Female Teacher: “You wrote your qq details as 'There's No True Love in this World'!”

There's No True Love in this World: “En, I simply wrote it. Why are you not feeling well? Was it a break-up?”

Wild Female Teacher: “I can’t get to see the person again, so I am very sad.”

There's No True Love in this World: “What do you mean? Is he dead?”

Wild Female Teacher: “Don’t curse on him. You are the one who is dead!”

There's No True Love in this World: “Then, what happened?”

Wild Female Teacher: “He graduated.”

There's No True Love in this World: “Graduated? What do you mean? Aren’t you a teacher? The person you like isn’t your colleague?”

Wild Female Teacher: “He is my student...”

There's No True Love in this World: “Your student? It can’t be! I haven’t noticed that you like to rob the cradle.”

Yang Ming didn’t know why he suddenly remembered Zhao Ying. Ai, I also don’t know when I can see her again! It seemed that “Wild Female Teacher” also had the same situation as me!

Wild Female Teacher: “... I am not that old! What, you can’t accept it? Are you looking down on me?”

There's No True Love in this World: “What... why would I? I am just surprised. Our experiences are so similar!”

Wild Female Teacher: “What? Do you also like your student? Are you also a teacher???”

There's No True Love in this World: “Heh...

Yang Ming didn’t explain as he was upset. Zhao Ying, Chen Mengyan, who do I like more? From the perspective of intimacy, Chen Mengyan was closer to him in the relationship. On the spiritual level, Zhao Ying seemed to be closer to him! Several incidents had connected their hearts!

Chen Mengyan doubted me because of Wang Zhitao, but Zhao Ying would never do so! Just like the grade of the exam, Zhao Ying never suspected me of cheating! But, Zhao Ying’s attitude toward me that night... She and me, was it still possible?


Chen Mengyan finally calmed herself down. Future matters should be left until then. If Yang Ming explained it to me, would I forgive Yang Ming? Chen Mengyan didn’t know. Maybe I would? A woman can easily forgive her man who had an external affair. Chen Mengyan once read about it in a novel. At that time, she looked down on the author who wrote it. But now, Chen Mengyan was moved a little by those words.

She couldn’t take it anymore! This was just the first night! She couldn’t think of what would happen to her if it went for the long term. Would she have depression?


“Yanyan, do you have time? Talk to father for a while!” Father Chen spoke to her daughter while she was drying her hair.

Oh? I need to study...” Chen Mengyan was in a bad mood, and naturally, she didn’t want to speak too much.

“A little bit of study time won’t make much of a difference. Your dad is usually busy with work. We don’t have much time to interact!” Father Chen said, “Don’t be nervous, just treat me like a friend rather than your parent!”

Oh.” Chen Mengyan nodded her head. Since her father already said so, it wasn’t good for her to stand her ground.

“Yanyan, when was the last time we had a heart-to-heart talk with each other? Was it during  grade 7?” Father Chen initiated a topic of conversation.

En, was it?” Chen Mengyan’s thoughts went to that period of time. Her depression was better as she said shyly, “On the first day of school, there was a female student who framed me for stealing her sharpener...”

“That’s right, and you cried in your room for the entire night. Hehe, you made me and your mom so worried!” Father Chen said.

En, that time you gave me a sharpener that was similar to hers, so she suspected me!” Chen Mengyan nodded, “Hehe, that time I was still quite young and not sensible!”

“There’s no fault in suspecting others. Your father, I, also suspect others a lot but it is just a suspicion. Do you remember what you said to your classmate?” Father Chen smiled.

‘I told her if there’s insufficient evidence, why do you suspect me?” Chen Mengyan also smiled. “Isn’t it what I learned from you since I was young? Evidence matters for every case!”

“You are right. I also remember what she told you that she heard others saying it, right?” Father Chen asked.

“Yes, that’s what she said.” Chen Mengyan said, “I told her to take what you hear to be false. Only believe it when you see it!”

“Yup, take what you hear to be false. Only believe it when you see it! But most of the time, what you see may not be the truth as well!” Chen Fei laughed while shaking her head. “For example, your sharpener. What she saw was that you had the same pencil sharpener. But, what she saw may not be the case, right?”

Yes. What the eyes see may not be the truth! Chen Mengyan didn’t understand why her father talked to her about this. But, she felt better now! She was more cheerful!

“Sometimes, we might see something and interpret it based on own our perspective. But, we would ignore the truth in that sense.” Father Chen continued.

“Father, can you help me?” Chen Mengyan gritted her teeth and made a decision. Even though her decision might raise suspicion from her father, she couldn’t take it anymore especially after listening to what her father said. She felt even more restless! If she misunderstood Yang Ming because of that... then...

“Help? Of course, don’t be modest to your dad!” Father Chen knew her daughter managed to think it through. “Anything, just say!” 

“Can you help me keep a secret?” Chen Mengyan hesitated a while.

“Even from your mother?” Father Chen asked.

En, I’m scared mom will scold me...” Chen Mengyan nodded.

“Alright, but aren’t you afraid that I will scold you?” Father Chen laughed.

“You said it just now. You are my friend right now and not my father!” Chen Mengyan refuted.

“Yes, then I will keep the secret. Right now, I am not your father but just your friend!” Father Chen answered.

“Father, please wait for me!” Chen Mengyan stood up and ran towards her room. Quickly, she took out a stack of objects.

“What is this?” Father Chen purposely asked.

“Dad, I want you to ask about this. Do you have any cases today? If not, can you have someone to verify this for me? Are these pictures fabricated?” Chen Mengyan handed the photos in her hand to her father.

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