So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 98

Chapter 98: It Is A Small World

“F*** you, retard!” Yang Ming threw a kick toward Jin Gang and knocked him down with his legs wide open. Then he kept stomping on him while scolding, “I was in a good mood all this time so I didn’t bother with you. You dared to mess with me?”

Yang Ming was just looking for a place to express his anger. Here came this punching bag so how could he let it go! Jin Gang as a sports teacher was able to fight with Yang Ming for a while, but he didn’t know why Yang Ming was enraged all of sudden. He was knocked down before he could react. Since he lost his advantage, he could only take a beating.

Today, Cao Liwa asked a boss from the north of the city, Brother De, to teach Yang Ming a lesson. Furthermore, he called in a few more punks just in case Brother De lost to Yang Ming. If it didn’t work then they would just beat Yang Ming up together. Even he wouldn’t be able to handle such wheel tactics! 

Jin Gang wouldn’t dare to beat a student at the entrance of the school. Last time, Jin Xisen warned him that Headmaster Li was really angry! If Jin Gang created any trouble at this critical moment, even Jin Xisen couldn’t help him! Therefore, Jin Gang didn’t dare to do too much in order to protect his job. 

Cao Liwa didn’t see Jin Gang for a long time. How could he be so slow? It only took a few minutes to find a student!

“Xiao Cao, what happened to your friend? It’s been so long and the person hasn’t appeared yet?” Brother De seemed impatient.


“Let me take a look!” Cao Liwa felt something was wrong too. Therefore, he walked toward the school entrance from the small valley. He could see Yang Ming stomping on a person before he reached the entrance. The person being stomped on was Jin Gang!


Cao Liwa was shocked. He reported this to Brother De immediately.

“What? This guy really has balls! Bring me over!” Brother said furiously. Isn’t this is disrespecting me?

“Yes, Brother De! You must teach the kid a lesson!” Cao Liwa said in a rush.

Hmph, he is a dead meat now!” Brother De said arrogantly.

Cao Liwa and Brother De rushed to the school entrance. Brother De saw Yang Ming who was beating Jin Gang. Why does this guy look so familiar? Brother De shook his head. I don’t know any of the students here!

“Stop!”  Brother De shouted with a strong presence, just like how a boss appears in a movie. 

Yang Ming was outraged. He didn’t hear Brother De’s call at all so he kept on stomping Jin Gang. “Son of a b****, don’t you want to frame me? Ask your uncle to expel me? Go on and expel me! Do you dare to act cool in front of me? You’re such a weakling. If I don’t beat you into a ninja turtle, you won't know why it needs a hard shell!”

When the little kid in front of Brother De ignored him, he went into a rage immediately. He walked up and grabbed Yang Ming's neck collar.

Yang Ming was just starting to have fun. When someone interrupted him, of course, he stopped and turned around. Ha! The person is actually an old acquaintance!

This is really such a small world! Yang Ming straightaway gave a slap. “Yu Xiangde. You forgot the pain after the scar healed?” 

Yu Xiangde was stunned too. Together with Yang Ming’s slap, he was dumbfounded! The student actually was the one who lambasted him in the detention center!

“Why don’t you say something?” Yang Ming looked at Yu Xiangde. He said sarcastically, “Jin Gang asked you to come, right?”

Yu Xiangde choked with resentment, F***How is it possible that I meet this guy everywhere? The incident in the detention center was a shame for Yu Xiangde but he couldn't fight against it so he could only submit to humiliation. He never expected to meet this guy again after he got out!

Even if Yu Xiangde was angry, he knew that today’s fight wasn't happening! Yang Ming’s ruthlessness was still fresh in his memory. This guy always aimed at the critical area. His method was very cruel. Last time, half of his body nearly became paralyzed. How could Yu Xiangde not be afraid of him?

However, Yu Xiangde never intended to let Yang Ming go easily. He just had to endure it for today. “Brother Yang Ming, you were out too?”

“Bulls***, I came out a lot earlier than you. You don’t know how to speak properly, right?” Yang Ming was in a very bad mood today. He usually would consider the consequences of his actions. No matter how ruthless Yang Ming was, he was just a student and he was no longer the person from the fringe of society. However, that was not the case for Yu Xiangde; he was a professional gangster. If they were involved in a fight, it would be more troublesome for Yang Ming.

Therefore, Yu Xiangde held back his wrath. He thought, I’ll deal with you after I get rid of Bao Sanli! “I’m sorry Brother Yang. I’m just passing by, passing by!”

Yang Ming said sarcastically, “Passing by? Do you mean you’re just here to help because you saw me beating a person?” 

He, indeed. If I knew Brother Yang was teaching someone a lesson, then I wouldn’t have interfered. The person who was punished by Brother Yang must be some bad person!” Yu Xiangde and Bao Sanli were irreconcilable enemies. If he fought with Yang Ming because of his impulsivity, then both of them would lose. If Bao Sanli seized this opportunity and devoured his people now, then he would lose more than gain! Therefore, Yu Xiangde kept holding back. 

Yang Ming had pummeled Jin Gang for a while, so he was feeling better now. There was a saying, “never slap the smiler” [1]. Seeing how Yu Xiangde treated him politely and amiably, Yang Ming didn’t say much more. After all, he was feeling better and vented out his anger, so Yang Ming walked home while humming a small tune.

Jin Gang was completely helpless. Yang Ming was such a ruthless person! I don’t think I can take revenge on him anymore in my life. Even Brother De is treating him with respect! What am I?


On the other hand, our pure and no.1 actress, Chen Mengyan, locked herself in her room after she got home.

“Yang Ming, you’re such a bastard!” Chen Mengyan threw the photos on the ground and stomped on it forcibly as if she wanted to kick Yang Ming out of the photo.

“I will stomp. I will stomp you to death!” Chen Mengyan cursed Yang Ming while she jumped on the floor, then her tears came unbidden to her eyes.

I only rejected him twice for his “unreasonable” requests, but I hinted to him after National Higher Education Entrance Examination... I will be his girlfriend... Why did he have no ambition? Couldn't he even be patient for these few days?

You went to find a prostitute without letting me know. This is so despicable! Chen Mengyan didn't feel good as she kept thinking. She leaned on her bed and started weeping.

Thinking of her memories with Yang Ming, she was even sadderIs everything over? On the bedside table, there was the hair clip that Yang Ming bought for her. Chen Mengyan grabbed it and threw it out the window...

Her sobbing lasted a long time even after the sky had gone dark and until she heard the sound of knocking on her door. “Yanyan, it's time for dinner...”

How could Chen Mengyan eat anything? Even if there was delicious food, she wouldn’t have the appetite.

“Yanyan, what’s wrong? Are you sleeping? Mom is coming in.” Mother Chen was about to open the door since she didn’t notice any movement.

Ah! Mom, I’m coming out. Don’t open the door first. I’m changing my clothes!” Chen Mengyan regained her consciousness and said anxiously. She hadn’t cleaned up the photos on the floor, so she wouldn’t dare let her mom come in!

“This child. What’s wrong with changing clothes? Are you still worried that mom would look at you? Mother Chen laughed. “Just make it quick. Your dad and I are waiting for you!”

Oh, okay...” Chen Mengyan answered like a machine. She quickly picked up the photos on the floor and kept them in the drawer under the bed.

Ka”, The door opened. Chen Mengyan was trying her best to look normal, but her lethargic look and puffy eyes betrayed her...

“Yanyan, what happen to you?” Father Chen realized something was abnormal. “What happened to your eyes?”

“Eyes? Oh... it's fine. Sand just got into my eyes...” Chen Mengyan said in a hurry and lowered her head.

“Sand got into your eyes. Let mom see it for you?” Mother Chen said worriedly.

“No need... I'm fine already...” Chen Mengyan said immediately.

“It's better to be safe than sorry. It's almost the National Higher Education Entrance Examination already. Please don't have any accidents!” Mother Chen was worried.

Father Chen pulled his wife. Because of his work, he had sharp observation skills compared to others. His experience told him that it wasn't an issue of sand going into his daughter’s eyes...

Mother Chen was surprised when her husband pulled her. However, she understood Father Chen’s hint and closed her mouth.

Chen Mengyan simply took a few bites and lost her appetite. She was afraid that she couldn't control her emotions and her parents would notice. Therefore, she said, “Mom, I'm going to take a bath...” After that, she quickly walked toward the bathroom.

Once the door was locked, her tears started falling down...

Chen Mengyan was afraid that her parents would hear her sobbing, so she turned on the shower. She just sat there in a daze... Water sprinkled on her face, mixed together with tears, and flowed to the floor.

Chen Mengyan only knew now how important Yang Ming was to her. However, he made such a big mistake. How can I forgive him? Most importantly, he made a mistake but he never wanted to be honest with me.

While Chen Mengyan was lost in her thoughts in the bathroom, outside, Father Chen and Mother Chen didn’t have the appetite to eat either.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Chinese idiom, to not beat up someone who was apologetic/being polite.

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