So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Misunderstanding

“Then how did you know about this case?” Chen Mengyan asked chillingly. 

“This...” Wang Zhitao was stunned. He never thought that Chen Mengyan would be able to remain calm in this kind of situation. He thought that she would have become incredibly angry. But since Wang Zhitao could be counted as a young professional plot planner, his reaction was quick as well, “The editor was pretty young. It wasn’t appropriate for my dad to speak to him. Since my dad wanted to train me anyway, he sent me to contact the editor. Therefore...  You know it as well. I didn’t really have any other intention. I just wanted to remind you that Yang Ming isn’t an honest person...” 

Chen Mengyan looked at the pictures in her hand. At that moment, a mixed variety of feelings surged up into her head! It was really Yang Ming! His body was only wrapped in a towel and together with a lewd face as two police brought him out of the hotel...

Even if Chen Mengyan didn’t really have real-life experience with any of these things, she could guess what it meant when a person was brought out by policemen without any attire on! 

Chen Mengyan felt a strong heartache. It was her first time feeling betrayed by someone else... This kind of feeling was as if someone was digging out her heart. Helpless, anxious, and completely at loss!

The things were also pretty coincidental. The date on the picture was modified by Wang Zhitao on the computer to be a recent date. He was concerned that someone would have associated the picture with the previous incident! Nevertheless, a careful mentality can keep a ship alive for thousands of years! However, our smart guy would be screwed by his own intelligence. Even though he was temporarily able to trick Chen Mengyan, he had also created quite some trouble for himself because of this case...

The date on the image was exactly a week after they watched the movie. A clear scene emerged in Chen Mengyan’s mind...

“Mengyan, there won’t be anyone at my house tomorrow. How about you come over to my house and teach me some of my homework?” Yang Ming asked shamelessly. 

Hmph, couldn’t homework be taught in school? Why should I go to your house?” Chen Mengyan was, of course, clear about what was Yang Ming thinking in his heart. She regretted that she was soft for that one moment which gave Yang Ming a chance to ask for much more.

Hehe, this... after our studies, we both could...”

Before he finished his sentence, Chen Mengyan pouted her mouth. “Study well! Don’t always think about some useless thing!”

“But a guy really needs to vent out sometimes. Mengyan, if you don’t help me, must I go find some other people?” Yang Ming said purposely. 

“Who cares? You find whoever you want to find!” Chen Mengyan didn’t care at all about this type of threat from Yang Ming. 

... Was it because she didn’t agree with what he was asking for that he went to look for a prostitute? Chen Mengyan wasn’t able to accept this reality and started to doubt Yang Ming’s sincerity towards their relationship. Was he just close to her so that he could fulfill his personal needs? 

A sense of anger and betrayal made Chen Mengyan’s tears linger in her eyes. She didn’t care about Wang Zhitao beside her. Chen Mengyan clumsily walked back into the classroom, and everything in front of her appeared blurred...

Damn! Yang Ming, you are really not simple, aren’t you? You moved Chen Mengyan’s heart! Wang Zhitao scolded in his heart. However, this time around you are doomed! Hehe, you think your result is better than mine? What’s the use of it being better? Let’s see whether you still have the mood to sit for your examinations! If you can’t enter a university, you would be totally out of the league! 

Chen Mengyan wouldn’t get together with a jobless young man in society anyway! However, even if Chen Mengyan wanted to, her family members would have gone against it. In this way, once again I have my chance!

Wang Zhitao’s action was also a gamble! He was betting that Chen Mengyan wouldn’t talk to Yang Ming about this situation! Chen Mengyan’s personality had always been one who would keep all her worries in her heart! Therefore, Wang Zhitao felt that Chen Mengyan wouldn’t have a face to face confrontation with Yang Ming over some pictures! 

Of course, temporarily she wouldn’t. By the time Chen Mengyan had gotten back her senses, the National Higher Education Entrance Examination would have finished. Even if she went on to speak to Yang Ming about it at that point, it would have been useless anyway. It was undeniable that Wang Zhitao’s act was really evil! 

The first step was to have Yang Ming let down his guard around him. At the crucial moment, he delivered such a critical hit! 

Things indeed went according to Wang Zhitao’s prediction. Chen Mengyan didn’t confront Yang Ming directly! If it had been any other thing, Chen Mengyan wouldn’t be as lost as she was now - completely emotional. However, this was about Yang Ming. Chen Mengyan was, of course, blinded by the situation. 

The present case’s main character still didn’t know what had happened. Today was the last day before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. He initially wanted to linger around Chen Mengyan for a while. After school, Yang Ming walked to the front of Chen Mengyan’s study desk and said, “Mengyan, let’s go out for a walk together?” 

At this moment, Chen Mengyan had her head down on the table thinking about nothing. Once she heard Yang Ming’s words, she raised her head slowly. Her eyes red from crying stared at Yang Ming with hatred and disgust. Then, she took her bag and just walked out of the classroom without even looking back.

“Mengyan, are you okay?” Yang Ming felt something was wrong, so he chased after her. 

“Don’t follow me. I don’t know you!” Chen Mengyan chillingly told the Yang Ming who was following her. 

“Mengyan, are you okay? Did I make you angry?” Yang Ming saw a very uncommon emotion from Chen Mengyan and felt rather puzzled.

“You know clearly what you have done behind my back!” Chen Mengyan’s hoarse voice came out. “Don’t come and find me anymore. I hate you!” 

As she finished talking, she didn’t wait for Yang Ming to utter a single word as she quickly walked toward the end of the lobby. 

What did that mean? That came out of nowhere! Yang Ming felt helpless. How did I offend Chen Mengyan? There was nothing! 

When he looked to the front again, Chen Mengyan had already disappeared. 

Yang Ming shook his head absent-mindedly. Chen Mengyan never had this kind of attitude toward him before. Even if I skipped class and lied to her every day, all Chen Mengyan did was to scold me angrily. What happened today?

Who wouldn’t know that at that time, Chen Mengyan was only scolding Yang Ming because of her responsibility as a study commissary? However, things were different now. Her relationship with Yang Ming was no longer just a casual relationship between students! 

Suddenly Yang Ming recalled how Wang Zhitao went to find and speak to Chen Mengyan! Could it be that this brat said something bad to her? F*** it! I let him off for a while now, and now he comes again? It seemed like this brat really needed a good beating! Yang Ming thought about it in anger.

However, how could Chen Mengyan believe what Wang Zhitao said? In this situation, it was obvious that Chen Mengyan believed Wang Zhitao and didn’t trust him! This really ticked Yang Ming off. Whose relationship is closer now? Screw it, let’s just call it off! Since it’s this type of woman, it’s fine to let her go! Even though Yang Ming could persuade and make Chen Mengyan happy in many other little things, but inside his bones, he had the strong ego of a man. When he thought about how Chen Mengyan didn’t even believe him, it meant that deep down in her heart Chen Mengyan had never trusted him and did not care about him! 

Pity the Chen Mengyan who misunderstood Yang Ming. How would she not care about Yang Ming? It was exactly because she cared too much about Yang Ming that she had such an irrational response! There was a phrase - the deeper the love, the deeper the hurt - wasn’t it? It was exactly the case for Chen Mengyan right now. 

However, just let it be then! Yang Ming shook his head. He had been dumped twice. The first time was Su Ya. The day before this girl separated with me and changed her school, she still snuck a letter to me and said that she would love me forever. If so, why was there no news from her later?

This time, it was Chen Mengyan. There were still some really sweet words that you said in the morning. Now, in the afternoon, you just turned around and not even recognize me?

It seemed like women are just people who should never be trusted! They are capricious animals! 

If you want to misunderstand me, go ahead! I don’t give a d***!

Therefore, a crack went through a relationship that hadn’t even begun between the two people. After some time, when the misunderstandings between them were melted away, Chen Mengyan would have regrets. She would regret the doubts against Yang Ming at that time which caused a rather beautiful love story to become a situation where she had to share him with other women. Would this be counted as a punishment from God toward her?

Yang Ming slowly strolled out of the school compound in his terrible mood. He was looking for a target - looking for a target to release his anger! What Yang Ming wanted the most right now was to meet a few people like Zhang Yuliang, those type of gangsters who bullied the weak, so that he could go and teach them a lesson.

We could say that Jin Gang had rather bad luck because he had chosen the same day as Wang Zhitao to take action.

“Yang Ming, have a walk with me!” Jin Gang had waited for a long time in front of the school gate. He didn’t see Yang Ming even after most of the students had walked out of the gate. He thought that he missed Yang Ming among the crowd. He never thought that Yang Ming would have come out last which made him a bit angry. 

“Where’s my bicycle?” Yang Ming was in a bad mood, so he didn’t have any time to entertain him.

“Bicycle?” Jin Gang said in his heart, You are really capable aren’t you? Your death is at the corner and you are thinking about your bicycle? In the blink of an eye, I would let you say goodbye to your bicycle forever! 

“I said it last time. If I don’t see my bicycle, I would turn you into my bicycle! Was it your memory problem or my speech problem?” Yang Ming said disdainfully after glancing at Jin Gang.

“Right. You are right! Come with me. Let me find you your bicycle!” Jin Gang said in anger.

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