So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Critical Hit

“How was the movie? Share it with Mom!” Mother Chen didn’t mean anything else but was merely finding a topic.

Ah?” Chen Mengyan didn’t imagine that her mother would ask this. “I... I was sleeping at that time. I didn’t pay much attention...”

Oh ya! Mother Chen suddenly figured out something. It must have been during the movie. My daughter and the guy did something. With this thought, Mother Chen sighed a little. My daughter has grown up and she doesn’t tell me everything anymore.

Hehe, let’s eat before the food is cold.” Mother Chen noticed that her daughter’s appetite wasn’t quite well and she started digging in the noodles.

The mother and daughter finished their meal and returned home. Mother Chen switched on the water heater and prepared for her bath. “Yanyan, bathe with mother!”

Ah? Why bathe together?” Chen Mengyan asked.

“Please help me to rub my back!” Mother Chen asked.

Oh, alright...” Chen Mengyan couldn’t help but strip and follow her mom into the bathroom.

After careful observation, Mother Chen was finally at ease. Her daughter didn’t lose her virginity. Probably, both of the kids were just having some “romantic” game but the line was not crossed.

With these thoughts in mind, Mother Chen was relieved a little. It seemed that her daughter had proper limits. 

At night, Mother Chen told her husband about her daughter’s jacket being stained by “that”.

“Are you saying that Mengyan already...” Father Chen frowned a little.

“Not yet. I bathed with her intentionally and checked. Yanyan is still a virgin.” Mother Chen replied.

“What do you plan to do?” Father Chen wasn’t too boiled up. Most probably it was due to his field of work that he saw cases of underage sex. Moreover, his daughter had already reached adulthood! 

“What can be done? Yanyan didn’t talk about it and I can’t possibly force her to spit it out.” Mother Chen said helplessly.

En, let the case go and don’t mention it in the future. After the National Higher Education Entrance Examination has ended, I will speak to her!” Father Chen said.

“It seems that’s the only way!” Mother Chen sighed. “Should I supplement my daughter with knowledge in regards to this? If something happened, it will be the girl’s loss!”

Mother Chen had no other means to handle it. The kids nowadays matured too fast. One of her colleague’s son was in Grade 10 and he had already brought his girlfriend for an abortion. After seeing multiple cases, it was no longer that much of a taboo.

“There’s no need for it, I guess? Yanyan should have proper limits.” Father Chen thought secretly, How about I give a lecture to her boyfriend? This brat is absurd. I need to find an opportunity to give him a warning!

The person involved, our number one belle, Chen Mengyan, couldn’t sleep that night. Or maybe, she had slept for a while but was now awake on her bed thinking about what happened with Yang Ming that afternoon. Before that, Chen Mengyan would never have expected herself to do something like this for a guy! Have I fallen apart?

When Chen Mengyan recalled how her mom spoke between the lines, she felt annoyed! Yang Ming, ah, Yang Ming, why are you so bad? Why do you exist in my life?

Although Chen Mengyan thought like this, she was excited in her heart. During that moment, Yang Ming said he loved me. Is that his genuine thought? In the blink of an eye, the sky outside of the window had soon become brighter. Chen Mengyan finally went to sleep with her conflicted thoughts.

The other person involved, Yang Ming, was having his best sleep ever. In his dream, Chen Mengyan became his girlfriend. They hugged each other and went for a stroll at the seaside...

The movie was the seasoning for Grade 12. After such a brief rest, the hustling academic life returned. Monthly exams, joint examination, area examination and district examination together were like a huge mountain squashing them.

Yang Ming continued to utilize his x-ray vision and telescopic vision to cheat. However, he was more reserved these few times around. He didn’t cheat too much but merely kept himself as the second of the class, which was still among the top ten positions in the year. Coincidentally, his ranking was just behind Chen Mengyan. 

“Yang Ming, why do I feel like you did it intentionally?” One or two occasions could be coincidence, but this happened every time. She was always the first and Yang Ming was at the second. Therefore, Chen Mengyan found it suspicious.

“How can it be possible? It may be easier to target for first place but have you seen someone hitting second place every single time as though they aimed for it? Moreover, my score was just a few marks below you, how can I be so accurate?” Yang Ming laughed.

After a few thoughts, Chen Mengyan agreed as well. It was not possible for Yang Ming to guess her grade beforehand. How would it be possible to achieve such accuracy, maybe it was God’s will? Girls tended to think about stuff romantically.

In their relationship, except for the “extraordinary” breakthrough, there wasn’t any intimate conduct anymore. It wasn’t that Yang Ming had no desire for it, but rather that Chen Mengyan didn’t give him the opportunity!

At some point in the past, Yang Ming hinted to Chen Mengyan during their conversations - an invitation to his house or to go watch a movie together. Chen Mengyan firmly rejected it. Some of Yang Ming’s little tricks, for example, to touch Chen Mengyan’s chest weren’t successful. Overall, Chen Mengyan didn’t give him any opportunities.

While the others were nervous, Yang Ming was quite relaxed. He didn’t need to study but he could still get a good grade. Aside from Yang Ming, there was no one else behaving like that. Yang Ming was still surfing the net every day. Occasionally, he chatted with “I’m a Superstar” and played Versus the Landlords with “Wild Female Teacher”.

In the blink of an eye, it was the legendary black June!

Even though the country’s education policy was revised multiple times, the ratio of the number of universities to the gross number of students was still inadequate.

Aside from those who had a unique contribution to the country, the majority were required to cross the bridge of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.

One week before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the school allowed the examinees to take a break. Today was the last day of school!

Each subject teacher had stopped teaching and they shared their experiences on the examination and things to look out for.

“Students, today is the last day of your high school! Soon after, you will step into the most important exam hall of your life. Without further ado, there’s only one thing I want to share, that is to keep calm and don’t be nervous. Take all of what you learned and thoroughly regurgitate it on your exam paper! Don’t leave any empty blanks and write down anything you know. If you don’t know, you still need to try something on it. Even though it is not good advice for a teacher to ask her students to make a wild guess on the answer, I still need to ask all of you to do it because that is best for your grade! Alright, you need to be confident. You can do it; you definitely will do it. Teacher will cheer for all of you!” Teacher Li left a final touch and said, “At last, I pray each and every one of you to have a breakthrough! Continue your breakthrough!”

Initially, the ambiance of the classroom was quite tense. After the final sentence from Teacher Li, all of the students undoubtedly burst into laughter. Unexpectedly, the teacher knew the buzzword!

Among the students’ laughter, there was a certain someone laughing mischievously. That person was Wang Zhitao. Before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, he finally acted!

“Chen Mengyan, there’s something I need to let you know.” Wang Zhitao came in front of Cheng Mengyan’s desk, “Can you come with me to the walkway?”

“What? If you have anything to say, why can’t you speak here?” Obviously, Chen Mengyan didn’t want to leave the classroom with him alone. 

“It is important. It’s about Yang Ming!” Wang Zhitao explained.

“Alright!” Chen Mengyan hesitated a while before standing up and leaving with Wang Zhitao.

Damn! Motherf*****. Once you find out it was about Yang Ming, then you obediently follow! Wang Zhitao felt resentful. However, Yang Ming would soon be ostracized.  

“Wang Zhitao, what matter do you have with me?” Chen Mengyan said coldly.

‘Mengyan, your relationship with Yang Ming wasn’t bad right?” Wang Zhitao said in a sly manner.

“Don’t call me Mengyan. It is none of your business about my relationship with Yang Ming.” Chen Mengyan was irritated with how Wang Zhitao addressed her.

‘I have a stack of photos here. After you see them, you will know what sort of person Yang Ming is! You should leave him afterward!” Wang Zhitao handed a bag of stuff to Chen Mengyan.

“What do you mean? What is this?” Chen Mengyan didn’t extend her hand.

“You will know once you see it. Do you want to let everyone know about this?” Wang Zhitao smirked a little.

Chen Mengyang glimpsed at Wang Zhitao for a while before accepting the stuff in his hand. Once she opened it, she was surprised. “Isn’t this... Yang Ming?”

“What do you say? You should be able to recognize a fellow student, right?” Wang Zhitao laughed mischievously.

“How did you get these photos?” Chen Mengyan frowned a little. Before concerning herself with Yang Ming, she was suspicious of Wang Zhitao’s intention.

“It was a coincidence. I got it from the editor of a website. That day during the police spot check, a few prostitution clients were captured at Tavern Heaven On Earth. The editor took a few photos with a digital camera to expose this on a website!” Wang Zhitao explained, “Our house is one of the shareholders of Tavern Heaven On Earth. You know that once this is exposed, it will affect our business. The others will think our place is not safe anymore with the frequent spot checks we have. Who would dare come anymore? Hence, the hotel decided to pay the editor to retract those photos.”

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