So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Chen Mengyan's Windbreaker

“Mengyan, do you think we are...” Yang Ming was thinking. Did this mean that their relationship was set? Then, in future, would he be able to play similar games with Chen Mengyan? Even if he couldn’t really do the real act, this was also pretty enjoyable. 

“We are what? Yang Ming, let me tell you. We will only do this once. Never again!” Chen Mengyan said, “Today was an exception!” 

Ah?” Yang Ming thought that if a girl had the first time, then there would be a second time and a third time. He never expected Chen Mengyan’s answer to be so determined! He fell into a slump straight away! 

This feeling wasn’t easy to bear. If he enjoyed it once, of course, he would want it a second time! It looked like he had to suffer in the future! Yang Ming couldn’t help but felt depressed.

Ai. Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming’s dejected look. She sighed quietly and comforted him. “At least before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, don’t even think about it!”

Chen Mengyan didn’t know what she was thinking either. Was she just consoling him so that it wouldn’t affect his studies?

Yang Ming heard Chen Mengyan’s words like they slipped out of her mouth. He knew Chen Mengyan had just agreed to be his girlfriend after the National Higher Education Entrance Examination! Because if she didn’t, why would they share such an intimate behavior? 

Yang Ming was delighted; he really wanted to cheer out loud. However, Chen Mengyan was staring angrily at him, so he smiled awkwardly. 

Ah! I made it finally!” Zhang Bing cheered. “I spent a full night last night plus today and I finally cleared this level!”

Zhang Bing’s voice startled Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan. They looked at each other and thought secretly, So close! If they were slower by a moment, Zhang Bing would have discovered what they did!

Zhang Bing removed his earphones. He looked at Yang Ming and said, “How goes the movie? Is it fun?”

“It’s still okay. Don’t you want to watch?” Yang Ming simply answered because he didn’t watch the movie either.

En. Do you want to play?” Zhang Bing passed the game console to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming took it and switched to “Mario Kart”. This racing game’s purpose was to trap the opponent. It was different from a normal racing game. The entertainment was lighter. A player could hit different items to trap the opponent.


“Yang Ming, just use the turtle shell to hit him. You’re really stupid!” Chen Mengyan was interested too. She usually wouldn’t touch cyber gaming but after seeing such a simple and interesting game, she naturally became excited.

“Why don’t you play?” Yang Ming rarely saw that Chen Mengyan was interested in things other than studying so he passed her the game console and taught her the controls.

Yang Ming picked “Donkey Kong”. Chen Mengyan, of course, didn’t like such an image so she switched to “Princess Peach”.

Maybe the girl was gifted in driving. Aside from the first few matches because she was still adjusting, Chen Mengyan maintained her first place record.  This really amazed Yang Ming!

Chen Mengyan said proudly, “How is it? I’m good, right?” 

Yang Ming was speechless. Such a great player! Even Zhang Bing opened his mouth, “Even the hidden character was unlocked?”

By the time the movie ended, Chen Mengyan unlocked all the hidden characters. Zhang Bing was so happy that he shouted, “Thanks, sister-in-law!”

Chen Mengyan didn't want to explain anymore. It will only get more misunderstood with more explanations.

Because of the movie, school ended earlier. After she reached home, Chen Mengyan planned to wash her clothes but she felt sleepy, so she lay down for a while on her bed. As a result, she fell asleep!

In the evening, Mother Chen came home after work. She saw Chen Menyan’s shoes at the door, so she called out, “Yanyan, are you back?”

Since no one responded, Mother Chen open the door to Chen Mengyan’s room. She realized that Chen Mengyan was sleeping, hence she shook her head and sighed. “Ai, sleep well. Grade 12 is too tiring. Luckily, there is only one month left!”

Just when she wanted to go out, Mother Chen saw Chen Mengyan’s windbreaker on the floor. She picked it up and then talked to herself, “What a mess. Such a big girl already and you still need mom to help you clean your clothes!”

She saw Chen Mengyan’s jeans as well and noticed that her jeans were dirty too. Consequently, she brought them out of the room and went into the bathroom.

En? What is this? Mother Chen looked at the white spot on Chen Mengyan’s windbreaker and began to doubt. However, she wasn’t sure what it was because soup could cause such a stain as well!

Since there was something to suspect, Mother Chen started to check Chen Mengyan’s jeans. There was nothing suspicious about it. She just found a wrapped tissue paper in the pocket!

She wanted to throw it away at first, but she feared that there might be some change inside. Therefore, she opened it and was stunned by just one glance.

Mother Chen put the tissue paper to her nose and sniffed. Her face turned immediately! As an experienced person, Mother Chen knew how such a thing smelled! Mother Chen picked up the windbreaker, and she slowly frowned...

Chen Mengyan was sleeping really nicely. Because she studied for a few nights, such a nap made her feel much better! When she opened her eyes, the house was already dark. She looked at the rainbow clock on her bed stand. It was already eight o’clock.

Chen Mengyan stretched and got up. She turned on the light in her room. Oh yeah, I haven’t washed my clothes. Chen Mengyan suddenly thought of her business. She immediately jumped down from her bed!

Where are the clothes? Chen Mengyan gazed at the empty floor! I still remember that I put it on the floor when I came home! How come they’re gone now?

Is it possible that mom... Chen Mengyan’s heart nearly jumped out! She couldn’t refrain from screaming in her mind, Yang Ming! This time you screwed me up! It’s over. If my mom finds out, what should I do?

Chen Mengyan pussyfooted out of her room. When she heard the washing machine’s sound from the bathroom, she calmed her anxiety a little bit.

“Yanyan, are you awake?” Mother Chen was watching TV in the living room. She heard some sounds from Chen Mengyan’s room, so she turned around and asked.

En... Mom... My windbreaker...” Chen Mengyan asked carefully.

Ohyour windbreaker. I washed it for you.” Mother Chen said briefly. She weighed the pros and cons and decided to not ask her daughter. After all, Chen Mengyan was already eighteen years old after her birthday. She should be capable of differentiating between right from wrong. Since her daughter didn’t tell her, then Mother Chen had nothing to ask as well. It was almost time for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. Mother Chen didn’t want to affect Chen Mengyan’s mood because of such a thing.

Oh...  you washed it....” Chen Mengyan was relieved since her mother didn’t show some odd expression.

“What are we eating tonight? Your dad still has a job to do today. Why don’t we eat outside?” Even though Mother Chen didn’t want to pursue this thing, she decided to use a more indirect approach and ask about her daughter’s life and see if she had a boyfriend.

“Yeah, sure.” Chen Mengyan was hungry too. She only ate some snacks in the afternoon and they didn’t fill the stomach at all especially when she helped Yang Ming with “that”. She spent a good amount of stamina for it! Aiya, it’s really embarrassing! Chen Mengyan blushed again.

Mother Chen watched her daughter curiouslyWhy was she blushing for dinner? Mother Chen shook her head and thought that maybe it was because she just woke up. 

They went to California Beef Noodle King downstairs. They ordered a bowl of noodles per person and a plate of cucumbers.

Mother Chen looked at Chen Mengyan with a smile. “Yanyan, you have grown up in just a blink. Time is really going so fast!”

“Mom, even if I’m growing, I’m still your daughter!” Chen Mengyan said charmingly.

“Yeah, true, but in a few years, you are going to marry someone and become someone’s daughter-in-law!” Mother Chen laughed.

“Mom~~! What are you talking about! How old am I? Why am I marrying someone?” However, in Chen Mengyan’s mind, the phrase “the daughter-in-law of Family Yang” appeared. She didn’t know why but she couldn’t help but blush.

Mother Chen noticed her daughter’s expression. She thought that there was some issue indeed. So she asked calmly, “You’re such a big girl already. If it was in the past century, you would have already been the mother of a few children! How about it? Do you have boyfriend?”

Ah? Boyfriend?” Chen Mengyan froze. Can Yang Ming be considered as my boyfriend? She immediately denied it, “Mom, what boyfriend? I have told you already. I’ll only consider this when I’m attending university.”

En, Mom was just simply asking.” Mother Chen thought her daughter didn’t want to tell her, so she didn’t interrogate her. She just said, “Our unit’s colleague’s son was only in Grade 10, but he already had a lover! However, I think it's fine as long as it doesn't affect one’s studies!”

Mother Chen said this intentionally to show her openness in front of her daughter!

“Mom, what's going on with you today? Do you really want me to get a boyfriend now?” Chen Mengyan was dumbfounded.

“Alright, let's not talking about it anymore. Let’s eat!” Mother Chen saw that the dishes were served, then she changed the topic. “Yanyan, was today’s movie good?”

“Movie? It was okay I guess?” Chen Mengyan didn't know whether the movie was good or not because during the first half she was helping Yang Ming with “that” and in the last half, she was playing the game.

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