So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A Passionate Moment

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a sexual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the red lines.


Chen Mengyan wasn’t an illogical person. The only reason she made such a decision was that she really cared for Yang Ming. Even though she wasn’t willing to admit it verbally, Yang Ming had already conquered all of her mind and thoughts. After all, this was entirely her fault and she thought it was reasonable for her to give a little bit more! Moreover, Chen Mengyan was very clear in her mind as well that if the two of them continued what they were doing right now, they would be a couple once they were in the university. Therefore, Chen Mengyan didn’t feel that anything was wrong with it but she just felt a little shy about it! 

“Are you done?“ Chen Mengyan nervously looked around to ensure that no one else was paying attention in their vicinity.

=========================== BEGINNING ===============================

 Yang Ming unzipped his pants and pushed it down slightly. Little Yang Ming’s head appeared. 


En, you may start...” Yang Ming nodded his head emotionally.

“Then... I will start. Ah...” Chen Mengyan was so nervous that even her voice had become shaky.

After about thirty seconds, Chen Mengyan still didn’t move. Even though she had already decided in her heart, thinking of doing it and actually doing it were two completely different things! No matter what Chen Mengyan was still a pure and innocent girl. Now that she had to use her hand to touch a man’s part there, it was still very hard for her to adapt to it. 

Yang Ming seemingly had detected Chen Mengyan’s awkwardness, so he extended his hand to hold onto her small hand. Does this count as holding hands? In this situation, Chen Mengyan couldn’t think anymore. She just felt some warmth in her hand and then she touched something cylindrical. 

Chen Mengyan’s entire body shook because she was in shock. She felt that her face had turned so bright red that it would light up the dark cinema! She was immediately frozen, and her little hand started to perspire when she touched Yang Ming’s spot. She didn’t dare hold onto it, yet she didn’t have the heart to withdraw her hand.

Yang Ming was no longer a virgin because of the time he got framed. He gave his first time to a girl named Lin Zhiyun. However, because he was semi-conscious and drunk, Yang Ming now could no longer remember what it felt like at that moment! 

Therefore, when Chen Mengyan’s hand touched that spot, he still became extremely aroused. Little Yang Ming immediately reacted and stood up. 

When Chen Mengyan felt Yang Ming's response,  she returned to her senses.  Because she was embarrassed, she asked, “Do you... have a reaction now?” 

En...” Yang Ming’s desire once again fired up in him especially in this situation where he was in the cinema. Even the thought of Chen Mengyan giving him a handjob was enough to excite him! 

“Then... is it fine already?” as Chen Mengyan asked this she was ready to withdraw her hand.

“Of course not, there should be a reason for what I found written on the internet. If we don’t continue until the end, could there be some side effects?” As Yang Ming spoke, he held Chen Mengyan’s hand and put it back to his spot there and guided her hand to go up. Then he held her hand and started moving up and down. 

After two motions of moving up and down, Yang Ming released his hand. Chen Mengyan knew that Yang Ming was asking her to follow suit and continue the previous motions. With no choice, our dear number one female character who was deficient in sex knowledge had finally fallen into the trap that Yang Ming meticulously set up. Of course, it wouldn’t be counted as meticulous if this person wasn’t Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming may even have felt too lazy to set it up! But other than Chen Mengyan, who else would feel so concerned for Yang Ming?

To treat Yang Ming’s “illness,” Chen Mengyan had no choice but to continue her robotic movements. 

En...” Yang Ming let out a comfortable sigh. He found this much more pleasurable than masturbation! 

Yang Ming's mind actually created this psychological effect! Chen Mengyan’s skill was very clumsy. She obviously, hadn’t mastered the tempo. However, Yang Ming still found much pleasure because the person who helped him was Chen Mengyan! 

For a man, the psychological excitement was significantly greater than the physical stimulation! Many men still went to find prostitutes even though they already had beautiful wives. 

For example, once you turned off the light, the feeling would all be the same. Why would so many people still go to nightclubs or bath centers? It was because of the psychological excitement! Different individuals bring about a different form of excitement and that leads to a different feeling overall.

Right now, Yang Ming was feeling like this. If the person who was doing the handjob for him wasn’t Chen Mengyan but some fat girl, Yang Ming probably wouldn’t have any form of pleasure! 

En... softer...” Yang Ming whispered to guide Chen Mengyan on her hand technique.

Chen Mengyan didn’t say anything, but her hand obligingly became softer. 

“Softer, but not slower. A bit faster...” Yang Ming closed his eyes as he indulged in the sensation. 

… Chen Mengyan complained in her heart, Why were there still so many instructions? However, she still followed Yang Ming’s intention.

“Faster... continue...

“Just like this...” Yang Ming had fully entered into the state.

At this moment, Yang Ming’s hand couldn’t help but move toward Chen Mengyan’s breast. Chen Mengyan was already very nervous, but when Yang Ming touched her breast, her entire body was shocked as if electricity ran through her. “Yang Ming... What are you doing?”

However, Yang Ming was as if he didn’t even hear a single word from Chen Mengyan. He only cared about himself as he said, “Mengyan, faster...”

Chen Mengyan was feeling very nervous, and she wanted to take away Yang Ming’s hand from her breast. But she also knew that this was Yang Ming’s natural response... Yang Ming had once again shaken Chen Mengyan’s borderline. In the end, God seemed to lean toward Yang Ming today.

Chen Mengyan let out a helpless sigh and said to herself, It’s alright. Let’s satisfy him just this once.

However, his hand began to fondle her breasts. Chen Mengyan clenched her teeth and quietly endured it. 

“Mengyan... faster... “ Yang Ming said as he panted. 

Do you think I am a robot? Chen Mengyan was irritated. Her wrist was almost numb but she still did her best to accommodate Yang Ming. 

“Mengyan... I love you...” Yang Ming held on tightly to Chen Mengyan’s breast as he said, “Please say you love me...”

“I... I love you...” Chen Mengyan noticed that Yang Ming looked rather “passionate.” She didn’t dare to question. She only obliged Yang Ming’s request and said, “I love you.” However, after those words, Chen Mengyan didn’t feel that she said anything against her conscience. She was just a bit shy about it. 

What followed later was a low groan, and Yang Ming finished the last ejaculation. 

Chen Mengyan didn’t know what happened to Yang Ming, but something sticky covered her hand. Chen Mengyan knew then that it probably finished. 

“Finished?” Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming’s lewd and satisfied face as she frowned.

En...” Yang Ming nodded his head as he said softly.

“If you’re done, then take your hand away!” Chen Mengyan said impatiently.

Ah? Oh...” Yang Ming pretended not to have realized it. He unwillingly withdrew his hand from Chen Mengyan’s breast.

============================== END ===================================

“Open up my bag and take out a tissue for me! My hand is all dirty. Why can’t you see it?” Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming.

Yang Ming smiled as he took Chen Mengyan’s bag. In there, he found a packet of tissue, opened it and passed a tissue to Chen Mengyan.

Chen Mengyan used her other hand to take the tissue and carefully cleaned up her hand. When she saw that Yang Ming hadn’t moved and was still sitting there, Chen Mengyan asked, “Don’t you want to clean up?”

“Can you help me...” Yang Ming asked shamelessly. 

Chen Mengyan quieted down for a moment, then she said, “Yang Ming, don’t you reach for a yard after taking an inch [1]. Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking!”

Chen Mengyan wasn’t an idiot. At the start, she was inclined to help Yang Ming “fix his illness.” But afterward, when she saw Yang Ming’s relaxed expression and that he seemed to enjoy the whole process, she started to have doubts. Was Yang Ming purposely making her help him…? She thought about Yang Ming’s earlier attitude which didn’t show much concern over his own “disease.” It could be that he already had no problem with it, and all of this was just his evil plan.

Therefore, when Chen Mengyan wanted to stop later, she saw how comfortable Yang Ming looked and she changed her mind. She decided not to expose his lie and gave him a bit of face! She considered it as a reward to Yang Ming for his improvement in his exam result! 

However, when this Yang Ming wanted to reach for a yard after taking an inch [1], she definitely did not bother with him. So she gave a subtle hint that she already knew what he was up to, and everything should stop where it was suitable. 

After Yang Ming heard Chen Mengyan’s words, his heart shook a bit. Did she already notice?

When he saw that Chen Mengyan’s expression didn’t look too irritated, he was able to put his heart at rest and prepared a tissue to clean himself up. 

“Faster; don’t stain my jacket...” Chen Mengyan didn’t dare to simply throw the tissue onto the chair. So she wrapped it properly, put it in her pocket and prepared to throw it away when she walked out. 

“You stained my jacket!” Chen Mengyan was a bit annoyed, but could not do much. She folded up her jacket and put it in her bag.

Luckily, from the beginning until the end, no one noticed their naughty behavior. Zhang Bing was still playing the Legend of Zelda; Li Changyuan was still sleeping.

“Mengyan, do you think we are...” Yang Ming thought. Did this establish their relationship? Then in future could he play similar games with Chen Mengyan? Even if he couldn’t do the real act, this was also pretty enjoyable. 

“We are what? Yang Ming, let me tell you. We will only do this once. Never again!” Chen Mengyan said, “Today was an exception!” 

Chapter Notes:

[1] A Chinese idiom which means insatiable. Normally used when the giver felt that the receiver was asking for too much. 

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