So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Dreams Come True

“Alright, I understand.” Chen Mengyan said coldly.

Zhang Bing noticed that Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were talking closely to each other’s ears. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Ha! What lovers’ prattle are the both of you whispering about? Did you speak so softly to prevent Li Changyuan and me from hearing it?”

“It’s nothing much.” Yang Ming shook his head.

En? Zhang Bing found it strange. What happened to Yang Ming? However, he didn’t leave it in his heart.

Later, Yang Ming’s mood went down a little. He silently sat there for a while and kept quiet. Chen Mengyan knew her words were slightly heavy. Yang Ming wouldn’t have any other thoughts, right? Chen Mengyan was worried that Yang Ming would be disturbed in his studies because of that and she became uneasy.

Undoubtedly, it was just as Zhang Bing expected. The movie in the cinema was an old movie titled <Skateboard Dream Team>[1]. It was an inspirational movie for youths but Yang Ming had watched it on television before.

They were in Grade 12 and the National Higher Education Entrance Examination was readily approaching. A movie like this seemed to suit their situation but it was a bit old.

Not long after, Zhang Bing took out his portable game console and started playing. In a short time, he was completely engrossed in it. He didn’t even notice the potato chips that Yang Ming handed to him.

Li Changyuan watched the movie for a while, found that it was extremely boring and then she fell into a deep sleep. Grade 12 was one of the most bitter moments in life. Many students didn’t get enough sleep, therefore, the cinema was filled with drowsiness. With careful observation, there weren’t many people seriously watching the movie.

In the row where Yang Ming was seated, only Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were preoccupied with their own thoughts. Even though they were looking at the movie screen, it was hard to tell whether they were actually watching the movieespecially Yang Ming who was a little absent-minded.

“Yang Ming, your... part didn’t have any big issues, right?” Chen Mengyan broke the silence first when she initiated a topic. She had hurt Yang Ming’s part and that was important enough for her to be concerned a little.

Oh?” Yang Ming was surprised then he sighed. “Ai!”

“What’s the matter?” Chen Mengyan tensed a little based on Yang Ming’s expression.

“I don’t think I can be capable anymore in the future!” Yang Ming spoke with a bitter face. He thought about it the whole night and figured out a dirty idea to implement during the movie! Hence, Yang Ming was waiting for Chen Mengyan to say this!

Ah? What’s the matter, Yang Ming? How do you feel about that part?” Chen Mengyan couldn’t fully understand what she was told. What she could be sure of was that the issue seemed serious!

Yesterday, Chen Mengyan went specifically to search for <Female Self-defense Technique> and read about the consequences if the man was hit there. The book claimed that if it was severe, it would lead to challenges in the male reproductive capability, for example, sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and even infertility! Chen Mengyan was shocked after reading it and she regretted what she did!

Ai!” Yang Ming pretended it was agonizing but he was delighted deep in his heart. It seemed like Chen Mengyan almost took the bait!

“Yang Ming, don’t scare me like this!” Chen Mengyan was stirred up as she raised her volume. She was astounded and quickly covered her mouth! After checking her surroundings, she was relieved. Aside from Zhang Bing who was focused on his NDSL portable gaming console, the others were sleeping.

Chen Mengyan’s voice dragged Yang Ming from his fantasy and back to reality. He suddenly recalled that Chen Mengyan just mentioned that “things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme” [2]. The burning desires which dwelled within him were extinguished.

“Forget about it… It’s nothing...” Yang Ming shook his head.

Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming wanted to tell her something. She was more certain that Yang Ming faced some issue and he must be hiding it from her! Chen Mengyan couldn't be at ease and pursued further. “Yang Ming, spit it out!”

“There's nothing to be worried about!” Yang Ming shook his head. He thought to himself secretly, Mengyan, stop seducing me anymore. I just put out the fire!

“No, there must be something not right! You wouldn’t be able to bluff it off!” Chen Mengyan said anxiously, “Yang Ming, we are close to each other. Are there still things that can be kept secret?”

We are close to each other! That is so romantic! Yang Ming was moved by her words.

You forced me to do it Mengyan, don’t blame me in the future when you know the truth! Yang Ming gritted his teeth and acted in desolation. “After I went home last night, it wasn’t so painful. But... I found another problem...”

“What problem?” Chen Mengyan quickly asked further.

“Later, I decided to watch porn for a while.” Yang Ming was afraid that Chen Mengyan didn’t understand what he meant so he added, “Uhm, that kind of movie! But, my bottom part had no reaction at all...”

Ah? Chen Mengyan was not a kid anymore. She naturally understood what Yang Ming meant when he said he had no reaction! Could it be possible that the truth was just what the book, “Female Self-defense Technique”, proclaimed - sexual impotence?

Ah? Is it real?” Chen Mengyan’s voiced had changed. “There’s not even any little... reaction?”


En, it didn’t turn slightly hard in any manner...” Yang Ming nodded.

“What should we do?” Chen Mengyan’s voice carried a sobbing tone. “How about I accompany you to the hospital?”

Ai, there’s no use...” Yang Ming shook his head. “Only if... never mind, forget about it.”

“Only if what?” Chen Mengyan was impatient. “Yang Ming, please tell me. Only if what can be done?”

“Nothing, I am just simply saying it.” Yang Ming acted as though he wanted to speak but he stopped.

“Yang Ming, spit it out. If you don’t, I will be mad!” Chen Mengyan pretended to be angry.

“In fact, according to what I read on the internet, the best method to... heal the manhood...” Yang Ming paused a little as he spoke.

“What? Please tell me faster. Aiya, you are making me anxious!” Chen Mengyan frowned as she asked.

“That is... let the girl he likes to...” Yang Ming spoke in Chen Mengyan’s ear softly.

“That... does it work?” Chen Mengyan blushed as she heard it. She couldn’t help but ask in doubt.

En, that was written on the internet... but let’s forget about it... this isn’t fair to you...” Yang Ming acted justly.

“What’s unfair? It is to heal you. There’s no room to think about fairness!” Chen Mengyan wanted to do something for Yang Ming the moment she recalled she was at fault in causing this condition on Yang Ming.

“You're not my girlfriend yet... If you do so, it may affect you badly. How can you go through your life normally if news of this gets spread?” Yang Ming continued, “How about this? When you are my girlfriend in the future, we can try again.”

“But… won’t that delay your ‘treatment?” Chen Mengyan asked in a worried tone.

Ai, it seemed like Chen Mengyan is a person with strong principles. Initially, Yang Ming wanted to spur on Chen Mengyan with his words and conquer her later so that she would first agree to become his girlfriend. However, he didn’t expect Chen Mengyan to not agree with it.

“It shouldn’t be... This kind of sickness isn’t any sort of cancer. It should be alright to delay it a while, right?” Yang Ming said that intentionally. The hidden message was: it might become more serious if delayed!

Chen Mengyan, of course, understood the message between the lines. She gritted her teeth and said, “This will only be known between the two of us. If we don’t talk about it, how will the others know? No matter what, I have decided. We must try it once!”

“Really?” Yang Ming didn’t expect Chen Mengyan to answer to his request. Is this happiness coming too fast, or a canal is formed when the water comes[3]?

Em...” Chen Mengyan said with a blush, “I have never done it before. I don’t know how. You‘ll need to help me...”

“I see...” Yang Ming looked around in his surroundings. Zhang Bing, this fellow, was wearing earphones while playing《The Legend of Zelda》. At the moment, he was holding his stylus and fighting a boss. As for Li Changyuan beside him, she was dead asleep.

“Wait!” Chen Mengyan noticed that Yang Ming was going to unzip his pants and she immediately halted him.

“That... Let’s forget about it...” Yang Ming heard what Chen Mengyan said and he thought she regretted it. Yang Ming condemned himself for it as well. Am I crossing the boundary too much by doing this? Even though my relationship with Chen Mengyan will be settled down just by that, will Chen Mengyan condemn me especially if she finds out about the truth in the future? If Chen Mengyan has a sense of disgust because of this incident, my crime will be despicable!

“Not like that!” Chen Mengyan shook her head. As she spoke, she opened her bag and took out her windbreaker and passed it to Yang Ming. “Put it on top of us. Don’t let the others notice!”

Oh, that’s the reason! Yang Ming let out a sigh of relief. It seemed Chen Mengyan really thought it through! Yang Ming took the jacket and spread it on top of his and Chen Mengyan’s bodies. 

Chen Mengyan tucked in the corner of the jacket, eliminating any potential gaps and said to Yang Ming, “Alright, we’ll close our eyes later and pretend to be sleeping and speak in as low a volume as you can!”

As she spoke, Chen Mengyan leaned her body against Yang Ming and he also leaned his body toward her. With that, they appeared as a couple who was snuggling with each other and the jacket acted like a blanket to warm themselves.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Skateboard Dream Team -滑板梦之队

[2] A Chinese idiom on keeping things in moderation or it could have repercussion: 

[3] 水到渠成 - shuǐ dào qú chéng - When water flows, a channel is formed.; A canal is formed when water comes -- something achieved without effort.; What happens is without extra effort; When conditions are ripe, success will come.

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