So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Stay Away From My Wife

Jin Gang wanted to pretend he didn’t see Yang Ming and walked over by the side. He never expected Yang Ming to speak first. “Teacher Jin? Why are you so early?”

En en, morning!” Jin Gang spoke perfunctorily. He didn’t want to speak much with Yang Ming.

Yang Ming spoke sarcastically. “Going to kiss a** again?”

“F***...” Jin Gang tried hard to control his anger. He wanted to beat Yang Ming up but didn’t dare to do so. Let’s not even mention the fact that he couldn’t fight against Yang Ming. Even if he won, if Yang Ming reported him to the headmaster, he would suffer a lot!  

Oh, don’t forget about my bicycle. I’m walking to school these days. After you buy it, just send the key to my class. You’re welcome!” Yang Ming said while laughing. 

Jin Gang was too angry that his face turned green. Good, you’re really good. You can only be arrogant for few more days. In a few days, when you are hospitalized, then you can’t show off anymore!

Yang Ming came to class and saw Chen Mengyan there already, then he smiled at her slightly. Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming too. She blushed and then lowered her head and continued reading her book.

“Zhang Bing, what are you investigating?” Yang Ming tapped on Zhang Bing’s shoulder, and that gave Zhang Bing a shock.

Oh, Yang Ming, you really shocked me. I thought class monitor Li was here!” Zhang Bing noticed it was Yang Ming, then he raised the object in his hand and said, “I’ve brought the game console, NDSL!”

“What did you bring this for?” Yang Ming asked curiously.

Zhang Bing said, “We’re watching movie this afternoon, right? It won’t be interesting, so I’ve brought a game console. Come sit with me and play together. What do you think?” 

“Just watch the movie. Why do you have to play a game?” Yang Ming couldn’t understand why.


Hai! A movie organized by the school, how good can it be? It must be some old film that we’ve seen before!” Zhang Bing said while showing a scornful face.

“It could be a blockbuster. You can’t be so sure about this!” Yang Ming shook his head. He too couldn’t believe that the free movie from the school would be great.

“Even if it was a blockbuster, I wouldn’t watch it either. I have seen the latest blockbusters online recently. Oh yeah, if you can buy an NDSL too, then we can play cooperative games together.”

“I’ll pass. I’m not interested in gaming.” Yang Ming said.

In the afternoon, all of Grade 12’s students marched toward the Workers’ Cultural Palace. There were no buses, so they had to walk. However, it wasn’t very far from Song Jiang No. 4 High School.

On their way to the Cultural Palace, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan didn’t walk together so that others wouldn’t notice something between them. Chen Mengyan stayed with her best female friend and Yang Ming stayed with Zhang Bing.

Yang Ming only looked for Chen Mengyan after they went into the cinema.

Zhang Bing pointed at two empty seats and said, “Yang Ming, let’s sit here. It’s close to the door so it will be convenient when we leave!” 

“I’m not sitting here. I’m looking for a person!” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Looking for a person?” Zhang Bing froze then he suddenly showed an ambiguous smile.

At this time, Chen Mengyan too was searching for Yang Ming among the crowd of people.

“Mengyan. What are you looking for?” Chen Mengyan’s best friend, Li Changyuan, asked.

“I’m looking for someone.” Chen Mengyan answered.

“Looking for someoneOh...hehe, I know!” Li Changyuan showed an ambiguous expression too. 

At this moment, Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan, and Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming as well. They waved and smiled at each other. Everything happened without a word.

Yang Ming squeezed toward Chen Mengyan, then Chen Mengyan picked a location with four open seats and sat down.

When Chen Mengyan sat down, a student from another class sat beside her. The person, named Liu Tao, belonged to the group of “ruthless people” in the school. He was involved in beating and gang fights. He was a character who had slightly more say in the school.

No matter if it was a good school or bad school, there will be some ruthless students. They were just like a boss in school. These students usually didn’t think of attending a university and got a certificate. They usually didn’t go to classes and grouped together to smoke and fight. If there were some conflicts between classes, looking for their help would be most effective! Both sides would respect each other.

Liu Tao was such a character! He was interested in Chen Mengyan too but he didn’t have much opportunity to interact with her. It wasn’t easy to get such a good opportunity so Liu Tao naturally couldn’t give it up. 

“This seat is occupied!” Chen Mengyan frowned.

“Occupied? Ask him to f*** off!” Liu Tao said carelessly.

Before Chen Mengyan could react, a hand grabbed Liu Tao’s neck collar and pulled him up.

“F***!” Just when Liu Tao wanted to go on a rampage, he turned around and saw Yang Ming. Then his face changed color. “Brother Yang, do you have any business with me?”

“You asked me to f*** off. You tell me if this is my business or not?” Yang Ming scolded in his mind. Such a stupid pig and you wanted to approach Chen Mengyan? In your dreams!

Oh. This seat was for Brother Yang. I didn’t know. I’m leaving now...” Liu Tao said immediately. If he was a ruthless person, then Yang Ming would be the king of ruthless people! It was just that in his later period during senior high school he slowed down, so the leader of ruthless people was replaced by Li Dagang! But Li Dagang was under Yang Ming as well!

Liu Tao couldn’t mess with any of them!

“Don’t ever harass my wife again or else there will be consequences!” Yang Ming gave Liu Tao a stare and said fiercely.

Wife? Chen Mengyan blushed when she heard that. She never expected Yang Mind to say so! However, Chen Mengyan was a smart girl; she knew she couldn’t refute him! If she refuted him now, Yang Ming would lose all his face! Therefore, Chen Mengyan kept quiet!

When she kept silent, Zhang Bing and Li Changyuan looked at each other. These two must have an amorous relationship!

Once Liu Tao heard it, he knew that she was taken, and that person was Yang Ming! He immediately abandoned the idea to compete. He left resentfully and searched for his next target. However, he spent too much time here and most students were already settled down!

“Yang Ming, what nonsense are you talking about!” Chen Mengyan complained discontentedly after Liu Tao left. 

“If I didn’t say that, he will keep on troubling you!” Yang Ming explained.

“You can’t just say that irresponsibly! If he tells someone else, what would I do?” Chen Mengyan was worried.

“How dare he!” Yang Ming said disdainfully.

Zhang Bing and Li Changyuan looked at each other ambiguously. You two have gotten along together. Why are you still afraid of other people’s words?

“What are you looking at?” Chen Mengyan couldn’t handle such an obscene sight.

“Nothing, I’m just curious. You two did a great job in keeping it a secret!” Li Changyuan spoke as she looked at Yang Ming.

“Yeah, Yang Ming. You’re so bad to keep a secret from your buddy.” Zhang Bing peeked at Chen Mengyan.

“We aren’t...” Chen Mengyan wanted to explain but Yang Ming said, “Mengyan hasn’t agreed with me yet!” 

Chen Mengyan started sweating. Your explanation could be a dead-end for us! It’s alright. It’s almost the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, so I don’t have to worry about what others are saying! Cheng Mengyan made a decision in her mind.

Oh! I understand!” Zhang Bing and Li Changyuan nodded at the same time and showed an expression of sudden enlightenment! They thought that the both of them were in a relationship. Maybe Chen Mengyan didn’t admit to it because of her pride!


“Eat, eat!” Chen Mengyan couldn’t stand the two of them. She took out the snacks that she bought yesterday.

“What did you bring? Such a big package?” Yang Ming curiously took Chen Mengyan’s big bag. “Did you bring your sanitary pads too?”

En?” Zhang Bing’s and Li Changyuan’s sensitive ears simultaneously heard it! As expected, they have other secrets too! Is it possible that they live together? If not, why would they buy sanitary pads together?

Chen Mengyan was helpless as she stared at Yang Ming. She said lightly, “Yang Ming, you did it intentionally, right? You were afraid that others didn’t know about our relationship, right?”  

Hehe, I’m sorry. It was a slip of the tongue...” Yang Ming smiled.

“Slip of the tongue? I’m telling you, Yang Ming, do you know that things will go in a different direction if you push too far? If you want me to hate you, then so be it!” Chen Mengyan said angrily.

Although she had a good feeling with Yang Ming, Chen Mengyan was still a person with strong principles. If he didn’t attend university, she wouldn’t further their relationship. Even if they were close to each other, he must wait until after the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.

Yang Ming was dumbfounded after Chen Mengyan said that. Indeed, he was really getting carried away! He naturally considered Chen Mengyan as his girlfriend! Especially after last evening’s incidents at the bus and supermarket, their relationship was much closer. The distance between them was just on the surface so today Yang Ming became more unscrupulous!

However, Chen Mengyan’s words had wakened Yang Ming. Yeah, Chen Mengyan mentioned earlier, she would only consider a romantic relationship after I go to university. Guess I’m a little bit impatient!

As he thought about this, Yang Ming was dismayed and said, “Sorry, Mengyan. I didn’t really mean it... I just couldn’t help myself...”

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