So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 91

Chapter 91: What Do You Want to Buy?

The next station would be the supermarket they wanted to visit. Yang Ming wasn’t able to continue his act, so he had to raise his head and squeeze toward the door. Once they got off the bus, Chen Mengyan asked with concern, “Yang Ming, how are you feeling now?”

Er... It’s still pretty painful!” Yang Ming frowned and said, “I think I may really want to give up jerking off in the future!” 

Ai ya, Yang Ming, at this time you are still joking with me!” Chen Mengyan said nervously, “Let’s not go to the supermarket and visit the hospital now!” 

“There’s no need. Let’s just wait for a while first.” Yang Ming shook his head and said, “Go and purchase your items quick. I am fine. I should be fine after tomorrow.” 

“Really fine?” Chen Mengyan still felt a bit worried.

En, let’s see after a while. If it’s not good then we will go to the hospital!” Yang Ming said to dismiss her. 

Oh, alright then. We can walk slower. Is it inconvenient for you?” Chen Mengyan used her peripheral vision to glance at Yang Ming’s private part, then her face turned red.

En en, it’s okay...” Yang Ming actually didn’t feel anything now, but he just walked slower so that he could spend more time with Chen Mengyan as they cultivated their relationship.

Song Jiang Xinmate Supermarket is a popular brand in the country with good prices and decent quality! Yang Ming felt a bit resistant toward the supermarket that was built with overseas investments. To grow the country’s economy, it was necessary to support the country’s own businesses! 

Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan both were pushing the same cart as if they were a family of two who were here to purchase items. Yang Ming was handsome and sculpted; Chen Mengyan was beautiful and elegant. Both of them attracted a few glances from people. 

Yang Ming was simple; all he did was get two packets of melon seeds. Chen Mengyan was a girl and had more interest in snacks. She bought a cart full of tamarind plum [1]. When she was in front of the potato chips, she wanted to take some but she was afraid that they would make her fat. So she hesitated for a while. Yang Ming helped her by taking a bag and putting it into the cart.

“This type of thing has a lot of calories. You can easily get fat by eating it!” Chen Mengyan still hesitated. 

“What fat? You are very skinny already. Moreover, if you only eat one bag once in a while, it will be fine!” Yang Ming said.

Oh!” Chen Mengyan nodded her head obediently. Chen Mengyan didn’t have much time to shop at the supermarket because she was in Grade 12 already. Now that she was here today, of course, she felt like buying more items. 

When she arrived at the kiosk that sold tissue, Chen Mengyan suddenly remembered how she was almost out of sanitary pads and she wanted to by a pack or two. However, because Yang Ming was beside her, she felt too shy to do that.

“Yang Ming, please help me grab a bottle of water. I am a bit thirsty...” Chen Mengyan didn’t usually trouble others, but what she wanted to do was separate Yang Ming from her temporarily. 

Oh, sure!” Yang Ming nodded his head and started to walk toward the beverage section. En? Oh yeah, I haven’t asked her what she wanted to drink. As he thought about this, Yang Ming turned around and walked back. “Mengyan, what do you want to drink?”

Ah?” Chen Mengyan was about to reach out to grab a pack of “An Er Le” sanitary pads. She withdrew her hand immediately when she heard Yang Ming’s words! Scared me to death! Chen Mengyan let out a sigh. “En, Master Kong Green Tea!” 

Oo, sure!” Yang Ming nodded his head after he had heard it, turned around and walked away.

Chen Mengyan only let her guard down after she was certain that Yang Ming had walked a distance away. From here to the beverage section, a walk should take two to three minutes. The timing should be suitable! 

“En, An Er Le and Jiao Shuang, which one is better?” Chen Mengyan spoke to herself. Girls usually cared more about this kind of thing as it would be closely attached to their body. They would pay extra attention in its selection. 

Yang Ming wanted to go to the beverage section, but in about two steps, he saw a refrigerated case by the side of the walkway which contained Master Kong Green Tea. Therefore, he simply opened the door and took a bottle out. It was a cold beverage! 

Therefore, Yang Ming went back to Chen Mengyan pretty quickly. When he saw how Chen Mengyan was picking sanitary pads, he understood immediately. Apparently, this girl was shy and wanted to send him away! 

Hehe, Yang Ming had an idea in his mind.

“Miss, are you shopping for sanitary pads? Do you have a large volume per month?” said Yang Ming as he purposely lowered his voice. 

En, my volume isn’t big...” Chen Mengyan felt that things weren’t right after half a sentence. Why would this supermarket get a male salesperson to sell sanitary pads! She looked up confused and immediately felt embarrassed. “Yang Ming! You are digging your own grave!”

“Volume not that big oh!” Yang Ming said purposely.

Hmph!” Chen Mengyan pouted her mouth and took two packs of “An Er Le” and two of “Jiao Shuang” and dumped them into the cart. 

“Oh yeah, why don’t you buy tampons?” Yang Ming thought about the tampons in Zhao Ying’s room. 

“Tampon?” Chen Mengyan was shocked but then gave Yang Ming a stare as she said, “You know quite a bit don’t you? However, I don’t use those kinds of things!”

“Don’t use? Why not?” Yang Ming asked curiously.

“Don’t use just means don’t use! How come there are so many whys?” Chen Mengyan said impatiently. 

“...” Yang Ming could only put his question aside and ask some other time. It seemed like Chen Mengyan was still really shy! 

As they went to check out, Yang Ming wanted to pay but he never thought that Chen Mengyan would quickly take out her wallet and hand over the cash before him. Primarily because the majority of the items were hers and there were also a few packs of sanitary pads, she didn’t feel good to have Yang Ming pay! Even though these two people had a pretty good relationship, but they haven’t yet established their relationship. Chen Mengyan didn’t want to appear impudent. 

When they walked out of the supermarket, the sky was still quite bright. The sun went down pretty late in the summer, so Yang Ming suggested that they walk back.

Between here and Chen Mengyan’s house was only a stop, so she was fine with the decision. However, she was still concerned with Yang Ming. “Your... there, is it fine now?” 

“I would need to check at home. Only then will I know for sure!” Yang Ming smiled. 

Oh...” Chen Mengyan didn’t know either so all she could do was nod her head. Therefore, the two of them walked back like a couple toward Chen Mengyan’s house with each of them holding one plastic bag.

After a while, they arrived somewhere near Chen Mengyan’s neighborhood.

“Yang Ming, let’s stop here. I will go first. If the people in the neighborhood saw us, there would be a bit of gossip...” Chen Mengyan said.

Us? What about us?” Yang Ming asked while laughing.

Ai ya! Just walking together!” As Chen Mengyan said this she took the bag from Yang Ming’s hand.

“Alright then. See you tomorrow!” Yang Ming nodded his head after hearing that. He also knew that in most neighborhoods, there would be some Big Mama kind of character who had nothing better to do other than gossip. 

“En, bye-bye.” Chen Mengyan waved her hand and walked toward the neighborhood. After Chen Mengyan had walked for a distance only then he turned around to leave. 

“Yang Ming, why are you here?” 

Yang Ming turned his head, and he saw Chen Fei, “Uncle Chen! What a coincidence that I met you here!” 

“What coincidence? I live in this neighborhood. What about you? Why are you here?” 

“I was sending a classmate back, hehe.” Yang Ming said while laughing.

“Classmate? Boy or girl?” Chen Fei asked with a poker face.

“Girl. Uncle Chen, why are you talking as if you are interrogating me?” Yang Ming asked.

“Just simply asking!” Chen Fei said, “If there’s nothing else then go back home early! Your exam is around the corner. You should spend more time studying. If you are thinking about finding a partner, then you should leave it until after enrolling into a university!” 

Oh, I understand!” Yang Ming was still a bit scared of Chen Fei.

During the evening, when Yang Ming went online, he once again met “Wild Female Teacher” who asked for a game of Landlord. Since Yang Ming had nothing much to do, he decided to accompany her for a while. 

Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan’s web name. It was grey in color. It looked like she didn’t really go online often. Chen Mengyan’s nickname was actually “Little Yan”, a rather common nickname. It seemed like she didn’t usually chat online.

After helping Wild Female Teacher to cheat over a thousand points, Yang Ming went offline. Afterward, Yang Ming just browsed the web for a while and went to sleep.

The next morning, Jin Gang came into Zhao Ying’s office. 

“Zhao Ying, let’s sit together in the afternoon when we watch the movie. I bought a few snacks!” suggested Jin Gang.

En? Watch movie? I’m not going.” All Zhao Ying felt was tired on top of tired. Because of the case with Yang Ming, Zhao Ying’s mood was a bit messy over the past few days. Every night she was using the internet to numb herself. However, in these past few days, she found a pretty good online friend who was willing to accompany her to cheat marks online which helped her to felt a bit better. Last night, however, she only got about a thousand points from that online friend and she felt that it was a bit too little, so she started playing on her own. She thought that a game or two was fine, but she didn’t think that she would have lost all thousand plus points that she gained that night. Even the two thousand points that she got earlier were lost. When Zhao Ying raised her head, she realized it was about 4 a.m. With only three hours of sleep, how could she not feel tired? 

“Why not? The other teachers were all going.” Jin Gang persisted and asked.

“I am really not feeling well. I wanted to go back and get some good sleep.” Zhao Ying said with her weary face. 

“If that’s the case, next time then...” Jin Gang also saw how Zhao Ying yawned multiple times. It didn’t seem like she was lying to him, so he didn’t insist on it.

Jin Gang walked out of Zhao Ying’s office, feeling a bit disappointed. Then, he saw how Yang Ming was walking toward him. This was the person that Jin Gang didn’t want to see the most at this moment. When he saw Yang Ming, he remembered all the history of him being put to shame which made him even more frustrated! 

Chapter Notes:

[1] Melon seeds  

Preserved plums in different flavors 

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