So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 90

Chapter 90: There's No Need For It Anymore

“That?” Yang Ming laughed naughtily.

“I don’t like that!” Chen Mengyan blushed. “Why would you ask if you knew the answer?”

Hehe, are you talking about jerking off?” Yang Ming knew it was important to talk about something private in a growing relationship in order to groom the feelings between each other!  Zhang Bing told him that and Yang Ming certainly agreed with it as well.

En...” Chen Mengyan whispered softly and nodded shyly. Chen Mengyan was already eighteen years old, and she wasn’t a nerd that only knew academic stuff. Chen Mengyan roughly knew what “Jerk off” meant. She was just curious why Chen Ahfu said Yang Ming was jerking off!

“This fellow must be jerking off frequently if he thought the others were the same as him. I was just shaking my leg and he misunderstood! This fellow has a dirty mind!” Yang Ming came to this conclusion.

“...” Chen Mengyan was speechless. This explanation was erotic. But, Chen Mengyan came up with an idea to make fun of Yang Ming. “Then, do you do it?”

“Me? Uh...” Yang Ming was thick-skinned and he merely felt a little awkward before he continued, “Based on the research done by scholars, ninety percent of men gave their first time to their hand!”

“What you mean is that you do it as well?” Chen Mengyan stopped beating around the bush and teased Yang Ming. Since he always made fun of me, I will let him taste the feeling of being teased! Hmhm, don’t think that girls don’t make dirty jokes. Emancipated Serfs Sing Proudly [1].

Uh...” Yang Ming felt another episode of awkwardness. He never thought the innocent Chen Mengyan would “research” a topic like this with him!

Chen Mengyan was delighted to catch a glimpse of Yang Ming’s embarrassment. Hehe, you wouldn’t dare to make fun of me again!

En, let us put it this way. It was just occasional, merely occasional!” Yang Ming abruptly said, “But, I think I will bid this farewell in the future!”

“?” Chen Mengyan was perplexed. What did he mean by that?

Yang Ming didn’t wait for Chen Mengyan to ask and continued to speak, “Because, in the future, I have you!”

Heh?”  Chen Mengyan was confused. You have me, what do you mean? Is Yang Ming pointing out that I will be doing it for him? Ah! It seems to be what he meant. Chen Mengyan reacted strongly. Yang Ming must be saying that if I am his girlfriend, I will be... with him. She was embarrassed and irritated at the same time. “Yang Ming, go to hell! Don’t ever think about it! I will not do that... with you!”

Eh, Chen Mengyan felt like weeping. She thought that she could finally tease Yang Ming for once. She never expected that she would end up being the one taken advantage of! But, it didn’t just end like this. Yang Ming wouldn’t miss this opportunity to tease Chen Mengyan further.

“What do you mean doing that with me? What am I thinking?” Yang Ming’s face was filled with question marks and he pretended as though he actually didn’t understand what Chen Mengyan said.

En? You are still pretending!” Chen Mengyan said impatiently.

“I didn’t pretend anything. What I meant was ever since I met you, I’ve been studying hard. And, I didn’t have time to think about unhealthy stuff. Is there anything wrong with it?”

“...” Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming’s complaint. Her face was flushed as though it would explode on the spot. Could it be that he didn’t mean that? Was I dirty minded? But the moment Chen Mengyan saw the looming smirk at the corner of his mouth, she knew she was deceived!

“Yang Ming! I will not attend to you anymore! Goodbye!” Coincidentally, the bus arrived at this moment. Chen Mengyan turned around and boarded the bus.

Yang Ming laughed a little as he knew that Chen Mengyan wouldn’t be annoyed with him. Thus, he followed her on the bus.

“Do you have change?” Chen Mengyan fumbled around her pocket and the smallest change she found was a ten yuan paper note. She wasn’t being modest with Yang Ming since they were close together.

Hehe!” Yang Ming took out the two yuan he had already prepared and tossed them into the farebox.

“What are you laughing at?” Chen Mengyan replied huffily.

“Nothing. Someone said goodbye but is still talking to me!” Yang Ming chuckled.

Hmph, don’t make fun of me like this anymore! It isn’t funny!” Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming and cooled down her anger.

Since it was the time when people left from work, the bus was crowded. The bus reached another station and the already crowded bus was filled with another ten people!

“Passengers, can you move back a little bit to give more space? Or else, no one can go!” The driver yelled in the bus.

“It is too crowded. There isn't any space left!” The people aboard the bus complained, “Take the next bus. Stop squeezing in!”

“It is after school hours. Thus, it isn’t easy for everyone. Please, everyone walk inside a little bit. If I can’t close the door, I can’t start the bus!” The driver continued to shout.

Aiya, stop squeezing anymore. It is painful...” A few complaints arose but the bus that seemingly was going to explode was packed with more people again!

“Let me say that your bus has a really large space. How could you possibly be sure it could fit so many?” The last person who boarded the bus spoke to the driver with a sense of gratitude.

Hey, I am not bluffing. Based on my experience from my drives every day, there was even a situation where it was more crowded! You should be informed that it is still possible to get a few people in from the next stop!” The driver said complacently.

Oh? Where is there any empty space left?” The person scanned his surroundings.

“Empty places? That is just like cleavage. It will pop out with a few squeezes!” The bus driver smirked a little.

The passenger laughed uncontrollably after listening to what the bus driver said. A few male passengers couldn’t help but to slightly gaze at the boobs of the other female passengers.

Yang Ming was also one of them. He lowered his head and looked at Chen Mengyan in front of him. Hehe, he noticed some faint cleavage!

“What are you staring at?” Chen Mengyan noticed Yang Ming’s erotic gaze.

“I am just wondering if it needed a squeeze!” Yang Ming said subconsciously.

“Yang Ming!” Chen Mengyan was already close to falling apart. Now, her anger was lit up again by Yang Ming and she exploded! Just as Chen Mengyan raised her leg to ruthlessly stomp at Yang Ming’s leg, something unexpected happened!

There was a signal light at the front and the driver suddenly slammed the brakes. Everyone in the bus moved forward a little.  It was the same for Chen Mengyan as well. As she raised her leg, her knee ruthlessly pressed on Yang Ming’s weak spot.

Ao~~” Yang Ming open his mouth in an exaggerated manner. In fact, Yang Ming didn’t experience much pain since Chen Mengyan had little strength after all. Although it seemed unrelenting, the damage to Yang Ming was quite tiny.

However, Yang Ming with a swift mind made a decision on the spot! Chen Mengyan could only see Yang Ming crouch down with an agonized expression! It was crowded on the bus and Yang Ming was facing Chen Mengyan. Thus, as Yang Ming leaned over, his face naturally planted in front of her chest!  

The fragrance of a young girl was emitted layer by layer from Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming was excited at this moment.

It is pleasant. It would be great if I could sleep and lie down every day like this!

Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming’s reaction. She was frightened to the point where her face turned white! She knew on which part of Yang Ming’s body that her knee hit! From the time she was young, her father had taught her a few techniques for ‘female self-defense”. She knew that was a man’s weak spot. Hence, this was the most ruthless technique. If too much strength was exerted, the man would turn into a eunuch. 

“Yang Ming, are you alright...” Chen Mengyan stared at Yang Ming with a pale face. She even overlooked the fact that Yang Ming was trying to take advantage of her.

Yang Ming wouldn’t say that he was alright. He was enjoying it!

“It is so painful I could die!” Yang Ming extended his hand and rubbed his thigh. He was trying his best to express how painful it was. “Hiss~”

“Yang Ming, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. How about we go to the hospital?” Chen Mengyan wasn’t a male. She didn’t have knowledge in this aspect. As such, she was quite worried based on Yang Ming’s expression.

“Never mind, let me lean here a little bit. I may recover after a while...” Yang Ming squeezed his face onto Chen Mengyan’s chest.

Oh, alright.” Chen Mengyan replied. She didn’t consider Yang Ming’s behavior to be slightly erotic in any manner.


Thus, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were like a couple holding each other. But, people nowadays weren’t surprised by something like this! Kissing and having sex on a bus had happened before. A “hug” in Yang Ming’s context wasn’t any big deal!

In the eyes of outsiders, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were hugging each other at this moment! It was just that Yang Ming had lowered his head slightly more!

Chapter Notes:

[1] A lyric of the song which carries the meaning of a huge change. 

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