So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Conflict in Class

Yang Ming downloaded QO room. As expected, he found Wild Female Teacher at XX table.

Versus the Landlord is a game for three people, so once two people were settled in, all they had to do was wait for a fool to come. After a while, a person called “Ding Ding” sat down. Then the game began.

This time Wild Female Teacher called; Yang Ming and Ding Ding were the farmers.

Wild Female Teacher sent a message, “Send your cards’ screenshot to me.”

Yang Ming didn't care about winning or losing so he sent the screenshot right away.

Wild Female Teacher: “Play three of the ‘4’ cards.”

Yang Ming followed her will and played 4447. Wild Female Teacher coincidentally left JJJ3 and played it right away.

Ding Ding: “F***, what’s wrong with you? She left four cards, yet you still played this.”

Another person grumbled as well.

On the second round, Wild Female Teacher’s cards weren't looking good. It was Ding Ding’s turn to call, and he called three points.

Yang Ming’s cards weren't bad; he had a four of a kind. He followed the usual procedure and sent the screenshot over.

Ding Ding was really unfortunate. He played a straight flush, but it was carried over by the Wild Female Teacher. However, Ding Ding took back the lead since her cards weren't good.

Wild Female Teacher: “Boom him, and then...

Yang Ming followed her train of thought. He immediately boomed Ding Ding. Ding Ding was surprised. I have two K in my hand and you dared to boom me? Are you crazy?

Yang Ming played 445566, ~JJQQ, and won.

Ding Ding: “Oh my gosh, like that can also work. My two kings were stuck in my hand. F***!”

In the third round, Ding Ding lost again. He couldn't play anymore: “Both of you are in cahoots, right?”

Wild Female Teacher: “It's a problem with your level!”

There’s No True Love In This World: “F*** off. I will burn you up!”

Ding Ding: “Fine, I’ll leave! Retard!”

Ding Ding quit and they changed to another table to keep cheating others. Wild Female Teacher's points had increased by more than two thousand in only a short time.

There’s No True Love In This World: “Are you satisfied? It's enough already. Don't let others report us.”

Wild Female Teacher: “En, fine. I'm feeling much better now. Thanks! Next time I'll look for you again!”

There’s No True Love In This World: “... No problem.”

Yang Ming sent a “sweating” emoticon over. En, this Wild Female Teacher was quite cute. Not sure which school she is at. Her profile showed twenty-three years old but not sure if it's real. If she is as cute as Sister Ying, I can consider developing a “friendship”! Yang Ming thought lewdly.

Just when Yang Ming wanted to go offline, I’m a Superstar came online.

I’m a Superstar: “Quickly look at the entertainment channel. I have an interview later.”

En? Yang Ming stunned. Could this girl be a real superstar? Is she trying to con me? Yang Ming went to the living room while thinking this. He was going to turn on the entertainment channel. He previously heard that “I'm a Superstar” was a superstar, so he asked who she was. However, she didn't say anything and kept Yang Ming guessing, so he thought she was lying to him.

Now was his chance. Yang Ming surely wanted to confirm this but Yang Dahai was watching sports TV. Yang Ming returned to his room and sent a message to “I'm a Superstar”: My dad is watching TV. I can't make it. Just tell me who you are.

I'm a Superstar: “It's fine.”

There’s No True Love In This World: “What's wrong? Are you angry?”

I'm a Superstar: “No, busy. Okay, I should go!”

She went offline after she spoke. Yang Ming was using the rainbow version for the QO skin. He saw that “I'm a Superstar” was hidden. She was probably angry.

Yang Ming shook his head. He had incited “I'm a Superstar” many times already. So Yang Ming didn't worry much!

On Monday, the school announced that the senior classes would be going for a movie tomorrow afternoon. The purpose was to let students relax from their tense study life. This news had put Yang Ming into a  state of euphoria! He had already wanted to invite Chen Mengyan to a movie!

“Yang Ming, are you free tonight?” Chen Mengyan asked after she taught him all the practice questions.

Yeah! Of course, I'm free! What do you want to do? Are we going on a date?” Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan’s relationship was really good, so he didn't have to worry much.

Because they had a crush on each other, Chen Mengyan wasn’t irritated at all. She only rolled her eyes at Yang Ming. “Just come with me to buy some snacks tonight. It's for tomorrow afternoon!”

Girls usually like these foods, so Yang Ming happily said, “Yeah, good!”

In the afternoon, Yang Ming couldn't wait for school to end. Zhang Bing thought Yang Ming was getting epileptic because he was fidgeting around in the chair behind him.

“I say, Yang Ming, are you combating jets [1] right now?” Zhang Bing asked wickedly.

“Yeah, I'm really combating jets!” Yang Ming became even more shameless. “Ah~~~ Oh~~~!

Their conversation was unexpectedly overheard by Zhang Bing’s neighbor who was Wang Zhitao’s follower. He didn't like Yang Ming already and he wanted to trouble him so he raised his hand.

“Student Chen Afu, is there a problem?” Zhao Ying asked curiously.

“Teacher, I want to report that Yang Ming is making “guang dang guang dang” sounds on the desk behind me; I can't focus on studying!” Chen Afu said.

Oh? What is he doing?” Zhao Ying asked puzzled.

“Teacher, he said he was combating jets!” Chen Afu said smugly. Hehe. Yang Ming, you're dead!

Silence. The class was completely silent! Zhao Ying blushed immediately. Although she was a young lady, she still knew subtle words like “combating jet” especially those jokes that were seen normally on the internet.

Yang Ming was fantasizing about tomorrow’s movie with Chen Mengyan, so he didn't notice the movements of Chen Afu and the class. His expression was still lustful. One of his legs was even swinging back and forth; it caused the desk to make a “gaga” sound.

Chen Afu at first didn't believe that Yang Ming was combating jet in class. But he was 80% sure as he looked at Yang Ming’s lustful expression and then looked at Zhao Ying’s exquisite and hot body. Even Chen Afu himself was itchy about it. From that, he was certain that Yang Ming was fantasizing about Zhao Ying when he was combating jet.

Together with his fake “groan”, Chen Afu decided to trick Yang Ming and helping Wang Zhitao to vent his anger! If he really exposed Yang Ming's ugly faces, then Chen Mengyan would hate him for doing that!

Chen Afu flipped Yang Ming's desk when he saw that Zhao Ying didn’t say anything. He was afraid that he would miss his chance. He was hoping that Yang Ming holding his dic* and his lewd face would be exposed to the public. However, Yang Ming pants and belt were unexpectedly still intact. 

Ah?” Chen Afu was dumbfounded. What's going on? Isn't he combating jet? How… but his expression was the same expression when I watch porn at home!

The desk fell to the floor, “Kuang dang”, and pulled Yang Ming back from his fantasy. He was imagining how to stealthily touch Chen Mengyan's hand during tomorrow’s movie. If it was her thigh then it would be great... Suddenly he was interrupted. How could he be still happy?

He looked at the person who flipped his desk. He was still standing in front of him. Yang Ming went on a rampage. He stood up and grabbed Chen Afu’s necktie. “You really want to taste death?”

“I… I...” Chen Afu didn't know how to explain. Ai, It's because I wanted to pursue quick success and to show off in front of Wang Zhitao! I didn't know… ai!

Chen Afu’s academics weren’t good. He basically had no hope for university. So he purposely made a good connection with Wang Zhitao. After he graduated, he could find a job in Wang Zhitao's company group! Because Wang Zhitao’s father was the CEO of the Xiongfeng Group in Song Jiang, he could get a job through Wang Zhitao.

He would be a white-collar worker after graduation. Even a university student couldn't find such a good job! So Chen Afu was like a dog that bowed and scraped to Wang Zhitao. If Wang Zhitao ordered him to go east, he wouldn’t dare to go west. Let him beat the dog; he wouldn’t dare to catch the chicken [2].

He wouldn't miss such a good opportunity to promote himself. He was so eager that he did something that provoked Yang Ming.

Looking at the dispersed stationary, Yang Ming was so angry that he couldn't do anything. F***, I don't flip other people’s desk so others should thank god. Did someone literally dare to flip my desk? When he saw the book, <The Latest Trend of College Entrance Examination> that was given by Chen Mengyan, had gotten dirty, Yang Ming was so furious that he gave two slaps. Chen Afu was slapped liked a ninja turtle!

Why ninja turtle? Because ninja turtle’s gills were pumped up!

Zhao Ying regained focus. Although she was angry that Chen Afu did something unnecessary,  Yang Ming overreacted. He even beat a student in her class? Zhao Ying knew how Yang Ming could fight. She was afraid that he would kill Chen Afu!

“Yang Ming! Stop now!” Zhao Ying shouted. “And Chen Afu, why did you flip Yang Ming's desk?”

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese, combatting jet means to jerk off.

[2] The phrase carries the meaning that Chen Afu will do anything Wang Zhitao asked. It was a line from a Chinese movie that depicts absolute obedience. 

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