So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Wild Female Teacher

“I don’t have any cash.” Yang Ming poured himself a cup of tea and said calmly. 

“It’s fine even though you don’t have any cash!” The reason Zhu Biao came here was to offer a usury service to Yang Ming because he may not have any cash with him. “I specialize in giving loans. I can loan you some cash! En, how about a return of eleven for a loan of nine?” 

As Zhu Biao said this sentence, he felt that his vibe was really low. He walked in with radiating confidence, thinking of really threatening this student and letting him know that he was a ruthless person who shouldn’t be trifled with. If you didn’t want to pay back with cash, I would have forced you to take my loan! But in this situation, even Fan Jiulong lost his ground. How would he dare to put up a scene? He quickly said what Brother De told him to say, and let Yang Ming decide whether or not to take up the loan. 

“Why would I need a loan? I was fooling him on purpose the other day!” Yang Ming sneered. 

These few people were stunned and looked at each other in shock as they heard Yang Ming’s words. Wasn’t this a bit too bada**? Is he pretending to be a dumba** here or did he really have the rights to be a bada**?

Fan Jiulong’s fingers slightly twitched, but he didn’t dare take any major action. If Yang Ming was really the person who had killed Ji Shuisheng, then Fan Jiulong didn’t have the confidence to defeat this student. Even though on his side there were four people, Fan Jiulong is an expert in this aspect. Zhu Biao can be directly ignored as he lived high on the hog. With a glance at Cao Liwa, Fan Jiulong could tell that he had too much alcohol. Cao Liwa was shaking even when he walked, so him fighting was not a consideration. Regarding Jin Gang, Fan Jiulong don’t really know his strength. However, seeing how clean and neatly pressed he was, Fan Jiulong estimated that Jin Gang had not fought in about N years. He looked back at Yang Ming. Even though Yang Ming had a lazy look, he had a tough-looking body with a muscular figure from his arms to his finger joints. After one look at him, Fan Jiulong could tell that he was a person who had always been involved in fights, therefore, Fan Jiulong didn’t dare to go full-out against Yang Ming for now. 

“If there’s nothing else then I am leaving!” Yang Ming stood up and started to walk toward the door. Then he thought of something, so he turned around and pointed at Jin Gang. “Damn, this time, I did not mind so much about my bicycle because you bought me a meal. However, I’ll give you only three days to buy me another bicycle of the same type, or else you will be sent somewhere.” 

Ah?” Jin Gang’s face turned pale after he heard these words. However, he didn’t dare to do anything in the present situation. He signaled Cao Liwa to take some action through his gaze, but all Cao Liwa could do was just shake his head helplessly. 

“Let me tell you. Even though I am a ruthless person, I have a lot of patience. It’s fine if you were just using my bicycle to show off your drunbility, but if you were to bulls*** again in front of me [1], I can guarantee you that you will become my bicycle!” Once Yang Ming finished his sentence, he walked away without turning his head. 

Once Yang Ming reached the lobby, he let out a sigh. Initially, he thought that he would have to fight his way out. He never thought that these people would be afraid of him from just mentioning the name “Ji Shuisheng”! Hehe, it seems like Ji Shuisheng has become my “lucky charm”! 

Yang Ming wasn’t afraid to fight but he was afraid of an endless fight! When he was younger in junior high school, Yang Ming would often fight with the gangsters in society. However, these gangsters would usually find helpers to avenge their lost matches and that caused a lot of trouble and annoyance to Yang Ming. Like today, anything that passed over with a few words and no conflict was an ideal case. He thought that Fan Jiulong would never want to take part in matters that pertained to Jin Gang anymore. 

In the restaurant’s private room, Fan Jiulong gave the situation some thought and said, “Xiao Cao, sorry for today. I didn’t have confidence that I would be able to nail this Yang Ming down. I will explain this to Brother De myself.”

As Fan Jiulong finished his sentence, he left the private room with Zhu Biao. Fan Jiulong came here to get justice for Jin Gang, and he didn’t have any direct relationship with Yang Ming. Therefore, he thought it wasn’t worth having a conflict with Yang Ming because of Jin Gang! 

“F***!” Jin Gang smashed the table with his knuckle, “What is this? Xiao Cao, you said that this was an elder brother in the society? A few words by a small brat and he was stunned!”

“This... “ Xiao Cao didn’t really look good either. Nevertheless, he invited the person over and thoroughly embarrassed himself today. “Why don’t I go back and discuss this with Brother De?”

“Ok!” Jin Gang nodded his head. “For the twenty thousand yuan that I owe you, you gotta wait for a while. Let me think of something!”

“Alright, no hurry...” Yesterday, Jin Gang had already returned thirty thousand yuan, so now there was twenty thousand yuan remaining. Initially, he thought he would be able to get the money from Yang Ming, but now they had this kind of outcome! Xiao Cao didn’t want to rush Jin Gang, so all that he could do was nod his head.

Jin Gang’s frustration was about to hit its peak! He never thought that he would have to pay for this meal himself! One hundred eighty yuan! That’s damn expensive! If he knew that, he wouldn’t have ordered the high-quality Longjing tea! 

It seemed like Xiao Cao wouldn’t be able to lend me a hand but I won’t stop here! I must find a way to teach Yang Ming a lesson! Jin Gang thought about it with hatred. He was fooled by a student. If this story got spread around, where would his face be! As he thought about this, a trace of a cold smile surfaced on Jin Gang’s face. Aren’t you going to take your National Higher Education Entrance Examination? Hehe, let me destroy your future.

Yang Ming gave out a loud burp as he walked on the road. This curry rice was really delicious. It would be nice if Jin Gang could find me for a meal every day!

The next few days were relatively quiet and peaceful. Jin Gang had stopped messing around with Yang Ming and neither was there any news from Fan Jiulong. Yang Ming’s was still in a “cold war” with Zhao Ying, but his relationship with Chen Mengyan was progressing at a tremendous pace. 

On the weekend, Yang Ming had nothing better to do. He went to the computer and booted up his QQ chat. As he took out the paper strip with Chen Mengyan’s QQ ID, he added this QQ as his friend. 

“Add me!” Yang Ming sent a message.

In a while, Yang Ming received his confirmation. The other party had approved his friend request. 

Ga? Looking at Chen Mengyan’s web name, his contact lenses almost fell out! Of course, that was assuming that his contact lenses were still able to come off! [2]

“Wild Female Teacher”? Isn’t this name a bit too much? He looked at the message from the other party, Chen Mengyan was playing “QQ Landlord in XX channel XX room”. Damn, I thought that all good students wouldn’t play computer games. Yang Ming had an evil thought, Let’s threaten her! 

There's No True Love in this World: “Good students don’t play computer games!” 

A long time passed before Chen Mengyan replied.

Wild Female Teacher: “Excuse me! Can’t you read my web name? I am a teacher please!” 

Yang Ming felt entertained. Chen Mengyan knew how to lie too! You are a teacher? Hehe...

There's No True Love in this World: “Oh really? Then which school are you from? What do you teach?”

Wild Female Teacher: “Why would I want to tell you? Who are you?” 

There's No True Love in this World: “I am your pursuer!” 

Yang Ming cracked a joke. He wanted to test if he was in Chen Mengyan’s heart. 

"... Teacher has an endless number of pursuers. Which one are you? "

En? This manner of speaking. Is it really Chen Mengyan? Yang Ming was baffled. Could a person behave so differently when she was on the internet vs. reality? 

Feeling confused, Yang Ming looked at the QQ number of “Wild Female Teacher”. Damn! I was too excited before that I keyed in an extra ‘2’. Chen Mengyan’s QQ was xxxxxx2. Yang Ming entered xxxxxx22. It was obviously a case where he added the wrong person and recognized the wrong person.

There's No True Love in this World: Sorry, I added the wrong person. Her number was just a digit away from your number. 

Wild Female Teacher: Oh, no wonder your words were so strange. I thought you were that annoying colleague.

There's No True Love in this World: Your pursuer?

Yang Ming thought that this Wild Female Teacher should also be a pretty girl. Since it was by fate and mistake that he was able to know her, this could actually be a destiny that had been arranged for him. Therefore, Yang Ming didn’t remove the number right away. Since he had nothing much to do anyway and Zhang Bing and I'm a Superstar weren’t around, Yang Ming started to chat with this Wild Female Teacher casually.

Wild Female Teacher: Hehe, you can say so. The person you wanted to add earlier was your girlfriend? 

There's No True Love in this World: “You could say too. Hehe. Chasing after her.”

Wild Female Teacher: “Do you know how to play Landlord?”

There's No True Love in this World: “Yup, why?” 

Wild Female Teacher: “I am not in a good mood because I just broke up. Feed me some points?”

Feed was a term that is used in internet games. It referred to when a few people worked together to help one person win some points. It was commonly used in Lian Zhong [3] and QQ’s chess based games or card games.

There's No True Love in this World: Broke up? Don’t you have any other pursuers?

Wild Female Teacher: They weren’t who I liked! 

There's No True Love in this World: Oh, I knew it. The person you like doesn’t like you? 

Wild Female Teacher was silent for a while. Then she replied: I think he likes me too...

There's No True Love in this World: Alright, got it. Parents disagreed. 

Wild Female Teacher:  … My parents don’t have that type of traditional feudal thinking. Ai, it’s just that there were some reasons that we couldn’t be together. Stop asking so much! Were you going to feed me points? 

There's No True Love in this World: “I can but feeding points is pretty boring. How about we both team up together, and get points from others?

Wild Female Teacher: Ah? That’s fine too. You are quite a bad person...

There's No True Love in this World: Gimme a moment to download the client’s software. It’s a new computer so nothing much is installed inside. 

Wild Female Teacher: Ok. Once you are done, come to XX channel XX room XX table.

There's No True Love in this World: Sure, right away.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Here the author uses 装逼 zhuangbi - (In “Chinese English” it is ‘drunbility’)

[2] Contact lenses/glasses falling out is a common phrase that’s synonymous to jaw-dropping in the Chinese language

[3] Lian Zhong - game 

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