So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Perfect Name, Unique Style

If it was normal gambling, Yang Ming wouldn’t be disgusted. However, the stall owner in front of him was obviously cheating people! Those who came here to gamble didn't have good family backgrounds, so people like Wang Zhitao wouldn't bother with such things. An upscale hotel like Tavern Heaven on Earth, which had many recreation areas and gambling sessions, was the place for a wealthy man.

Take Li Dagang as an example. His parents were both workers, so he didn't have pocket-money. It looked like Li Dagang had just bet his lunch money at this stall.

While wealth is covetable for a gentleman as well, he takes it in its natural course. It’s based on your own ability if you could steal money from a wealthy man. However, if you are cheating a poor student, then it is a problem of your character! Therefore, Yang Ming didn’t have sympathy for such a person.

Yang Ming said ironically, “What’s that in your upper pocket? Is it hell money?”[1] 

Ah?” The stall owner didn’t expect that his two hundred yuan would not be concealed from Yang Ming. He took out the two hundred yuan while he jittered, and put it in Yang Ming’s hand. “How did you know?”

Yang Ming said lightly, “I guessed.” 

“What? You guessed it?” The stall owner regretted it. He was surprised that he was conned by a student! If he knew, he wouldn’t have taken it out! He could have just taken out a hundred yuan. However, he had already taken it out and he wasn’t sure if Yang Ming would be angry and beat him up!

Yang Ming simply threw the three bowls from the table and they smashed to pieces. Then he said to the stall owner, “Don’t let me see you here again. If not, it wouldn’t be so easy next time!”

“Yes, yes!” The stall owner wouldn’t dare to say no. The student in front of him was really tall and strong. He didn’t think of doing anything stupid, so he quickly nodded and left.

“F***, I never knew this guy was a liar!” Li Dagang said angrily, “I really thought I could win some pocket-money!”

“It wasn’t only four yuan was it?” Yang Ming looked at Li Dagang with a smile.

Li Dagang said sheepishly,  “Hehe, yesterday at noon I put in around twenty yuan! I was going to get it back...” 

Yang Ming took out the two hundred yuan that he took just now and gave it to Li Dagang. “Take it, next time don't obsess with these kinds of games. Gambling isn't for poor people!”

“You’re giving it to me?” Li Dagang was astonished. “Isn't this not good?”

“What good or not good? Just take it. He cheated on you, so this compensation is reasonable!” Yang Ming stuffed the other money into his pocket. The money from his Good Samaritan reward was saved in the bank. He didn't have much money these two days and it just happened that someone gave him some money. 

Hehe, thanks, Brother Yang!” Li Dagang received the money joyfully and put it into his pocket.

Yang Ming laughed while reminiscing about his junior high school days. During that period, the punks in his school were calling him Brother Yang. It's still funny when he thought about it. After he grew up, he realized that money is everything in this society!

This was Yang Ming’s first time earning money with his special ability. Although the money was disreputable, he was justified in getting it. Yang Ming felt that his abilities were quite useful. If he could apply it well, he would definitely earn some money.

When school finished in the evening, Yang Ming wanted to find Zhao Ying. However, he hesitated and walked straight to the school entrance. In today’s mathematics class, Yang Ming observed that Zhao Ying was less concerned with him. Maybe she is distancing herself from me? Yang Ming shook his head.

“Little brat, I'm talking to you. Follow me now!” A green-haired youth stood in front of Yang Ming and blocked his way. The man was Jin Gang’s friend, Xiao Cao.

“Who do you think you are?” Yang Ming looked at the guy who was clearly a punk.

Xiao Cao said, “Someone wants to see you!” 

“Wants to see me?” Yang Ming looked at the green-haired youth. I don't even know him, but he was saying that someone wants to meet me. Who could it be? But then people like Wang Zhitao wouldn’t use the same technique twice. Last time, those gangsters failed to punish me, would he still find someone else?

“Right, it's you! Come with me quickly! If not, I won't be polite!” Xiao Chao said.

Not polite? Yang Ming looked at him with disdain. Such a tiny sized body - I can even defeat him with one hand. However, Yang Ming was curious about the man behind him, so he asked, “Where is the person who wants to see me?”

Xiao Cao said, “In the tea house across the way!” 

Yang Ming looked askance at the tea house. He laughed. Yang Ming had seen the person who wanted to meet with him in one glance. Don't forget that Yang Ming’s special abilities were his telescopic and x-ray vision. Although the distance between here and the tea house was quite far, it wasn’t a problem for Yang Ming.

The person in tea house was Jin Gang. He was sitting in a private room looking around.

After Yang Ming found out, he became fearless. “Lead the way.”

En?” Xiao Cao didn't expect Yang Ming to be straightforward. He thought he had to have a dispute with Yang Ming! Looks like this little cub was afraid of me! Xiao Cao thought smugly.

Yang Ming followed Xiao Cao to the tea house and they came to Jin Gang’s room. Yang Ming knew that Jin Gang was here, yet he acted very surprised. “Teacher Jin! Why are you here?”

Jin Gang’s expression changed, but he squeezed out a smile as he thought of the arrangement made by Xiao Cao. “Yang Ming, come sit down!” Jin Gang thought, Later you will be spooked!

Yang Ming was straightforward. He sat down casually and thought, What is Jin Gang trying to do? He probably knew that he was being fooled on Friday, so he wanted to regain some face! But why didn’t he do anything?

In fact, Jin Gang really wanted to beat Yang Ming up! But what about the fifty thousand yuan? So Xiao Cao had an idea. Yang Ming needed to be scared in order to force Yang Ming to return Jin Gang’s money! But fifty thousand yuan wasn’t a small amount. Yang Ming might not give it to him from a normal beating.

If he let Yang Ming know that he and his buddy were fearsome characters that Yang Ming wouldn’t be able to handle, Yang Ming would actively return the money to him. It wasn’t too late to beat him up at that time.

After they settled down, the waiter passed the menu to Jin Gang. Today, Jin Gang was very confident that he could con Yang Ming because Xiao Cao promised him that there would be a real underworld boss coming here. Until that moment, he wasn’t afraid that Yang Ming would refuse to bend under him!

So Jin Gang was sure that Yang Ming would be paying this meal! Therefore, he didn’t hold back and ordered a pot of the gourmet Longjing tea [2]. This was a different level from the free tea that the school provided!

When the menu was passed to Yang Ming, he unexpectedly ordered a beef curry rice! [3]

Jin Gang and Xiao Cao looked at each other speechless! What is this guy doing? He thinks this is a restaurant?

Normal tea houses usually sell tea, but it had a section on the menu for fast food and curry rice was the typical fast food.

Ever since Yang Ming was released from the detention center, he feared nothing. He wouldn’t dare to touch Wang Zhitao because his family had deep pockets and many strong connections. However, with such a retard like Jin Gang, if Yang Ming didn’t set him up, who would he set up then?

From the moment Yang Ming stepped into the tea house, he knew the matter between him and Jin Gang wouldn't end well. Therefore, he ordered beef curry rice! Why? He only had enough strength to beat people after he was full!

After the curry rice was served, Yang Ming started to feast on it. Jin Gang asked with a doubt, “Yang Ming, didn’t you eat your lunch?”

En.” Yang Ming answered ambiguously. Don’t talk me. This... rice is really nice! No wonder it’s expensive. It costs twenty yuan per plate!

“Yang Ming, allow me to make some introductions. This is Cao Liwa, Brother Cao!” Jin Gang said.

“Cao Nima?” There is someone literally named Cao Nima? This name is so bada**; this is like telling others that you were born because your mother was f***ed! This Cao Nima was really a genius! Yang Ming thought [4].

“It’s Cao Liwa, not Cao Nima.” Xiao Cao was angry. He wasn’t sure if the student in front of him feared nothing or that the student was really crazy to the max. He could eat and even scold others in this situation! Although he looked liked he didn’t mean it.

Oh, Brother Cao, I knew you’re quite a bada** judging by your green hat. Ah no, it’s green hair!” Yang Ming purposely said this. 

“What do you mean?” Xiao Cao couldn’t hold himself back anymore after he heard Yang Ming’s mockery.

“It’s alright. I think Brother Cao, your name is really great and your styling is unique as well.” Yang Ming spoke and continued to feast on his curry rice.

Is he complimenting me? Xiao Cao didn’t know what to say when he looked at Yang Ming who looked as if there was nothing wrong! His words just now are quite honest! Xiao Cao subconsciously thought that Yang Ming was a person who spoke without thinking and was insensitive, so he smiled. “It’s normal; people always said my styling was quite cool!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] Hell money - fake paper money burnt as offering for the dead

[2] Longjing tea 

[3] beef curry rice 

[4] Cao Nima has the same pronunciation as f*** your mother.

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