So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Chen Mengyan's heart

It would be naturally great if Chen Mengyan didn’t hear everything. Yang Ming could bluff that he was getting Zhang Bing’s QQ ID. If Chen Mengyan heard everything, he wasn’t really lying at all. The reason was that...

“Requesting the QQ ID to watch videos [1]?” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming.

“Zhang Bing realized something was wrong. He quickly turned his head around. Before that, he gave Yang Ming a look which meant “take care”!

“How could that be possible? I just bought the computer and the camera wasn’t even installed yet!” Yang Ming said embarrassingly.

“You would be looking at others. Why would you need a camera?” Chen Mengyan was certainly not easily deceived!

“Mengyan, if I want to look at someone, that would be you. What can I see from the others?” Yang Ming was thick-skinned as he used his killing technique!

Of course, Chen Mengyan blushed from his flattery. “What a big mouth!”

“Oh ya, Mengyan, did you need something from me?” Yang Ming was in the last seat. Chen Mengyan must have needed something from him for her to come by!

“I... nothing much!” Chen Mengyan hesitated a while and shook her head.

Uhm?” Yang Ming was puzzled. He saw that Chen Mengyan looked as though she wanted to say something. He asked in a curious tone, “What’s happening? If there’s anything just say it. Whoa, who are we to each other?”

“I... actually I wanted to ask how you solved the last question of the... math paper!” Chen Mengyan didn't know how she would say this sentence.

Huh?” Yang Ming was stunnedChen Mengyan actually asked me a question? How is it possible?

In fact, Chen Mengyan didn’t know what happened to her. Ever since she found out about Yang Ming’s grade, she was happy initially but then soon after, she felt down.

The reason was that Yang Ming’s attainment as the first place in class also meant that he didn’t need to consult her anymore! With that, she lost opportunities to spend time with Yang Ming. In the blink of an eye, Chen Mengyan felt empty deep within her heart as if she had lost some part of her life.

Even though Chen Mengyan didn’t admit that she had good feelings for Yang Ming, she enjoyed the feeling when she was with Yang Ming. Consequently, these contemplations drove Chen Mengyan to look for a proper excuse and consult Yang Ming about the exam questions!

Chen Mengyan indeed couldn’t answer the question that she pointed out during her exam. But, she soon figured it out after the exam. In this instance, it was merely a pretext for her to consult Yang Ming! If Yang Ming had figured out her actual intention, it would blow up his ego over the ceiling.

“Mengyan, are you kidding?” Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan in front of his eyes. He extended his hand to her forehead. “You have a fever!”

“What are you doing? Don’t touch me!” Chen Mengyan was annoyed with Yang Ming’s attitude! It wasn’t easy for me to let go of my ego and actively approach you. Yet you did this to me. With these thoughts in mind, Chen Mengyan felt wronged and irritated. She sighed a cold humph as she turned around and returned to her seat. She swore secretly that she wouldn’t attend to Yang Ming anymore!

Yang Ming was dumbfounded by Chen Mengyan’s action. What drama is this?

“What happened? Annoyed the class belle?” Zhang Bing turned his head around and looked at Yang Ming ambiguously.

“Annoyed for what? I didn’t say anything.” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Hey, brother. I will say that you are a genius in academics! After a month of effort, you reached the first place from the bottom of the class! That I can’t argue with! But, you aren’t doing very well in picking up girls!” Zhang Bing winked his eye at Yang Ming. “How about this? I’ll analyze the situation for you.”

“You? You sure?” Yang Ming lowered his volume but his eyes stared in Chen Mengyan’s direction.

“Looking down on me? Look at how many pretty girls are in my QQ. You will know that I am not bluffing!” Zhang Bing was laughing. “From my point of view, Chen Mengyan definitely has feelings for you!”

“Really?” Yang Ming was asking with his mouth but he was overjoyed in his heart!

“Absolutely. Do you really think that she came over just to ask questions?” Zhang Bing asked in a mysterious tone.

“I am confused by this matter too!” Yang Ming nodded his head and gestured Zhang Bing to continue.

“Let’s just acknowledge that even you can’t really believe it!” Zhang Bing continued, “Even if she really can’t figure out the questions, sample answers were distributed last Friday. Do you think a study commissary would be so stupid and not understand the sample answers?”

Yes! This was the crucial part of the problem. Yang Ming thought Chen Mengyan had a fever when he thought about it just now!

Zhang Bing was complacent as he noticed Yang Ming nodded his head. “Chen Mengyan is a girl. Do you think that she is as thick-skinned as you? In order to get close to you, she needed to look for a proper excuse!”

“Oh right!” Yang Ming was enlightened by Zhang Bing’s wisdom. Just now, he found it strange that Chen Mengyan took the initiative and looked for him. Also, she was irritated when she heard Zhang Bing discuss with him the videos of beautiful girls. The evidence above indicated that Chen Mengyan definitely put him in her heart!

Yang Ming was elated with those thoughts in mind! Even though he couldn’t conclude that Chen Mengyan liked him, she should have good feelings with him fundamentally! This was enough after all. Those good feelings would gradually build up into a relationship.

After the first class ended, Yang Ming, as usual, grabbed a book in his hand and walked toward Chen Mengyan’s side. The book in his hand was the book that Chen Mengyan gave him, <The Latest Trends of the College Entrance Examination>!

“Mengyan, how do I solve this question?” Yang Ming pointed at a question regarding bio-energy.

“What do you mean? Do you need to ask me questions when you are already in first place?” Chen Mengyan said irritably. 

HeHe, this girl is actually still angry! Yang Ming laughed. “What happened, Mengyan. Are you still angry?”

“What am I angry for?” Chen Mengyan didn’t look at Yang Ming as she focused on her book.

“You are angry over the QQ videos that Zhang Bing and I looked into!” After Yang Ming finished his sentence, he observed Chen Mengyan from the corner of his eye.

“Why would I be angry over that!” Of course, Chen Mengyan couldn’t react properly and Yang Ming figured out what happened.

“What was the reason then?” Yang Ming asked further.

However, Chen Mengyan changed her words, “I said, I am not angry!”

“Alright, Mengyan, I know you are angry from the incident this morning!” Yang Ming shrugged his shoulders. “As a matter of fact, I am just lucky to get the first place! My actual level was still far from reaching yours!”

“What do you mean?” Teacher Li already said that’s your genuine grade.” Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming in an uncertain manner. She had forgotten all her displeasure at the back of her mind.

“My grade isn’t bad. However, I practiced on a set of last year’s papers. The question structures are similar to the questions this year! I attained such grade because of this! Teacher Li and the others are clear about it!” Yang Ming explained to Chen Mengyan on what was discussed in the office last Friday.

Really?” Chen Mengyan asked suspiciously. In fact, her expression had shown that she believed Yang Ming’s words.

“Aren’t you quite clear of my level? Although it increased quite a lot, getting into first place isn’t quite possible. Based on the result of the past year papers I answered, I am just among the level of sixth or seventh!” Yang Ming uttered as he contemplated it. This level was simply fabricated; it can’t be too backward neither could it be too forward.

“Oh, I see!” Chan Mengyan nodded her head. With a few thoughts, Yang Ming’s huge increment in grade was certainly unusual.

“Yup. So, I was surprised when you approached and asked me questions this morning!” Yang Ming explained.

Hehe, sorry, it was a misunderstanding!” Chen Mengyan said with embarrassment, “I thought you would not care about me since you had gotten first place.”

“How can that be possible? My ranking is the fruit of your efforts as well!” Yang Ming scratched his head while he refuted the statement.

Yang Ming’s words made Chen Mengyan feel content. Chen Mengyan couldn’t focus in class because of the incident this morning. At this moment, she was relieved.

Yang Ming knew Chen Mengyan intentionally asked the questions from him. Thus, he teased, “Mengyan, which question were you asking again? I will look into it.”

Hmph, you really thought I don’t know? I was just testing you!” Chen Mengyan certainly couldn’t admit the real reason. 

“Is it? Hehe, hehe.” After listening to Chen Mengyan’s words, Yang Ming was more confident with what Zhang Bing told him!

“What are you laughing for?” Chen Mengyan felt that Yang Ming’s laughter was quite sly. She had cold sweat on her back.

“Nothing. Oh ya, Mengyan, what is your QQ ID?” Yang Ming swiftly changed the topic as he realized that his laughter could be easily misunderstood.

“Me? I rarely go on the internet. It is xxxxxxxx.” Chen Mengyan told Yang Ming her QQ ID.

Yang Ming jotted it down. He proceeded to return to his seat. Suddenly Yang Ming felt an intense stare on his back. As he turned his head around, he didn’t catch any irregularities. Yang Ming stared at Wang Zhitao. Apparently, this fellow was chit-chatting with the person in the front seat.

Chapter Notes:

[1] There’s a Chinese word for “video” that’s frequently used to communicate “passionate video” that often involves nudity. 

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