So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 79

Chapter 79: My Profile Picture...

In the history of China and the world, there were a few legendary people with “x-ray” vision! Some of them were born with it; some of them trained themselves to have it. But there was something that stood out. All these people had a similar kind of fate! 

Furthermore, there was a guild that intentionally went to develop this skill. They named “x-ray vision” as “opening the third eye”. It was known that those who succeeded in it could see through the secrets of the world and the fates of other individuals!

Of course, these were just myths or legend in ancient history. In present society, there was almost no one with such an ability. Yang Ming was absolutely a special case. 

Yang Ming didn’t expect to find any sort of useful information online as his own encounter had been really strange. His special ability stemmed from a pair of contact lenses which now seemed to have integrated with his body! Was this upgrade supported by these modern technologies or was it actually his innate talent? Yang Ming was also uncertain about it himself. But there was one thing that he could be sure of. At the moment, these contact lenses not only supported “telescopic” vision and “x-ray” vision but they were also capable of looking into people’s minds. However, Yang Ming hadn’t quite figured out how that worked yet. Or was there a flaw in the functioning of the contacts? Or were these lenses similar to that web novel's story, where they could be continually upgraded?

Ai! Why didn’t that old man give me an instruction manual? How am I going to figure this out by myself? Yang Ming should stop thinking about things that he couldn’t figure out. There were other more important tasks for him to do!

Yang Ming took out the CD with the lip-reading lessons and inserted it into the computer. Once the CD’s software started up, Yang Ming clicked on it and entered into the lesson’s interface. 

Learning from a computer was very different from learning from a book. Yang Ming could easily find the answers to things he didn’t understand through the user interface. In about an hour, Yang Ming was able to perform basic lip-reading! Other than some jargon, Yang Ming could now understand the day-to-day conversations. 

Yang Ming thought that he had learned a lot thus far, so he wanted to find an opportunity to practice his skillset. However, there was no really such opportunity at home. He gave it some deep thought. Then, Yang Ming turned on the television and changed to a random channel. He adjusted the volume to the lowest setting and started watching while sitting on the sofa. 

This was a 70’s film, <Juniors> [1], which was about the love story of the youngsters in that era. At first, Yang Ming wasn’t quite able to follow the lip shapes of the actors but gradually, his speed caught up. He was able to understand every sentence that they said. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to “see” any of the narration in the movie.

Initially, Yang Ming just wanted to test out his ability but gradually, Yang Ming thought that this movie was pretty interesting. Without knowing it, Yang Ming got pulled into the television movie...

“Big Ming, what are you doing? Why don’t you turn up the volume when you watch television?” Mother Yang asked curiously when she came out from the bedroom and saw how Yang Ming was watching a “silent” film.

Ah?” Yang Ming was startled. He followed up immediately with, “Mom, I thought you and dad were asleep. I was worried that I would disturb you so I didn’t turn up the volume!”

“No problem, your dad is lying down reading a book. You watch your show; it won’t affect us at all!” Mother Yang said, “Eh? It’s showing <Juniors>?”

“Yeah mom, why?” Yang Ming took the remote control and increased the volume. 

“Nothing much. During those years when your dad and I were still dating, that was the first movie we watched!” Mother Yang shouted toward the bedroom, “Old Yang, come out for a movie!” 

Yang Ming smiled. He thought about Chen Mengyan. When would I be able to watch a movie together with her?

At night, Yang Ming opened his QQ chat. Yang Ming didn’t really have many things to do. It was just that he had bought a new computer; he just wanted to do whatever he thought about doing! 

“Di di di di” Messages transferred over right after Yang Ming went online. 

I'm a Superstar 15:49:05 True love, are you there?

I'm a Superstar 15:49:14  Are you away? You don’t wanna talk to me anymore? 

I'm a Superstar 15:49:31  I really had something just now. I am not lying to you! Once you are online, pm me! 

Yang Ming took a look at the time sent from the message; it was sent in the afternoon after 3 p.m. At that time, he was watching television and didn’t boot up his computer. Therefore, Yang Ming simply replied to the message.

There's No True Love in this World 20:33:44  I wasn’t online in the afternoon. What’s the matter? 

Not long after that, I'm a Superstar replied. It seemed like this brat was pretending to be offline! 

I'm a Superstar 20:35:18  True love, are you here? I waited for you for a while!

There's No True Love in this World 20:35:37  Big sister, you can’t just have me as your only friend on QQ, can you? Did you wait for a while? 

Yang Ming felt a bit helpless. This “I'm a Superstar” would talk to him every time he was online. Yang Ming was suspecting that this girl was thinking about pursuing him. 

I'm a Superstar 20:35:57  Yup! You are my only online friend. How is it, do you feel proud?

There's No True Love in this World 20:36:32  Does that mean that your QQ chat is only online for me? 

QQ chat and OO chat weren’t really that different. Yang Ming’s evil thought surfaced. [2]

I'm a Superstar 20:36:59  ... I am saying that on QQ chat, you are my only online friend. The others are friends who I know in the real world. 

Originally Yang Ming was feeling proud of himself, but it seemed like he interpreted the message in a lewd way! 

I'm a Superstar 20:37:21  Oh yea, true love. Click on my QQ and tell me if my profile picture looks bada** or not. [3]

Yang Ming looked at “I'm a Superstar”’s profile picture. It was changed to a rather non-mainstream image which no one would be able to understand what it meant. 

“Looks like!” Yang Ming sent one word. 

I'm a Superstar 20:39:02  Looks like???

I'm a Superstar didn’t really wrap her head around it.

There's No True Love in this World 20:39:32  Yup, the actual one looks like it too.

There's No True Love in this World 20:40:04  True love!!! You can go to hell!!!

Yang Ming closed his QQ chat and had a laughing fit. Every time he went online to chat, he would playfully exchange a few sentences with “I'm a Superstar”. 

In the early morning on Sunday, Chen Fei gave Yang Ming a call.

“Uncle Chen, were you looking for me?” Yang Ming yawned as he walked into the living room to pick up the phone. Yesterday, he was gaming on his laptop until midnight so he hadn’t really woken up yet.

“Yes, Yang Ming. There are two pieces of news that I would like to tell you. First is about Fang Tian, second is about you!” Chen Fei said.

“About me?” Yang Ming was stunned. “Something to do with me?”

Chapter Notes:

[1] Juniors 

[2] Here’s the description for oo chat, “Oo chat rooms are full of fun, sexy singles like you.”

[3] The whole phrase “profile picture looks bada**” can also be interpreted in a different way.

The word “profile picture”, when interpreted word by word is: Head, looks like. 

The word bada** was “bull” and “b”. In other words, if it went literally and ignored the slang, it goes with “bull’s a**”. 

So when Yang Ming said the word “looks like” - the whole sentence meaning was reinterpreted into “looks like bull’s a**”.

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