So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Brother Sister

When Yang Ming got home, his parents were watching TV in the living room. Seeing Yang Ming’s dire expression, Father Yang thought his exam results weren’t good. Therefore, Father Yang tried to comfort him immediately. “Big Ming, what’s the matter? Why are you looking so down?”

You must know that when Yang Ming finished his previous exams, his expression was neutral even if he got bad results. Now that Yang Ming had such poor expression, it really meant that he put a lot of effort into it! Because only when there was hope would there be disappointment. This really meant he really put so much effort! Therefore, Father Yang was grateful even if Yang Ming didn’t get good results.

“I’m fine.” Yang Ming shook his head. Yang Ming couldn’t discuss with his parents about Zhao Ying!

“Big Ming, is it because of the results? It’s fine if you didn’t get good results, as long as you have tried your best!” Even Mother Yang noticed something wrong with Yang Ming.

“Dad, mom, I’m really fine!” As he spoke, Yang Ming took out the school report from his bag and passed it to them. “The results are out. You can look for yourself. I’m really feeling bad; maybe I’m getting a cold. I’m going to sleep; don’t disturb me!”

After that, Yang Ming rushed back to his room. He closed the door, then he threw his bag away and laid down! Yang Ming knew that this probably was his last chance to meet with Zhao Ying alone! Starting tomorrow, their relationship wouldn’t be the same as before!

Father Yang took the report and he habitually looked for Yang Ming’s name from the bottom of the page. He was puzzled after he scanned through more than half the page, but he didn’t see Yang Ming’s name. “Did his name just slip out?”

“Let me see!” Mother Yang grabbed the report. “Ah?!” Mother Yang unimaginably pointed at the report and shouted. 

“What’s wrong? Why are you shouting?” Father Yang was confused.

“Big Ming... He... first place!” Mother Yang was shocked and pointed at the report.

Father Yang asked curiously, “What first place? First from the last again? Wait, it’s not right! I just saw the last name; it wasn’t Big Ming!” 

Mother Yang stared at Father Yang and said, “What first from the last? Big Ming just got first place in his class! 9th place for Grade 12!” 

Father Yang brought his head closer. “Really? Let me see!”

“Stay away from me! Your beard is poking me!” Mother Yang was reluctant, but she still moved the report toward Father Yang.

“It’s true! The total mark is 703! Oh my gosh, is this really Big Ming?” Father Yang looked at the name in first place and asked.

“What? Now you can’t even recognize your son’s name?” Mother Yang seemed unwilling. “What’s the matter? Yang Ming’s results were good when he was in junior high!”

Father Yang asked, “But the incident happened after that. Are you saying that Big Ming has pulled himself together?”

“It’s possible. Do you still remember Big Ming and his classmate, Chen Mengyan? The fact that Yang Ming could pull himself together was probably because of her!” guessed Mother Yang. “Don’t you know about the phone call from the other day?”

Father Yang said, “En, but we shall not interfere this time. Besides, Yang Ming is a university student already after the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. At that time, we have no say in his business already!”

Mother Yang said, “Who would interfere? As for you, you should really change your temperament!”

Father Yang gave a dry laugh. “Haven’t I changed a lot already?”

Yang Ming slept that night in a daze. In the morning, he felt much better. However, Yang Ming didn’t plan to give up. There were still a lot of chances. Who knew what will happen next?

“Big Ming, it’s time to get up. Didn’t we agree that we were going to Computer City to buy a computer?” Based on Yang Ming’s report yesterday, Father Yang’s decision to buy Yang Ming a computer was a lot more firm!

Yang Dahai felt that he could work as a real man at the factory! At his age, the topic among his colleagues was mostly about children. Family Zhang’s child won a physics competition; Family Lee’s child attended university! Every time they talked about this, Yang Dahai usually didn’t interrupt their talk, because he couldn’t really mention Yang Ming’s results!

“I know, dad. I’m waking up now!” As he spoke, Yang Ming crawled out of bed and his expression was as low as yesterday’s.

“Hehe, how is your cold? Do you need medicine?” Father Yang really thought Yang Ming was sick. If not, how could he not be happy with his good results!

“It’s all right. I’m just feeling a bit cold.” Yang Ming shook his head. He quickly put on some clothes and went to the bathroom.

Today was the weekend. Yang Dahai had already prepared five thousand yuan for Yang Ming to buy a computer.

After breakfast, Yang Dahai and Yang Ming went out. Because they were carrying so much cash, they hailed a taxi.

The taxi driver raised his head and saw Yang Ming. So he said excitedly, “Eh? Brother Yang Ming, it’s really you!” 

“Brother Kun, this is such a coincidence!” Yang Ming was laughing too because the taxi driver was Sun Kun!

Father Yang asked curiously, “Big Ming, do you two know each other?”

Sun Kun introduced himself, “Hehe, this must be your father? I’m Sun Kun. That day I fetched Yang Ming and his sister. I’m getting along well with him; you can count me as a friend!”

“Sister?” Father Yang popped out his eyes and looked incredibly at Yang Ming.

Huh?” Yang Ming was surprised. He was embarrassed; he never expected Sun Kun to talk about this. “Hehe, we are just classmates.”

Oh.” Father Yang nodded. He naturally associated this with Chen Menyan, so he didn’t say anything. He remembered Mother Yang’s advice, so he didn’t dare put pressure on Yang Ming.

Sun Kun also realized that Yang Ming was just a student, so he smiled uneasily. “Where are you going?”

Yang Ming asked, “Right, Brother Kun. I’m going to buy a computer. Do you know a good place?”

“If you want to buy a computer, you should go to Buynow. The shop is just newly opened and the prices are really fair!” Sun Kun said, “They are more a brand name shop, so the quality is guaranteed. If you are buying a brand computer, you should go to Buynow. If you are assembling your own computer, you should go to Shipyard Computer City. The parts there are cheaper!”

Yang Ming praised him, “Brother Sun, you really know a lot!” 

Sun Kun smiled, “Hai! I heard it from my customers!”

“I’m buying a branded computer, so we are going to Buynow!” Yang Ming was computer illiterate. He knew nothing about hardware, so it was impossible for him to assemble the parts. It would be better if he bought a branded computer where he couldn’t be cheated and it came with a warranty as well!

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