So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Sleepless Night

“Sister Ying, why did you hit him?” Yang Ming pretended that he didn’t know anything and asked curiously. 

“I...” Zhao Ying didn’t really know how to explain it to Yang Ming unless she wanted to say that Jin Gang stalked her? She felt embarrassed to even talk about that, let alone tell Yang Ming. Therefore, she changed the subject. “Let’s not talk about this first. Oh yeah, Yang Ming, why did you invite me to such a luxurious place for a meal? Did you hit the jackpot or something? A meal here costs a few thousand yuan!” 

“Don’t we have someone paying for us already?” Yang Ming laughed deceitfully. He thought that Zhao Ying would be able to figure it out eventually, so he might as well admit it himself. Actually, even when they were ordering the dishes, Yang Ming wasn’t very confident with the situation. He was betting - betting on Zhao Ying, a pure lady who would absolutely lose her temper and take him away! This way Jin Gang, that idiot, would be left to pay the bill! 

Of course, Yang Ming had a backup plan. If he didn’t achieve the effect that he intended, he could have called Wang Zhitao! This guy always wants to buy me a meal. I shall give him this opportunity then! Yang Ming believed that a pretentious guy like Wang Zhitao wouldn’t really eat his own words. This kind of person, if you don’t use him now what are you waiting for? They would eventually go against each other. 

“Were you talking about Jin Gang?” Zhao Ying was surprised. “Oh yeah! He’s still in the tavern! Yang Ming, do you think we should go back to pay the bill? We don’t even know whether Jin Gang brought that much cash with him. We are all colleagues so it’s not so good to just leave him there, right?”

“Go back? Please, Sister Ying, I only have about two hundred yuan with me. Do you have the cash to pay the bill?” Yang Ming rolled his eyes. Zhao Ying was just kind. It had already come to this point and she still was thinking about paying Jin Gang! 

Ah? Then you said you were buying us a meal... “ Zhao Ying looked at Yang Ming with a silly expression, then she thought about the relevant words he said earlier. “This means, you never intended to pay the bill yourself?!”

“Smart!” Yang Ming nodded his head. “Sister Ying, you are just too kind and don’t know how to reject others. Jin Gang obviously didn’t have any good intentions toward you. If he was like me, such a handsome man with great character, I would be totally fine to let you marry him. However, that guy is definitely a fighter among dumba**es - an extraordinary idiot!”

“What are you saying? You are not my relative. What right do you have to marry me away?” Zhao Ying looked at Yang Ming and smiled while blushing. “Jin Gang shouldn’t be that bad. He is just a person who’s a bit impulsive.”

“Impulsive? That guy is really bad! For example, remember the last time we met those two robbers? After I thought about it in detail, I think they could be actors that Jin Gang found!” Yang Ming knew this all along but he couldn’t say it directly, therefore, he could only say that he figured it out himself. 

“You also realized that!” Zhao Ying was pretty shocked. She had already thought of this on that night! 

“Heh, take a look at it. You, yourself, already knew this person wasn’t a good character. He didn’t even have the capability yet he wanted to play some ‘hero rescuing the damsel in distress’ plot! ” Yang Ming smiled proudly after finishing his sentence. “I am the actual hero rescuing the damsel in distress! Isn’t that right, Sister Ying?”

En?” Zhao Ying’s face turned red. “Stop it!“

When a girl asks a guy to “Stop it”, it commonly has two different meanings! 

The first meaning is that the girl really hated this guy. The second meaning is that it could be flirting between couples. Even though they weren’t a couple, their relationship must be more than friends! [1] 

A key factor to differentiate the two meanings would be that in one situation, the girl’s face would appear to be pretty angry and disgusted. In the second situation, her face would be pretty reddish. 

Zhao Ying was obviously the girl in the second situation.

Yang Ming couldn’t help but feel some attraction when he saw Zhao Ying flirting with him. Yang Ming was different from those boring people like Wang Zhitao and Jin Gang. He was from the group of people who took action; he did whatever he wanted to do! 

Yang Ming’s heart rate increased as he looked at this undeniably beautiful girl. Noticing how there was no one else around them, he couldn’t stand it and he held Zhao Ying’s soft hand. He looked straight into her eyes and said, “Ying Ying, you are really beautiful...” 

Zhao Ying had already realized that Yang Ming wasn’t behaving like usual. The whole couple-like atmosphere made her heart race. Ignoring her age and identity, the man in front of her would definitely melt her heart. That sense of safety that she got from him was definitely from her heart! 

However, Zhao Ying was slightly older. Listening to how Yang Ming was saying “Ying Ying” and looking at Yang Ming’s deep expression through his eyes, she knew that things were going to go wrong! 

No matter which angle you viewed it from - the two of them, one was a teacher and the other was her student. Zhao Ying wasn’t able to accept that! She knew that the two of them shouldn’t continue this way, as it would be bad for the both of them! 

Hehe, Yang Ming, still joking with Sister Ying!” Zhao Ying suddenly laughed. “Why are you showing no respect for your elders!” 

After hearing Zhao Ying’s words, Yang Ming was slightly confused. Then he shook his head awkwardly and said, “Haha, yeah...” 

Was Zhao Ying really just thinking of their relationship as brother and sister or teacher and student? Yang Ming was disappointed. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself, Do you think this is a web novel? You want to chase after a teacher. Don’t you know your capability?

For Zhao Ying, she was able to understand Yang Ming’s disappointed expression. Yang Ming didn’t feel good, but neither did she. When Zhao Ying said the phrase “no respect for your elders”, she felt like her heart was a glass bottle that had fallen from a great height - it shattered into pieces. Did I really fall in love with the guy in front of me? Zhao Ying couldn’t believe it herself. However, she firmly remembered that shattered feeling in her heart.

With that scene just now, Zhao Ying’s and Yang Ming’s mood had turned around. They stopped a taxi. Once Yang Ming sent Zhao Ying back home, he returned home himself. 

Initially, Zhao Ying wanted to ask Yang Ming how he knew about “Hello Kitty”, but she was in no mood now. That saved Yang Ming from explaining, even though he wanted to say that he saw it at Zhao Ying’s house unintentionally last time. 

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The other meaning for 讨厌 is hate. But it is commonly used in the Chinese language to mean flirt, with the meaning that’s aligned with “don’t say that!” or “oh, stop it, you!” after girls felt shy by what was said, in a rather flirtatious manner. 

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