So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The Devious One Is You


“Zhao Ying, I will buy for you whichever one you like! To be honest, yellow is better than pink!” Jin Gang laughed as he said this. Of course, he was talking about plushies.

However, this sentence turned sour in Zhao Ying’s interpretation! The laughter became a lewd smile! Even though you have taken a peek at me, you are still mouthy!

“Pak"! Zhao Ying couldn't stand it anymore as she stood up and slapped Jin Gang. “Disgusting! Yang Ming, let’s go!”

As she finished speaking, Zhao Ying angrily pulled at Yang Ming who was full of delight and doubt toward the tavern’s exit.

The incident of a female slapping a male happened frequently in the tavern. Thus, the waiters felt it was just typical! There wasn’t anyone who stopped Zhao Ying and Yang Ming. Since Jin Gang was still sitting there, they weren’t afraid that no one would pay the bill.

On the other hand, Jin Gang didn’t know what he had done to offend Zhao Ying. He covered his face and watched Zhao Ying and Yang Ming leave him innocently. Finally, he reacted and realized that Yang Ming hadn’t paid the bill.

Damn, what was happening? Jin Gang complained deep down his heart.

He looked at the remaining dishes on the table. How much would it cost? Jin Gang subconsciously touched his wallet. This isn’t good. Originally, Yang Ming was treating me for dinner, why am I paying the bill?

With this thought in mind, Jin Gang chased toward the direction of the exit. As he reached the exit, the waitress stopped him. “Sir, you haven’t paid the bill!”

“Can’t you see that I’m chasing down the person that was supposed to pay the bill?” Jin Gang sweated heavily as he spoke.

“Chasing another person? How do I get the bill paid if you don’t return?” Of course, the waitress disagreed with Jin Gang leaving the place.

“I... am really not lying to you. The one paying the bill isn’t me but the student just now!” Jin Gang argued.

Pretentious fellow... you can really act! Aren’t you the one treating them? Who would believe that? Between the three of you, you are the mouthy one! Would a student pay the bill? You are bad at lies! I think most probably you failed in getting the girl. Then, you didn’t want to spend the money anymore, right? The waitress was silently scorning Jin Gang.

“I don’t care about your relationship with them. However, if you don’t pay the bill, we will not let you leave!” The waitress said coldly.

“But I...” Jin Gang wanted to say something but he saw a few security guards approaching him! Although he was a sports teacher, he couldn’t face off in a gang fight! Jin Gang said reluctantly, “Alright, I will pay. How much?”

Jin Gang could only handle what was in front of his eyes right now. He would find another opportunity to get the money from Yang Ming! It was just that Jin Gang couldn’t figure out why Zhao Ying was angry!

“The total is 51,721 yuan, excluding the change, it is 51,700!” said the waitress.

“51,700 is it... What? Fifty thousand?” Jin Gang was overwhelmed. “Are you kidding me? Is there a mistake?”

“No, sir. It is actually 51,700!” The waitress said it firmly.

“It is not possible. This is a dishonest tavern! How can it be so expensive?” Jin Gang said with anger, “I have looked through what I ordered just now. Lobster and abalone are indeed expensive, but it should be only one thousand. The total for all the dishes should only be three thousand! How did you calculate the bill? Do I look like an idiot who doesn’t know the price?” 

As a matter of fact, fifty thousand was considered a lot of money for Jin Gang! My salary per month is only one thousand yuan. In addition to the money from my family, I only have three thousand in my pocket! He agreed to settle the bill first because he thought he had enough money after counting it in his wallet.

“Sir, this is your bill. Take a look at it yourself. You ordered a pound of sea cucumber, three lobsters, three orders of shark fin with rice, three orders of sauced abalone, a special cold dish, an order of dry bean curd, an order of tinfoil ribs, an order of braised tofu and an order of Chuanjiao Bamboo Shoots! The total is 3,721 yuan!”

“That’s right, isn’t it just three thousand? How can it be fifty thousand? Are you bullying your customers?” Jin Gang frowned with doubt. “Be careful that I get the consumer association to file a lawsuit!”

“Sir, please don’t act emotionally. Listen to my explanation! I haven’t finished yet. Those are the dishes that you ordered. In addition, you also ordered a bottle of 1982 Raphael Wine which is forty-eight thousand yuan! As such, the total amount is 51,721 yuan. It will be 51,700 after eliminating the change of twenty-one!” The waiter tried her best to maintain her smile as she spoke to Jin Gang even though she looked down on this man.

What? A bottle of wine worth forty-eight thousand?” Jin Gang’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the bill in his hand.

“That’s right. The red wine from Raphael Manor is the masterwork of wine. Also, the 1982 Raphael Wine is the best of the best!” The waitress explained.

“A bottle of grape wine? Damn, its more expensive than drugs!’ Jin Gang scolded with a bitter expression. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier since it is expensive?”

“Sir, that you ordered on your own. I thought you knew already!” The waitress answered helplessly.

“I knew? How could I know? If you didn’t tell me, how could I know about it?” Jin Gang yelled, “What reasoning is this? You should be saying the price earlier. What you did was cheat your customer!”

“Sir, it was written on the menu. Didn’t you read through the menu already?” The waitress was quite angry deep down in her heart. This man was so disgusting. No wonder the girl slapped him before. It would be strange if someone like him could get a beautiful girl as a partner!

“This...” Jin Gang didn’t know how to argue back this time. It would be hard to win in court with such a dispute. “Wait, I will make a phone call!” Jin Gang decided to call Zhao Ying after a few thoughts. He wanted to see if it was possible to get Yang Ming to pay for the bill!

“Go ahead!” Thus, Jin Gang dialed Zhao Ying’s phone under the waitress’ watch. He never expected that after the phone rang for a while, the call was rejected. He tried again but to no avail.

Damn! Jin Gang cursed deep down in his heart. Jin Gang didn’t doubt that he would be beaten up badly before being brought to the police station as he faced the glare of the security guard in front of him.

Jin Gang couldn’t help but call his shady friends!

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