So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Exploding Zhao Ying

“It was so cold today, let’s not eat any light food!” Jin Gang finally had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious meal, so of course, he won’t let go of it! 

“No problem. Teacher Zhao, you could also eat something light. I will enjoy the seafood with Teacher Jin!” Yang Ming responded with a smile. 

Once Jin Gang heard Yang Ming’s words, his heart felt at ease. He had just ordered dishes which cost up to thousands of yuan. He was afraid that Yang Ming might not be able to pay, turned against his words and then he would have no face. 

On the side, Zhao Ying couldn’t help but agree as she saw how confident Yang Ming was! However, she was praying hard that Yang Ming remembered to bring his wallet, or else all that she could do was be a waitress here! 

“Lady and gentlemen, would you like some alcoholic beverages?” The waitress asked after jotting down the food order. 

“Alcoholic beverage... En. Since there’s a lady here today, let’s have some red wine?” Jin Gang glanced over to Yang Ming as he suggested it. In reality, he was asking for Yang Ming’s opinion, since the person who was going to pay the bill was Yang Ming. However, the way he talked and his vibe made him look like the host instead. 

“Alright, Teacher Zhao, you don’t mind grape wine, do you?” Yang Ming smiled at Zhao Ying and said, “How about we all drink one glass of it?” 

“If that’s the case...” Zhao Ying didn’t normally drink wine, but since Yang Ming had gotten good results today she didn’t want to be a party pooper. Moreover, grape wine doesn’t really count as an alcohol beverage for many people; it was just another form of drink. Therefore, she nodded her head, “Alright, but drink in moderation. Don’t drink too much!” 

“Waitress, do you have grape wine here?” Jin Gang asked. His tone of voice had a strong manner, just like a big boss. 

“Our tavern’s grape wine were all imported straight from Raphael Manor. Presently, there are ‘82, ‘85 and ‘90’s. Of course, there is also Yantai Raphael Manor’s wine which comes at a slightly lower cost. Which one would you prefer, sir?” the waitress asked. 

“Let’s have the ‘82 imported wine!” Jin Gang heard from others that the older the wine’s year the finer the drink. It would be such a waste if he didn’t get to taste it this time. He wasn’t really clear what the price of this bottle of wine was. Therefore, never in his dreams would he have realized that this action would cost him so much! 

Yang Ming wasn’t clear about all these things too. Therefore, he didn’t have a huge response even though he heard that Jin Gang ordered the wine. All he did was nod his head. If he knew that the wine was really expensive, he would definitely have hesitated. Although he was toying with Jin Gang this time, he didn’t really want to force him all the way into a corner. 

“Alright, sir!” Once the waitress heard it, she felt pretty happy. In this type of tavern, whenever a waiter sold high-class wine, he would receive a certain amount of commission. This wine cost forty-eight thousand yuan. The commission itself was already four-hundred eighty yuan. What an exhilarating thing! 

After a while, the dishes were served. The world-class red wine was also served! The waitress carefully opened it and poured each of them a glass of wine. 

“Everyone, eat!  No need to be polite!” Once Jin Gang saw the dishes were here, he continued, “If there isn’t enough, we could order again!”

That face really needs a spanking! Yang Ming thought. If I can’t make you pay for the bill later, then we would really be disrespecting your performance today! 

“Teacher Zhao, you eat too!” Yang Ming said as he smiled. 

Oh... okay...” Even though she faced a table of premium delicacies, she didn’t really have much appetite. She was really concerned for Yang Ming. How could she feel good eating it?

“Come, Yang Ming, I heard that you have gotten some really good results today. Let’s have some cheers with our drink!” Jin Gang was excited to taste the ‘82 red wine but if the others were not drinking it, he couldn’t really start drinking. Therefore, he had to find an excuse to start drinking it. 

“Alright, cheers! Teacher Zhao, what about you?” Yang Ming said as he raised the wine glass in his hand. 

Zhao Ying followed them and raised her wine glass too. She lightly clinked the other’s glasses and took a small sip in her mouth. 

However, both Yang Ming and Jin Gang took a mouthful of wine! 

Not bad. Yang Ming voiced out in his heart. No wonder so many rich people were interested in drinking these beverages! The taste was so much stronger than those low-class alcohol beverages. 

Once he put down the wine glass, Yang Ming started to unreservedly gobble down all the premium delicacies in front of him. It would be a waste if he didn’t eat it. He can’t take away this food anyway. 

In a short while, Yang Ming and Jin Gang finished the bottle of red wine. Initially, Yang Ming wanted another bottle, but because Zhao Ying was there he called that off. This particular thought actually saved Jin Gang a bunch of cash. Would Jin Gang be grateful to Yang Ming for this?

Jin Gang also had a really great taste of the wine. However, when he saw how Yang Ming didn’t ask for another bottle, he thought it wouldn’t be nice to ask for another.

After a while, when the delicacies on the table were almost finished, Yang Ming took a deep breath. Even when it’s acting, it should appear a bit real, right? 

In half a minute, Yang Ming burped out the gas that was in his stomach. His face turned red, just like a drunk person. 

“Teacher Zhao, the tremendous improvement in my results were largely thanks to you. I had even prepared to buy you a present!” Yang Ming acted as if he said it inadvertently. “Oh yeah, Teacher Zhao, you like ‘Hello Kitty’, right?”

En, how do you know?” Zhao Ying asked suspiciously. I never told him before! 

Hehe, Jin Gang told me on the field just now!” Yang Ming smiled. 

Jin Gang thought that Yang Ming was giving him another opportunity to perform, therefore, he followed up and said, “Yeah, I told him that!”

“Oh yeah, Teacher Jin also said that he really liked your pink ‘Hello Kitty’!” Yang Ming continued. 

“Pink?” Zhao Ying raised her eyebrow. What was that supposed to mean? I do like the color pink, but I only use it for my undergarments. How did Jin Gang know that? 

“Yeah, just now when I was on the field, I passed by your office window, then I coincidentally met Jin Gang. He was standing right underneath your office window!” Yang Ming said seriously, “We even chatted together for a while!”

The more Zhao Ying listened, the tighter her eyebrows became. Her face was also turning really dark. Her office room was on the first floor; anyone could see it from the field. However, when she changed, she was pretty sure that she had closed the window curtain. Was there a gap? 

Jin Gang was actually stalking me? Or else what did he mean by a pink “Hello Kitty”? 

Initially, she thought that Jin Gang was just a person with thick skin and never thought that he would be such a lewd person! Once she thought about this, Zhao Ying was so angry that her face turned green. How could she actually sit down with this psychopath and eat such a long meal? Even the thought of eating with him made her feel disgusted! 

Jin Gang saw that Zhao Ying’s expression wasn’t quite right. He felt a bit confused but never in his dreams would he have thought that he had already angered Zhao Ying! 

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