So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Jin Gang Orders Dishes

The taxi stopped at the front door of Tavern Heaven on Earth. Because Zhao Ying sat in the front seat, she asked, “Driver, how much was it?”

“Twenty-two. Do you need the receipt?” The driver asked.

“Nope, twenty-two is it?” While Zhao Ying was looking for money, Jin Gang passed over a fifty yuan note.

“I have money here!” Jin Gang was excited. Later, he was going to have a delicious meal with Zhao Ying beside him. Therefore, he wouldn’t be bothered about taxi money. When Zhao Ying wanted to pay, Jin Gang, of course, wanted to show his manhood!

Since Jin Gang wanted to pay, then let him pay. Zhao Ying didn’t fight with him. Twenty yuan was a lot for Zhao Ying.

The three of them got out of the taxi and Yang Ming led them to Tavern Heaven on Earth as if he was very familiar with the place. Yang Ming was familiar with it because he came here once before. He looked straight-away for the waitress who despised him last time, “Are there any seats?”

Although Yang Ming wore cheap clothes, he looked familiar to the waitress. She thought that he probably was a regular customer and didn’t despise him like last time. After all, there were many rich men with peculiarities. Who knew whether Yang Ming was one of them? Besides, Yang Ming’s manner was different from last time. He had the manners of a wolf dressed in sheepskin.

The waitress didn’t dare to neglect him and she asked promptly, “Sir, how many of you?”

“Three!” Yang Ming said.

“Is the hall on the first floor okay for you? The room was booked, so there are no more openings.” The waitress said.

“Of course!” Yang Ming nodded. Even if there was a room available, he wouldn’t go! It would be easier for him to execute his plan on the first floor!

Thus, the three of them were brought to seats near the window. The environment wasn’t bad. Yang Ming looked around. 
The door is near, great!

When they were sitting down, Jin Gang had another difficulty! He wanted to sit beside Zhao Ying, but he was afraid that Zhao Ying wasn't willing. Therefore, he planned to let Zhao Ying sit first, then he’d sit beside her afterward. Then, it would be perfectly justifiable to sit beside Zhao Ying! Thus, Jin Gang acted like a gentleman and said, “Everyone please have a seat. Both of you can sit first!” It looked like he was the person who invited Yang Ming and Zhao Ying.

Jin Gang intentionally behaved like this. Since someone was paying, it would be a waste if he didn't act generously. When Jin Gang noticed the waitress gaze on him, Jin Gang was delighted deep inside. This time around, I have gained such a benefit!

Retard! Yang Ming looked at Jin Gang and cursed him. This man is all brawn and no brains. He went straight to the trap even without me misleading him! Don’t judge the dumba** by its cover. He looks like a sugar baby and acts like one too.

Yang Ming sat near the window. Zhao Ying followed up and sat beside Yang Ming.

Jin Gang was distressed about this! However, it's still good to sit in front of Zhao Ying! I didn't even have such an opportunity before! Jin Gang balanced his mind when he thought of this.

After they sat down, the waitress asked with a smile, “Sir, would you like to order now?” She was asking this to Jin Gang. She obviously thought that Jin Gang was the payer, based on his prior actions.

Oh, pass the menu to the lady!” Jin Gang said generously.

The waitress gave a courteous smile after she heard Jin Gang, then passed the menu to Zhao Ying. Jin Gang was again proud of himself. I'm really showing my manners. Finally, I get a taste of being a gentleman!

Zhao Ying took the menu and looked at it. She was shocked by the prices! 
This is so weird. What kind of place is this? Isn't it ridiculous? A cold dish costs fifty yuan; dry bean curd was eighty-eight and these are the cheapest dishes here! Let me look for other dishes. There isn't any dish that is lower than a hundred yuan! What is Yang Ming thinking for eating at this place? How could he have so much money to eat here! Zhao Ying knew very well of Yang Ming's family background, so she involuntarily was worried for him!

However, since they were here already, it would be a shame if they didn't order anything! Zhao Ying gritted her teeth. Fine. Let’s just order a few cheaper dishes. If Yang Ming can't pay, I'll pay for him.

Zhao Ying only ordered the cold dish and dry bean curd. Then she passed the menu to Yang Ming and said, “Let’s not order too much. I'm not that hungry and I'm trying to lose weight lately, so I should eat something light!” She signaled Yang Ming to play along with her as she said that.

Unexpectedly, Yang Ming ignored Zhao Ying's signal. He received the menu and said, “One tinfoil ribs, one braised tofu, one Chuanjiao Bamboo Shoots!”

Yang Ming had tasted these delicious dishes before when Wang Zhi
tao invited him. So he ordered the same dishes this time. These dishes weren't that expensive, but they were the signature dishes here!

Zhao Ying’s heart was bleeding. Yang Ming, ah, Yang Ming, don't you know that it isn’t easy for Sister Ying as a single? Every month, I have to pay rent and send money back home! Aren't you making me poorer?

After Yang Ming ordered his favorite dishes, he passed the menu to Jin Gang. Just as if the menu was returned to its owner’s hand after passing one round. Yang Ming said, “Teacher Jin, we have ordered.”

Jin Gang initially was planning to order a few expensive dishes! 
Someone was paying the bill anyway. It would be a waste if I don’t order!

Jin Gang couldn’t wait to open the menu, then he pretended to look for a while and said, “
En, there are meat and vegetable dishes; only seafood wasn’t ordered. So, give me one kilogram of sea cucumber, three big lobsters, three shark fins with rice, three abalones with sauce… En, that’s all for now!”

“Alright, sir!” The waitress quickly jotted down Jin Gang’s order. She thought, 
this man is really generous. He only ordered those dishes that were expensive!

“This... Teacher Jin, let’s order something light...” When Zhao Ying heard of the lobster, abalone, and sea cucumber, she was having a headache. What is this Jin Gang doing? Someone asked him for dinner and he is such an impudent person to order so much!

Chapter Notes:

**For your enjoyment, we have included pictures of the dishes:

Cold Dish (There are many types of cold dishes. This one is spicy pickled cucumbers.) 

Dried Tofu 

Tinfoil Ribs (Pork) 

Braised Tofu 

Chuanjiao Bamboo Shoots 

Sea cucumber 


Shark fin with rice 

Abalone with sauce 

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