So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Pure Luck!


“This fellow must have copied people’s answers so he got called by the class teacher to have a chat!” After Yang Ming left, a mouthy brat in the class spoke out.

“I think so too, but Yang Ming is quite sharp. If I could cheat in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, that would be great!” A female student interrupted and said.

“Would you want to cheat in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination? Don’t even think about it. My neighbor who is one grade higher than me cheated once and got caught. They immediately canceled his grade!” Another chatty fellow spoke.

“However, the level of vigilance of this exam isn’t much different with National Higher Education Entrance Examination. How did Yang Ming cheat?”

“Who knows? It’s possible that this fellow has some amazing skills!”

“Alright, don’t talk about it! Based on what premise did you deduce that Yang Ming cheated?” Chen Mengyan couldn’t listen further. She stood up and hit the table. “Everyone can see that Yang Ming was diligently working hard. At least, I can testify that Yang Ming had improved a lot!”

For this entire time, Chen Mengyan had been tutoring Yang Ming. Everyone in the class knew this. Thus, when Chen Mengyan spoke out, the students in the class quickly shut their mouths. In fact, they slandered Yang Ming because they needed an excuse to vent their jealousy! They thought they worked just as hard as Yang Ming but how could Yang Ming perform better than them?

Hence, when someone took the lead and accused Yang Ming of cheating, the others followed. That way, it eased their hearts!

Wang Zhitao was also one of those who felt uncomfortable with the results. Since he was the class monitor, it wouldn’t be great for him to voice out as well. Secondly, his relationship with Yang Ming was still in the “Honeymoon” period. He still had plans to execute so he couldn’t afford to break this relationship! When he saw Chen Mengyan speak in Yang Ming’s defense, the anger within his heart started boiling!

There were no other means to go about it. In order to portray himself as a “brother” to Yang Ming, Wang Zhitao couldn’t help but to stand up and say, “Everyone, please be silent during your review. Don’t simply slander the others. Student Yang Ming has made our class proud. He is the honor of our Class 7!” Wang Zhitao said in a righteous manner.

For a while, Chen Mengyan felt that something was strange about Wang Zhitao’s attitude. Originally, he hated Yang Ming the most. Why would they suddenly become brothers on good terms? However, Chen Mengyan couldn’t really figure out this sort of friendship between men. Hence, she nodded her head to express her gratitude to Wang Zhitao.

Wang Zhitao saw Chen Mengyan nod at him as a sign. He thought that his act of righteousness obtained Chen Mengyan’s heart. He was happy deep down in his heart and quickly returned a smile. However, unexpectedly, Chen Mengyan had already turned around. He just wasted a crack of smile that he thought was quite handsome.

The smile, however, was seen by a short girl, Zhang Tingting, who sat in front of Chen Mengyan. The short girl thought Wang Zhitao smiled at her. She quickly blushed while she blinked her eyes at Wang Zhitao.

Zhang Tingting’s academics was considered average. She wasn’t tall and her looks were common as well. They couldn’t be deemed ugly but not exactly pretty either. In short, she was one of those average girls who was plain-looking and easily neglected. Zhang Tingting was secretly falling in love with Wang Zhitao. However, Wang Zhitao only liked Chen Mengyan. The accident just now caused Zhang Tingting to think that Wang Zhitao finally noticed her. How could she not be happy?

It was Wang Zhitao’s turn to be depressed this time. He quickly turned his head around. However, when Zhang Tingting saw Wang Zhitao turn his head, she thought that he was only being shy!”

The class teacher’s, Teacher Li’s, first glance on Yang Ming’s result made her astounded! Based on her many years of teaching experience, she never came across a student that could improve so quickly!

In Grade 12, Teacher Li came across a few students who acquired good results with effort, but their grades only improved gradually. Instead, Yang Ming’s grade was just like launching a rocket! Thus, Teacher Li couldn't help but raise her doubts about the authenticity of the grade!

Later, Teacher Li asked a few teachers from other subjects. Only Zhao Ying was absolutely sure that Yang Ming’s mathematical grade was truthful. Even though Yang Ming really worked hard, the rate of improvement was just too suspicious.

Zhao Ying was absolutely sure that Yang Ming’s grade was genuine. It came from the trust toward Yang Ming but most importantly, she gave Yang Ming a set of similar papers for practice before the exam!

Yang Ming followed Teacher Li into the office. He realized that each of the respective subject teachers was there. Yang Ming was slightly surprised at the scene and he left a bitter smile secretly in his heart. It seemed that this time, he went a bit overboard. Most of the teachers here were suspicious of his grade.

However, why was Zhao Ying also here? At the moment that Yang Ming looked at Zhao Ying, she shrugged her shoulders to indicate that she had nothing to do with this!

“Yang Ming, do you know why I called you over?” Teacher Li asked immediately after she sat in front of the office desk. This was the usual trick that the teachers used no matter if the student committed a mistake or not. 

Yang Ming was already familiar with this! Setting a trap for me? It won’t be that easy! Yang Ming answered without concerning himself about it, “I don’t know. Recently, I haven’t been skipping class, right?”

Teacher Li couldn’t help but laugh as she heard Yang Ming’s reply. “Yang Ming, you performed well. Im here to talk about your academics!”

Oh, that’s the case. Could it be that Teacher Li wants to praise me for my improvement in academics?” Yang Ming pretended as though it should have been the case.

“This...” Teacher Li was caught off guard. Initially, she wanted to ask for Yang Ming’s opinion on his grade. It was unexpected that Yang Ming had taken the lead in the conversation instead! The script that she prepared beforehand was rendered useless!

Zhao Ying smiled a little as she noticed Teacher Li’s expression. She had experienced Yang Ming’s gift of gab. Most likely, Teacher Li wouldn’t be able to match with him.

Since Teacher Li was still an elder with tons of experience, she froze briefly before saying, “Yes, besides encouraging you, your teacher also would like to know what learning method you used that helped you to improve your grades so rapidly?”

Naturally, Yang Ming could read between the lines. Learning method? Are you doubting that my grade isn’t genuine? But, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Yang Ming muttered to himself slightly. He pretended to be embarrassed as he laughed it off. “Teacher Li, actually I obtained such results due to pure luck!”

“Luck?” Teacher Li was flabbergasted. “What do you mean?”

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