So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part II)

“Why are you still laughing?” Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming actually laugh at the other’s misery. She frowned a bit as she was displeased. 

“I’m not laughing. I’m not laughing.” Yang Ming quickly ceased his laughter and made a stern expression. “Why is she sleeping on the bus? I can only say that she’s unlucky!”

“Then, what should we do? Yang Ming, should we think of a way to warn this sister?" Chen Mengyan was a bit anxious.

Sister? Yang Ming glanced at the “Big Mama" on the seat. If it was any other passenger, Yang Ming might actually lend a hand but for now, Yang Ming earnestly wished that the “Big Mama" actually got pickpocketed.

By this time, most of the passengers on the bus already realized the thief’s intention. There wasn't anyone who spoke out but rather everyone was turning their head away.

The thief is actually holding a knife! We aren’t the police or the National Liberation Army. The matter of arresting a thief isn’t even related to us!

“Let it be. Look at those who are nearby. Each of them acted as though it was nobody’s business. How can we help?” said Yang Ming with a light tone.

“Yang Ming, how can you say something like this?” Chen Mengyan was slightly disappointed. “The thief is so bold because no one bothers. I believe if there was someone willing to stand out, the thief would feel guilty!”

“Mengyan, it’s difficult to be a hero in this decade. Don't you read the news? On a bus someplace, a thief was busted on the spot with evidence on hand. However, the victim that lost his items was afraid of the thief’s retribution so he adamantly denied that he lost his items!” Yang Ming whispered, “In the end, the hero couldn't help but spare the thief!”

“That was an uncommon case!” Chen Mengyan was frustrated with Yang Ming’s cold attitude. “Based on what you said, society doesn’t need to reciprocate love anymore? You have disappointed me!”

Yang Ming’s face turned red after listening to Chen Mengyan’s words. He didn't expect Cheng Mengyan to actually have a strong sense of justice! But Yang Ming really wasn't willing to help “Big Mama”.

However, it was just a thought. Chen Mengyan actually went over after she finished talking. She patted on the sleeping Xiao Qing. “Sister, wake up!”

Yang Ming couldn't help but follow behind Chen Mengyan and went through the crowd.

The thief saw that Chen Mengyan would ruin his plan. Immediately, he became furious and glared at Chen Mengyan. “Stop bothering with other people’s business, Motherf*****. I will stab you!” He gestured with the knife in his hand.

Originally, Chen Mengyan thought that if she woke the sister up and gave her a hint, the thief would withdraw. The thief unexpectedly threatened her with his knife!

Chen Mengyan panicked. She didn’t care anymore as she screamed, “Catch the thief! Everyone catch the thief!”

However, Cheng Mengyan’s cries for help weren't entertained by the people around her. On the contrary, they escaped from the situation and pretended nothing had happened.

Hehe, little b****, go ahead and scream!” The thief saw the others’ attitudes and became more arrogant as he swung his knife. “Go ahead and scream louder. I will kill you!” Amidst his speech, he thrust his knife toward Chen Mengyan.

As she saw the knife coming toward her, Chen Mengyan was so frightened that she shut her eyes. She subconsciously yelled for Yang Ming. “Save me... Yang Ming...” No matter how strong Chen Mengyan’s sense of justice was, she was still an eighteen-year-old young lady.

Earlier, Yang Ming had already noticed the thief’s intent to stab Chan Mengyan. Even if Chen Mengyan didn't cry for help, he would still act in that moment! Yang Ming didn't want to see something so terrible where the girl he liked got injured in front of his eyes.

However, Yang Ming was delighted as Chen Mengyan yelled his name in her time of crisis! It seemed like he took the role of protector in Chen Mengyan’s heart.

--- “Please don't let her be stabbed to death. I just wanted to scare her! Why is she meddling my business?”

I can actually hear the internal thoughts of the thief! Yang Ming was stunned. What had happened? How did it happen again? Due to the current circumstances, Yang Ming didn't have much time to think further. He couldn't calm himself down to think over this matter!

The sharp knife had almost pierced into Chen Mengyan’s shoulder. Yang Ming quickly reached for the knife. Because he was afraid that they might accidentally hurt Chen Mengyan during the fight, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the knife’s blade!

Fresh blood dripped from Yang Ming’s hand. The thief was shocked! He never expected that someone would grab onto his knife!

“What are you doing?” The thief asked in a guilty manner as he used all his might to escape from Yang Ming’s grasp, however, it didn't work. 

“What am I doing? Of course, I am going to hurt you!” Yang Ming’s other hand which wasn’t grasping the knife landed a strong punch on the thief’s left eye.

The thief couldn't react in time. He felt like he was in a vast galaxy where “twinkle, twinkle, little stars” appeared in front of his eyes.  

Ah… Wu...” The thief screamed in agonizing pain. Yang Ming launched another punch at the thief’s cheek resulting in him being unable to utter any more sounds.

The thief immediately released the knife in his hand from the pain. He used his other hand to cover his cheek as he begged, “Brother, don't hit me anymore. I made a mistake, brother!”

“Who's your brother?” said Yang Ming with a cold sigh.

“Uncle! I made a mistake. Please don't hit me anymore...” The thief thought his address to Yang Ming as a brother was inappropriate so he quickly amended it.

Yang Ming couldn't care less. He glared at the thief as he said, “Stay still and don’t act funny. Don't say anything without my permission!”

“Yang Ming, your hand...” The incident happened so quickly in lightning speed. After the thief was subdued, Chen Mengyan finally recovered from the shock. She noticed Yang Ming’s hand was still bleeding and her heart ached.

“Never mind, it’s a minor injury. How are you?” Yang Ming pretended that it didn’t matter. However, he couldn't help but frown secretly. After all, fingers’ nerves were connected to the heart. Although his veins and bones didn’t sustain an injury, such a cut was still painful.

“Im still alright!” Chen Mengyan nodded her head with some regret. She was merely blaming herself for being too rash. If it wasn't for her, Yang Ming wouldn't be hurt!

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