So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 64

Chapter 64:  A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part I)

Finally, the 114 bus arrived and both got on it. Since this was not the first stop, there were already many passengers on the bus. The situation was just like the last time they got on the bus. Yang Ming put his remaining two yuan of coins that he received as change from buying the books into the fare box.

What Yang Ming didn’t notice was that the young lady he met in the bookstore also got on the bus! Neither of them saw each other.

A pretty girl on a bus would always be the center of attention. Besides, there were perverts who had nothing better to do and acted like the “Bus Pervert” on the bus full of people. The victims would most likely keep silent from the sexual harassment. This scenario would definitely promote their behavior. Even if given a warning, these perverts would make an excuse that there were too many people on the bus and claim that physical contact was unavoidable. Therefore, the victims had to suffer passively! 

Although Chen Mengyan went on the bus with Yang Ming, she was too pretty and a pervert couldn’t stop himself from approaching her. He tried with all his might to push through the crowd and came next to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming encountered matters like these frequently. Naturally, he realized the pervert’s intention! Chen Mengyan and he were not even near the exit. If there wasn’t anything else, why else would someone push through the crowd all the way to where they were standing!

“That person holds ill intentions towards you!” Yang Ming whispered.

“How do you know?” Chen Mengyan didn't notice the pervert.

“I can sense it with his look!” Yang Ming frowned. “Let’s swap places; go in front of me!”

“With such a clear understanding, do you always do something like this?” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming. 

Yang Ming stopped talking as he saw the pervert approaching!

A chick with excessive makeup hollered with irritation. “Why are you pushing me? Are you taking advantage of me?”

“Who pushed you? Look at your face. It wasn’t intentional!” The man wasn’t happy dealing with the girl. Initially, he wanted to grope Chen Mengyan but this girl was a hindrance! If she was good-looking, he would have harassed her instead. However, her bold makeup was terrible.

“So be it! You with that obsessed look can’t be any good!” She continued scolding him.

He didn't want to waste any more time with her. He just shut his mouth and pretended to be deaf! By this time, he had already made it close to Yang Ming. He wanted to extend his lusty hand towards Chen Mengyan but it wasn’t easy with Yang Ming standing in front of him!

Yang Ming was struggling to find a way to punish this fellow. He didn’t expect that girl to already make a fuss! Thus, Yang Ming took the opportunity and went with the flow!

With that determination, Yang Ming slowly extended his hand toward the girl. Since the bus was crowded, it was challenging to identify her position solely based on his senses. Yang Ming was different, however. He used his x-ray vision to easily find the girl’s position and then he pinched her butt!

Hey, the feel of it is not bad. If I ignored her looks, her figure is still marvelous!

“Ah!” She suddenly yelled and angrily glared at the pervert. Then she slapped him. “You punk!”

The pervert was stunned by the unexpected slap. He could only react after a few moments had passed. “Stupid b****, why did you slap me?”

“Slap you? I will even send you to the detention center!” She shrieked, “Why did you pinch my butt?”

“Pinch your butt? Did you make a mistake? Do you think I’m blind?” The pervert retorted loudly.

“Stop saying nonsense. You can say anything in the detention center! Driver, stop the bus!” She screamed as though she was fearless.

The pervert mumbled to himself. He probably had past records of such cases in the detention center. He became nervous as the girl got serious.

In the blink of an eye, the pervert yelled, “Crazy b****! as he rushed out the exit when the bus reached the next stop.

“Humph! Don’t let me see you again!”The girl was proud because she was victorious.

The passengers next to her cast themselves away since they wanted to avoid provoking her.

Yang Ming was the only one with a smile written on his face as the pervert left the bus. “Don’t you see? I told you that this fellow wasn’t a good person!”

“Alright, even if you guessed correctly, I wasn’t his target!” Chen Mengyan whispered.

“Didn’t you see he was already approaching us? If I wasn’t standing in the way, he might already have achieved his goal!” whispered Yang Ming. “Are you sure he didn’t have good eyes?” He glanced at the girl with the bold makeup as he spoke.

“What do you mean...” Chen Mengyan thought for a little while but then she understood the situation instantly when she saw Yang Ming’s sly expression! She looked at him and said, “You’re so bad!”

“What do you mean by bad? Im just strategic!”  Yang Ming quipped.

“Did it feel good?” Chen Mengyan asked abruptly.

“It wasn’t too bad!” Yang Ming simply answered. He realized something was wrong the moment the words were spoken. He then immediately corrected himself. “I mean my intention just now was to drive away the pervert. I didn’t think much about it. In such an emergency, how would I remember how it felt?”

Chen Mengyan ignored him as she frowned and looked elsewhere.

“Mengyan, what happened to you?” Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan’s attitude. He thought she was mad at him. He was afraid and quickly consulted her.

“Stop talking; look there!” Chen Mengyan whispered as she interrupted Yang Min. 

Puzzled, Yang Ming followed Chen Mengyan’s line of sight. As a result, he saw a thief who was approaching a sleeping passenger’s bag with a dagger.

When he saw the passenger’s face, he was delighted! Isn’t she the “Big Mama” who was picking on me at the bookstore?

There’s actually karma in this world! Hehe, your retribution has come!

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