So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Young Lady Becomes Big Mama

“Ah!” The woman shouted anxiously. She pulled back her skirt that covered Yang Ming’s head and held it tight! “Punk!”

Punk? The image of sexy, black and openwork lace underwear remained in his head. All of a sudden, he realized the word was used against him when he heard “Punk”!

Yang Ming stood up immediately and looked at the woman 
or more specifically, young woman! The young woman looked twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old but was probably more than thirty years old. Nowadays, women take good care of their appearance, so it's hard to guess their real age. Her skin was much more white and supple than the usual woman, possibly because she was good at maintaining her youth. She didn't look like a faded old woman let alone a woman in her thirties.

The lady’s attire was simple and elegant. Her light black professional dress didn't have any accessories but it made her looked graceful.

Seeing the young woman in front of him, Yang Ming couldn't refrain from salivating and having his heart beat frantically even though he was always talking to pretty girls. There was no doubt that Chen Mengyan and Zhao Ying were especially pretty girls, but Chen Mengyan was slightly sentimental and Zhao Ying was only a rosebud. However, the young woman in front of Yang Ming was a legit male attractor. She could instantly excite the male hormones.

Women around this age were the tastiest and most irresistible so Yang Ming’s gaze was locked on her and didn’t move away.

It’s no wonder that “mature woman” videos on the internet were the most downloaded compared to other genres.

“What are you looking at?” Yang Ming didn’t feel ashamed after he was caught going under the young woman’s skirt. Instead, he kept looking at her and he was gawking at her boobs!

“Uh, pretty lady, I’m sorry, ha. I didn’t see you were standing behind me when I stood up...” Yang Ming said awkwardly.

“Didn’t see? If you didn’t see, then what are you doing right now?” The young woman wasn’t happy about Yang Ming’s disgusting ogling. It was as if he could see what was inside her clothes. “Little punk, you’re young, yet you have some guts! Don’t try to tease pretty girls when you don’t even have pubic hair! Don’t you believe that I will call the police?”

“I...” Yang Ming heard the young woman
 and became unhappy as well. I have already apologized to you, besides I didn’t do it on purpose. Aren’t you looking for a fight? Yang Ming wasn’t someone with a good temperament. If the person in front of him wasn’t pretty, he would have already slapped her. So he said sourly, “You look pretty, so what? Just because you are pretty do you think you can be unreasonable? I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t even bother with you if you didn’t have a pretty face! My girlfriend is much prettier than you. I’m not interested in women in the “big mama” category!”

End of conversation. Yang Ming didn’t bother further with her. He took his DVDs and walked toward the exit.

“Big mama? You...” The y
oung woman was choked by Yang Ming’s words. Initially, she was happy that Yang Ming addressed her as a pretty girl but the more she listened, the more unhappy she became. Not only had he mentioned that his girlfriend was prettier, he even said she was a big mama! Although Xiao Qing had passed the age of thirty and approached her forties after her birthday, no one ever called her a big mama! Most people who met her would address her as a pretty lady in her twenties! That little brat called her a big mama just now! She could no longer take it and wanted to scold him. However, this little brat just walked away like that!

Fine, there's no point arguing with a kid! Xiao Qing comforted herself. But she didn't realize that her word “kid” was obviously saying that she was older than Yang Ming. So who was she if she wasn't a big mama?

Yang Ming walked down the escalator and went to meet with Chen Mengyan.

After he went down, Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan was already waiting for him at the exit!

“Why were you so fast?” Yang Ming hastened his steps.

“Yeah, I was here just to buy these books, so I came down after I bought them!” Chen Mengyan opened the bag and took out a few books for Yang Ming. “I bought this set for you!”

“For me?” Yang Ming was astonished as he accepted the set of books from Chen Mengyan. It turned out to be <The Latest Trends of the College Entrance Examination>!

“That's right, you didn't buy them after I urged you before. Why can't you study by yourself without me supervi
sing you?” Chen Mengyan stared at Yang Ming.

“Uh...” Yang Ming knew Chen Mengyan obviously misunderstood him! She attributed his nonchalance as an excuse to avoid studying! But... only Yang Ming knew that his current results were due to the
 miraculous contact lenses! Doing the exercises or not wouldn't affect his results. Since Chen Mengyan had bought them for him, he could only receive them with bitter smile. “How much was it? I’ll pay you back.”

“It's fine, just think of it as my gift to you!” Chen Mengyan waved her hand indifferently. Then she said, “Go back and work on it seriously. You can come to me if you don’t understand.”

No problem!” Yang Ming didn’t show any special expression, but his heart was really touched! Chen Mengyan didn’t ask for money. Was it because we were closer so there was no need to distinguish from each other or was it for the favor this morning?

owever, Yang Ming hesitated to ask, but, at least he knew that she cared about him. If not, she wouldn’t have bought these exercise books for him!

 Yang Ming was relieved when he thought this. Everything must be done step by step! Now he was a lot better than before. A month ago, Chen Mengyan wouldn’t have gone to the bookstore with him, not to mention buying books for him!

 “What did you buy?” Chen Mengyan glanced at Yang Ming’s books when their bags were checked before the exit, “Primer on Lip Reading? Introduction to Sign Language? Yang Ming, did your father ask you to buy these?”

 “Yeah!” Yang Ming felt awkward. After all, the books were strange and normal people wouldn’t buy them.

 “Is there 
deaf and mute person in your home?” Chen Mengyan face was full of weird expressions.

“No, it’s not like that. My dad’s unit is performing a drama. They probably need this information. I’m not that clear about it either!” Yang Ming spoke while praying for Chen Mengyan to not ask his dad about it when she became the Yang Family’s daughter-in-law.

Luckily, she was just bewildered but she wasn’t actually interested in it. She didn’t ask more after Yang Ming’s explanation.

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