So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Uncle Chen is Watching You

The high decibel roaring sound made Yang Ming confused. Even if I’m on a date with my girlfriend, why do you care? Does the police have to care about puppy love now? But he still answered truthfully, “My classmate and I were just walking around, but she’s not my girlfriend.” 

Chen Fei was relieved. “Female classmate?” 

Yang Ming didn’t dare lie. “En, she’s the study commissary in my class. She usually helps me do homework. We just have a good mutual relationship!”

Chen Fei opened the car door after he heard that. “Fine, get in the car! I want to talk with you about Fang Tian!”

“Uncle Chen, is there news about Fang Tian’s case?“ Yang Ming joyfully got in the car. After all, if he could do something for the old man, his visit to the detention center was worthwhile. 

Chen Fei smiled while nodding. “I have reported the situation to Chief Wang. He knows the importance of this case. He authorized me to take over this case and then I saw the files from the detention center. It was really like how you described it. There are a few doubtful points on Fang Tian. He was caught for stealing and then he was kept there until now.

Yang Ming asked, “So it means that Fang Tian had been wronged?”

Chen Fei said, “You can say so but it’s still problematic. According to the file records, Fang Tian seems to have a connection with a gang of thieves!”

Yang Ming couldn’t believe that Fang Tian was with burglary gang. “Captain Chen, I have seen the old man. I think he was wronged. He seems to have mental problems already!” 

“Yeah, you’re right. I have seen Fang Tian too. His mental state isn’t that good!” Chen Fei nodded. “Maybe the file records were forged but I can’t be certain about that too. Anyway, after I report it to the chief, the results will only be known after a few leaders have met up.

Yang Ming said, “En, I believe Uncle Wang is a reasonable man. After all, Fang Tian was quite pitiful!”


“How are you lately? Did your classmate give you any more trouble?” Chen Fei changed the subject because he couldn’t reveal more of his duties to Yang Ming. According to his investigation, Fang Tian really did have some problem!

Yang Ming shook his head. He couldn’t understand the problem with Wang Zhitao’s attitude. “No, but he still treats me the same as usual. I’m even doubting that he was the culprit behind it!”

“No matter if it’s him or not, next time you have to be careful when you do something!” Chen Fei reminded him. “Oh yeah, how was your exam?”

Yang Ming said proudly, “Not bad, my progress is quick!” 

Chen Fei asked casually, “Can you get into Song Gong University?”

Yang Ming smiled mysteriously. “I think I can. You need to know - I have my motivation!”

Chen Fei looked at Yang Ming. “Motivation? What motivation?”

“Nothing, hehe, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you!” Of course, Yang Ming didn’t speak of Chen Mengyan. He wouldn’t simply tell his private matters to an uncle figure

Chen Fei looked at Yang Ming with a forced smile. “Yang Ming, I once was your age as well. Is it because your adored girl wants to go to Song Gong University too?”

“Uncle Chen, How… how could you know?” Yang Ming was surprised. He began to admire Chen Fei’s criminal investigation ability! This isn’t really like the captain of crime investigation; this is just like Sherlock Holmes!

“I don’t know, but your face has betrayed you!” Chen Fei smiled. “Don’t forget who Uncle Chen is, hehe. You’re just a kid; you should work hard. I’m watching you!”

When Yang Ming went upstairs, he was puzzled. You watching me is not useful to me. It must be Chen Mengyan who should be watching me!

The lottery reward was redeemed and Father Yang was in a good mood these days. Every day, there was meat for lunch. Today, the exam had just finished. He even wanted to reward his son, so he fried some slices of meat and steamed a fish.

“Big Ming, how was the exam?” Father Yang knew that asking before the results were out was useless, but he couldn’t refrain from doing so.

“Not bad, the hard work from all these days was effective. I think my results have improved a lot!” Yang Ming wanted Father Yang to be happy. After all, his earlier exam results weren’t ideal!

“It’s ok if you didn’t get good results, as long as you have done what you can... en? Father Yang was ready to comfort him with different excuses, but he never expected that Yang Ming to say that he did quite well in this exam. Father Yang was surprised and his happiness appeared on his eyebrows. “Big Ming, do you really mean that? Haha, I always knew you had put so much effort lately. You will surely get good results!”

“Dad, the results were only better than before but if it doesn’t reach your expectation, don’t be disappointed!” Yang Ming knew his results wouldn’t be too bad but Yang Ming was preparing for the worst scenario - in case some accident happened.

Hehe, it’s still good as long as you improved. You still have some time before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination so you can put more effort into it!” Father Yang didn’t care if he got good results. He was happy as long as Yang Ming improved. Then he said to Yang Ming, “Lets eat lunch!”


In the afternoon, Yang Ming didn’t have anything to do. Other students who were busy with their review wished they could slow down time but it was different for Yang Ming. His good results came from his miraculous contact lenses! If he used them well, no matter what circumstances he faced, he would get good results - even if he were taking a test for a subject that he never learned before!

While Yang Ming was bored, he suddenly thought of his loss at the Tavern Heaven on Earth incident. If he knew how to read lips then he would know what had been discussed in the conversation between Zhang Biao and Wang Zhitao. Then he would eventually know if Wang Zhitao did it or not. If Wang Zhitao really did, Yang Ming wouldn’t be tricked again if he learned of their plans first.

When he thought of this, he decided to buy some related books at the bookstore! Since God had given him such a special ability, why didn’t he do his best to use it?

It’s understandable that if Yang Ming knew how to read lips in addition to his telescopic ability, he could do many important things! For example, when there were burglars in his house, it would have been useful to know about their conversation!


Yang Ming didn’t have much of an expectation on his sudden ability to read people’s minds. He should learn something more useful when he had the time!

The nearest bookstore was the Xin Hua Bookstore which was within walking distance. However, the books there were mostly about entertainment; books like “reading lips” and other academic materials were rare. Yang Ming didn’t want to waste time, so he weighed the pros and cons. Then he decided to go to the bookstore further away, Xue Fu Book City.

At Xue Fu Book City, just as its name implied, learned knowledge was like wealth. This bookstore was especially targeted to students and the technology industry. The book collection was very comprehensive.

Yang Ming left a note to his parents saying that he was going to the bookstore and not to worry if he came back late. Then he went out.

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