So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Date With the Campus Belle After the Exam

“Oh yeah, Mengyan, which university are you going for? Yang Ming asked tentatively. This is about my lifelong happiness. I have to fulfill it as soon as possible!

“I… does it have anything to do with you? Could you be having some bad intention?” Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming cautiously.

“How can I? Besides, I’m your number one pursuer. Don’t you I think I have the right to know which university are you going to?” Yang Ming spoke his original dirty reason in a pretentious way.

“You don’t call this as having a bad intention?” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming, but she didn’t look unhappy.

“How could you call this a bad intention? This is called motivation!” Yang Ming said shamelessly, “There is motivation only when there’s a target!”

“Okay, for the sake of your studies, I’ll tell you!” Chen Mengyan told him her dream while smiling tenderly, “My parents want me to go Beijing, but I don’t want to stay too far away from home. I think Song Gong University is quite good!”

“Song Jiang City Industry University?” [1] Yang Ming blurted out! Song Jiang City Industry University was a famous university that was not worse than Tsinghua University. It was one of the nine main construction universities of the country! If it was before, Yang Ming wouldn’t even dream about Song Gong University. But now, Yang Ming would not be exaggerating when he said, I’m going in for sure!

En, what about you? What is your dream?” Although Chen Mengyan knew Yang Ming had improved a lot lately, she never thought Yang Ming would have the “capability” to get into Song Gong University too!

“Me? I will go wherever you go!” Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were really familiar with each other. At ambiguous jokes, Chen Mengyan would only roll her eyes. She wouldn’t really get angry. Yang Ming used to only see this situation in his dreams.

However, this time, Chen Mengyan surprisingly didn’t refute him. She was quiet after she heard it. Yang Ming became nervous. Could she be possibly angry?

“Yang Ming, although your results have improved a lot, Song Gong University’s minimum passing score is high. Don’t push yourself when you fill out the application form...” When Chen Mengyan spoke this, she saw Yang Ming’s face become dark. She was scared that her words hurt his pride. She quickly explained, “Yang Ming, don’t be like this. I didn’t mean to look down on you and I’m not doubting your ability… I mean you don’t have to force yourself too hard... Even if we aren’t in the same university, we can still meet each other if we are in the same city...”

Yang Ming’s face looked bad because he thought he made Chen Mengyan angry! Yang Ming wasn’t stupid. He knew Chen Mengyan considered his best interest from her words! However, he wasn’t sure if Chen Mengyan wanted to renege on her promise for letting him pursue her during university. But Chen Mengyan’s last sentence undoubtedly boosted Yang Ming’s confidence!

We can still meet each other if we are in the same city! Chen Mengyan didn’t explain clearly, but Yang Ming understood its hidden meaning!

“Don’t worry, Mengyan, I will put in the effort to qualify for Song Gong University! If not I would not have the face to see you! Even if you agree to be my girlfriend, I will still feel sorry!” Yang Ming thought, Cheating can be considered an ability too!

“You’re kidding! When did I promise you?” Chen Mengyan didn’t say any more. Sometimes a strong confidence isn’t a bad thing too!

Hehe, I said so!” Yang Ming laughed dryly. “Oh yeah, are you busy later?”

Chen Mengyan asked, “Later? Of course, I’m going home. What do you want to do?” 

“Today, school ends earlier than usual. Why don’t we walk around before going home?” Yang Ming pretended like he said it nonchalantly. Actually, he was looking at Chen Mengyan’s reaction with split vision. The exam was at 7:30 a.m. It was now only around 10 a.m.

Chen Mengyan didn’t show any special expression. “It’s not a good idea, right? You don’t have to go home for review?”

“Didn’t we just finish an exam today? We have to relax. I was getting tutored lately and now I’m all worked out!” Yang Ming noticed that Chen Mengyan said, “You don’t have to go home for review?” but she didn’t mention anything about herself! Yang Ming was happy. This meant that if he didn’t have any problem, Chen Mengyan didn’t have any problem as well!

Chen Mengyan thought for a second. Yang Ming is right. Sometimes taking a break is good for studying too. There must be a balance between work and play to achieve effective learning. But if I go out with Yang Ming, isn't that bad? After all, we are at the age where it is sensitive to have an intimate relationship. What if someone saw us?

While Chen Mengyan was still undecided, Yang Ming looked at her quiet face. He thought she was embarrassed to go with him because she was still a reserved girl. But he saw this on the internet, right? If the girl keeps silent, it means she agrees with it!

So Yang Ming cast all caution to the winds, he stepped forward and took the lead. “Let’s go Mengyan. We’ll just hang out around here!”

Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming was really interested so she had no choice but to follow him.

Luckily, the students had almost all left while they were still talking. Even if there were students, they wouldn't recognize Yang Ming. Because this joint examination of four schools was mixed between two local schools, half of the students were from Song Jiang Yu Cai High School in No. 4 High School’s building.


In senior high school, puppy love was still a sensitive topic especially in No. 4 High School which was a highly focused high school in the province. If it was a vocational high school or private high school, it wouldn’t raise much concern. Students falling in love were common over there.

Chen Mengyan didn't want to be misunderstood and have fingers pointing at her back.

They went to snack street near the school. It was the place that Yang Ming and Zhao Ying went before. Since it was still daytime, the shops around here usually weren't open yet. They opened around 4 or 5 p.m. and then they stayed open overnight. The snack street in the morning only had a few stalls selling items.

The two of them walked without purpose. Yang Ming’s intention wasn't the walk but to stay a little longer with Chen Mengyan. The two of them were close and Yang Ming sometimes would tell jokes he saw online to Chen Mengyan. It made her smiled contentedly and there weren't any awkward moments.

Yang Ming was satisfied with current situation. When the two of them were together, their identities weren't important but the topic between them was! If not, their relationship would have ended long ago.

“Yang Ming, wait for me a bit.” Chen Mengyan’s eyes were shining as stopped at a street vendor selling accessories by the roadside.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The abbreviated name for Song Jiang City Industry University is Song Gong University. 

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