So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Flirtatious Phone Call 

“Oh ya, Big Ming, for the past two days there was a girl who phoned our house and she called twice!” Mother Yang pretended that she just remembered it and told Yang Ming. She secretly observed the change in Yang Ming’s expression.

“Girl?” Astonished, Yang Ming asked, “Who?” From the time he was little until now, he, himself, had never received a phone call from a girl. How could this not surprise him?

Mother Yang looked at Yang Ming’s surprised face and gave out sigh of relief as she didn’t think he was pretending. As a mother, if there was a girl who called to find her son two days in a row, how could she not be concerned? Yang Ming was at a crucial time in his life. If his studies were ruined because of an early relationship, that would be bad! 

“She said she was Chen Mengyan. She’s your classmate.” Relieved, Mother Yang answered.

“Chen Mengyan? It was actually her!” Yang Ming’s words made Mother Yang who just let out her sigh of relief tense up again. However, his next sentence let her relax again. “She is our study commissary. It was she who helped me to study recently!” 

“So this was actually the case. Then you should quickly give her a call. She must be concerned with why you were not going to school!” Mother Yang nodded her head. In her opinion, a study commissary must be the best student in the class. Her son, even though she didn’t want to admit it, was a bad student. How could a bad student be in a relationship with a good student? Now that she heard that Chen Mengyan was just helping Yang Ming to study, Mother Yang naturally thought that this was just part of a pairing system that the school had set up to help bad students to improve. 

“Sure!” Yang Ming was nervous. Could it be that Wang Zhitao already told my story to Chen Mengyan so she called to ask? If that wasn’t the case, why didn’t she call me when I skipped class in the past?

Even though he was worried, Yang Ming still dug out the class contact number list and called Chen Mengyan’s house number. Yang Ming wanted to clarify what had happened. If Wang Zhitao had already shared all of his stories, then he should prepare beforehand countermeasures for his explanation to the school. 

“Hi, greetings, who are you looking for?” The phone call went through and he heard the sound of a male voice. 

“Hi, I am looking for Chen Mengyan.” When Yang Ming first heard a man on the other end, he thought the voice sounded really familiar. Could it be Chen Mengyan’s father?

“Alright, please wait a bit,” said the guy. In a little while, he heard Chen Mengyan’s voice on the phone, “Hello.” 

“Mengyan, it’s me!” Yang Ming thought to himself. Chen Mengyan’s parents were pretty open. A guy called her and he didn’t even ask who the caller was.

“Ah… hmph! Do you still know how to call me?!” When Chen Mengyan first heard Yang Ming’s voice, she was obviously a bit agitated. This brat had skipped class for two days! He didn’t even bother to tell her beforehand and that caused her to turn around and look back at his seat many times over the past two days. However, once she said it out aloud, she felt like her tone was sending some ambiguous signals. She turned around to look at her parents who were watching television but since they weren’t paying attention to her, she felt at ease.

Since a phone call couldn’t show pictures, Yang Ming couldn’t really see that Chen Mengyan’s face looked like a complaining little girl. As he heard Chen Mengyan’s cold humph, he was so scared that his heart almost jumped out. Did she already find out about that?

“I...” Yang Ming was tongue-tied. He didn’t really know what he should say. 

“You... What you? Last time, you skipped class for a day without any reason. This time was even better. You skipped class for no reason for two days straight!” Chen Mengyan said a bit angrily. In her heart, she was saying, If you had this kind of half-hearted attitude and still wanted to enter the same university as me, you are obviously dreaming! 

Two days? I was in there for four days! Oh ya, the day of the incident was on a Saturday so from Chen Mengyan’s perspective it was only two days. Skipped class for no reason? This means Chen Mengyan really didn’t know what I had been up to! It seemed like Wang Zhitao didn’t spread this news out!

“Sorry, I was sick. I was hospitalized for two days...” Yang Ming could only explain in this way.

“You were sick? Are you okay? Really. Then that’s why when I called your house your mom was so vague. She didn’t even tell me where you went. So it was actually the hospital. What was there to hide?” Once she heard how he didn’t skip class on purpose, her resentment dissipated. 

“My mom almost thought that you were my girlfriend. How could she tell you this?!” Yang Ming said smilingly, “Oh ya, was the person on the phone just now your father?”

“Yeah, why?” Chen Mengyan complained, “No wonder your mom was acting so mysteriously. Was she concerned that I went to look for you?”

“I guess it was just because my mom hadn’t seen what you look like. If she had seen that you were such a pretty girl, she would have definitely changed her intentions and asked you to be our Yang family’s daughter-in-law!” teased Yang Ming.  “So that was your father who you wanted to look handsome, but his voice was pretty manly!” [1]

“Go die! My father is much more of a gentleman and even more handsome than you!” Chen Mengyan was agitated.

“So that means, you only denied the second point, but you tacitly approve the first point?” Yang Ming had a sly smile.

“What first point?” Chen Mengyan didn’t really understand what Yang Ming said. 

“It is the point about you being the Yang family’s daughter-in-law!” Yang Ming continued to tease her. Now that he knew that Wang Zhitao hadn’t exposed his case, his mood had turned a lot better. 

“Stop saying that! My family members are not far from me. Stop sweet talking me and being so cheeky!” Chen Mengyan complained. 

She wasn’t angry! Yang Ming’s heart was on cloud nine. If a girl was able to accept a guy’s teasing, then that meant this girl didn’t repel this guy in her heart! 

“Does that mean that when your family members aren’t around I can sweet talk you?” Yang Ming asked. 

“If you continue to be like this, I will stop bothering with you!” Chen Mengyan said in a serious tone. Then after she finished she was concerned that her tone was too harsh, so she added, “As I have said, everything will have to wait until we have entered a university first. Since you have promised me, I hope you can fulfill this promise!” 

Yang Ming was elated. With the x-ray and binocular vision, entering into a university was an easy task. However, on the surface, he said calmly, “Alright then, no worries. I am very sure that I will be entering the same university as you. What about you?” 

“Me? What about me?” Chen Mengyan felt bewildered with Yang Ming’s question.

Chapter Notes:

[1] in reference to their conversation from chapter 19 about the meaning of Chen Mengyan's name. 

What will Yang Ming have to deal with when he returns to school? Come back tomorrow!

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