So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Yang Ming's Worries

During the afternoon, Yang Ming went out to take a bath. He learned from a movie that he would need to take a bath to wash away the bad luck when he left prison. Although he was released from a detention center, it was almost the same.

Father Yang felt more relaxed after knowing that Yang Ming was fine. He had requested the afternoon off at the factory. He went to the market to buy some fish and got ready for tonight’s homecoming celebration for Yang Ming.

Mother Yang who worked in the street community was relieved after she received a call from Father Yang. Because of her son, Mother Yang wasn’t happy at work these days. Even her coworker noticed that her spirits lifted. Her coworker had been persistently asking about the Yang family matters. Since Yang Ming’s arrest was shameful, Mother Yang didn’t tell anyone about it. She knew that a case like this would be difficult to keep secret but she wanted to hide it for as long as possible. Knowing that her son was acquittedshe was completely freed from her worries and smiled from ear to ear.

Mother Yang was a laid-off worker. After being laid off, the street wanted to take care of her. Thus, she was arranged to be a temporary worker in the community. She couldn’t apply for leave like Father Yang. Her pay was based on the number of hours worked. As such, if she applied for time off, her pay would be reduced. Thus, Mother Yang could only get off from work in the evening.

Yang Ming felt sorry in his heart when he saw his delighted parents go through the effort to get together and prepare so many dishes! It was his fault for making such a mistake but they still treated him so well. It was such a great display of parental love.

Father Yang raised his voice as he welcomed Yang Ming, “Big Ming, time to eat! Mom, stop working. Finish the rice in the pot before you scrub the kitchen utensils!”

Yang Ming said with sorrow, “Dad, Mom, you have been worried about me so much. I am sorry...”

“Silly boy, why are you saying sorry? You shouldn’t be sorry for us but Lin Zhiyun!” Mother Yang laughed as she patted Yang Ming’s shoulder. “Your dad had told me almost everything. Originally, I had the same thoughts as your dad to look for the girl. However, if Lin Zhiyun doesn’t wish to meet with us, let’s forget about it. However, you should always remember that you owe her!”

“Mom, I understand even you didn’t say anything.” It seemed Yang Ming had become more mature in these past few days. He had a more profound view in dealing with people and matters. 

Mother Yang shook her head as she said compassionately, “Alright, let’s dig in. During these two days in detention hall, you must not have eaten anything good. I heard that the food supply in the cafeteria is scarce and many prisoners fight for food. It is good enough if there is something to eat especially for someone like you that got in recently!”

Pu...” Yang Ming was enjoying his soup. He almost spat out the soup when he heard the joke from his mother. “Mom, who did you hear this from?”

Mother Yang thought a little while and said, “During my time in the countryside, my neighbor, Qu Laoer’s father who used to be in prison said it!”

Yang Ming asked, “Qu Laoer? How old is his dad?”

“He is almost ninety years old this year!” Mother Yang was a little curious. “Big Ming, why are you asking about it so much?”

Yang Ming smiled bitterly as he said, “Come on, Mom. His dad is already approaching ninety years old this year. Did his case happen during the Republic period or Qing Dynasty period? Currently, the food in the detention center might taste bad but having enough to be full isn’t an issue!” Indeed, there were cases of fighting for food among the prisoners in the detention center, but they were fighting for the better food which was limited in supply. For instance, it could be a steamed bun, etc. It wasn’t possible for everyone to have it. Prisoners who failed to get those could still fill their stomachs with rice or porridge. However, Yang Ming and Bao Sanli were together. In addition, Yang Ming gave Yu Xiangde a humiliating defeat that night. Their group became the prison tyrants. Who would dare take away their food? 

After Mother Yang heard Yang Ming’s explanation, she realized that her example was a bit far-fetched. Embarrassed, she laughed and said, “Mom was worried about you!”

Thereupon, the whole family finished their dinner in a harmonious atmosphere. Afterward, Yang Ming proactively cleared away the dishes without waiting for Mother Yang to stand up.

Mother Yang was surprised by Yang Ming’s behavior. “Big Ming, why are you so diligent after disappearing for a few days? Meanwhile, her expression showed gratification. Usually, Yang Ming was someone who just left his dishes at the table after a meal. He never helped to clean up.

Yang Ming felt deeply ashamed as these words came out of his mouth, “Mom, I have grown up. It is time for me to shoulder the responsibility from you.” It seemed that the earlier version of him was outrageous or else how could his mother be so happy just for him doing house chores! In reality, Yang Ming did this out of habit. In the detention hall, he had to clear away his own tableware and separate them into different bins.

“Alright, Mom knows your kind intentions. Let Mom handle these. What matters the most for you is to study and enroll in a good university. It will be the best out of everything!” Mother Yang smiled as she took the dishes in Yang Ming’s hand. “You didn’t go to school for these few days. You might not be able to catch up with your studies. Quickly return to your room and study. Also, your Teacher Zhao just called yesterday. She asked why you didn’t attend school for the past two days. I mentioned that you were sick. By the way, Yang Ming, this case wouldn’t leave any records, right? The school wouldn’t find out about it, right?”

There wouldn’t be any record since Lin Zhiyun had withdrawn the lawsuit. The police department would close the case. Chen Fei wouldn’t want him to have any bad records! But, school! Yang Ming was tenseBy law, it was impossible for the school to know about this matter, but how about Wang Zhitao? Had he already spread this news around? As a matter of fact, he was the culprit for all of this. His goal was to destroy Yang Ming’s image in front of Chen Mengyan! If he reported this to the school, will I be expelled?

Mother Yang saw Yang Ming frowning his eyebrows as he was deep in his thoughts. She was worried as she asked, “Big Ming, what’s the matter?”

Oh... nothing much.” Yang Ming pretended nothing had happened as he forced a smile. His parents didn't know of the matter regarding Wang Zhitao. Yang Ming didn't want them to know that he was set up because of a girl. As such, Yang Ming had spoken to them vaguely when he was at the detention hall. He only mentioned that it was the result of revenge from his nemesis.

Now that he thought about it, would this be the end of this situation? Would Wang Zhitao give up so easily? He wouldn’t be! He even took such sinister actions. Yang Ming had not the slightest doubt that Wang Zhitao was incapable of doing things worse than this.

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