So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Girlfriend? 

“Do you recognize him?” Xia Xue thought Lin Zhiyun remembered the incident.

Lin Zhiyun nodded. Her heart was like someone had knocked down a few flavor bottles; Sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and salty tastes were all infused. How could it be him? Lin Zhiyun didn’t quite believe her eyes. Initially, she wanted to sell herself to him to make three thousand yuan, but then he gave her about four thousand yuan. Not only did he not want her but he also asked her not to go to that place again! 

He’s a good guy. Why would he rape me? I have already delivered myself to him and he didn’t want it. Now he wanted to turn around and rape? Lin Zhiyun was confused. If she didn’t mix things up, this guy must be crazy!

“That day...  The one who did this to me, was this guy?” Lin Zhiyun thought that the procedures here could be similar to what was shown on film where they first presented some random strangers who were totally unrelated to the case to confuse her. 

“Yes, is there any problem?” Chen Fei was sensitive enough to notice it. It seemed that Lin Zhiyun knew Yang Ming! This way, it could actually be beneficial to Yang Ming! 

Lin Zhiyun shook her head. Suddenly, she remembered that Xia Xue had told her some things, about how Yang Ming was framed by another person! At that time she was filled with anger and sadness, she didn’t even care about what Xia Xue said. Now that she reflected on it, she remembered!

That was the case! Lin Zhiyun nodded her head. At this time, her expression toward Yang Ming became much more tolerable. I knew it! He’s a good guy!

Initially, before she saw Yang Ming, Lin Zhiyun had cursed this guy many times for bringing her a painful memory that she would never be able to erase. However, once she saw Yang Ming, she didn’t really feel much pain, but started worrying about him instead! She heard that he was just a student. If it was because of this thing that he got sentenced to jail, his future would be ruined! 

“Captain Chen, I want... I want... to ask...” Lin Zhiyun clenched her teeth and asked what she was thinking from her heart. “Yang Ming... Can he not be sentenced?”

“What did you say? Not sentence him?” Xia Xue was shocked and confused. “Lin Zhiyun, what are you saying?”

“I am saying... Can you guys just let him go?” Lin Zhiyun said in a really soft tone. 

“Lin Zhiyun, if you have decided to stop pursuing it, it is absolutely still possible now. Before we take any legal procedures, this is your right.” Chen Fei looked at Lin Zhiyun and asked, “But, why would you want to do that?” Even though Chen Fei wanted Yang Ming to be fine, but as head of the criminal investigation team, he had to be responsible for the victim.

“I... I... am his girlfriend!” Lin Zhiyun hesitated for a while and made up this sentence! She didn’t really want to share the incident where she had decided to sell herself off. That was really embarrassing. 

“This is a sufficient reason! Does this also mean that, previously, you didn’t know that the person who was having sex with you was your boyfriend and all of this was a misunderstanding?” Chen Fei asked. 

Lin Zhiyun nodded her head strongly. 

“Alright, Xia Xue, bring her back. Change the affidavit and we would be able to let Yang Ming go.” Chen Fei let out a sigh of relief. If he knew this would be the case, he should have let Lin Zhiyun meet Yang Ming earlier. 

Even though Chen Fei knew that the reason was pretty far-fetched, since the victim had decided this way, he didn’t really have to do anything else! Moreover, he could see from Lin Zhiyun’s expression that she definitely knew Yang Ming before this. Maybe it was this kind of mutual affection. As he thought about this, Chen Fei felt relieved.

“That... one more thing. The bedsheet that was used as evidence, can you give it to me?” Lin Zhiyun said embarrassingly to Chen Fei.

Chen Fei was astonished, then smiled as he understood. “Alright, we will get Xia Xue to pass it to you soon!”

Xia Xue also smiled as she nodded her head. She understood that a girl would normally value her first time more. That bloodstain on top of the bedsheet was proof that she was a virgin. 

Walking out of the gate of the police station, Lin Zhiyun felt a sense of relief as if the burden from the past few days were lifted. Eventually, she still decided not to meet Yang Ming. Even though she could use such an incident to get close to him, she was not the type of person who sought to claim her rewards.

Moreover, she felt that this was what Yang Ming deserved. He spent his money and didn’t owe her anything. Even though Lin Zhiyun had a bit of affection towards Yang Ming, she didn’t want to use this case to make Yang Ming responsible for her. She felt like she was already a girl who sold herself before. She was no longer a proper lady and wouldn’t be a match to Yang Ming. 

“My girlfriend?” Yang Ming couldn’t understand. When did he have a girlfriend that popped up out of nowhere? Even if he had one, it should be Chen Mengyan! Unless she’s Su Ya? Can’t be. Yang Ming recalled the look of that girl. Even though he couldn’t remember clearly due to the alcohol, he knew that she definitely wouldn’t be Su Ya unless she had plastic surgery. 

After he walked out of jail, Yang Ming was still confused so he went to Captain Chen to understand this situation. 

Yang Ming never thought that he would be released in a day’s time. When he was walking away, Bao Sanli didn’t want to part ways with him. He had really taken Yang Ming as his good brother. Yang Ming promised him that once he was out, they would still be in contact with each other.

Yang Ming didn’t cast aside a person like Bao Sanli. Once upon a time, he was very much like them. They had done many things like extortion, blackmail, and fighting. They just didn’t get involved with more serious crimes. 

Yang Ming believed that everyone who came out as a punk would have their own reasons and challenges. If there were another choice, they wouldn’t have picked such a dangerous route. 

Some were there to release their anger; some were there to fill their stomach. Of course, there were the stupid kids who came out to be punks just because they thought it was cool. They were a different matter.

When Yang Ming went to jail, he arrived in the police car. Now that he was out of the jail, he intended to take the bus back but the problem was that he didn’t have any coins on him. 

With no choice, Yang Ming could only walk toward the city area. The prison was at the outskirts of the city, therefore, there was not even a taxi available. When Yang Ming was about to complain, a police car stopped beside him. 

The police car’s window was rolled down. Chen Fei extended his head and said, “Come on in Yang Ming! I will give you a ride back!” 

“Captain Chen?” Yang Ming was a bit surprised but also was really touched. He wasn’t related to Captain Chen, yet Captain Chen had regarded him highly!

“Come on in! Once I have dropped you back home, I still need to go back to the police station! I purposely came for you since I knew that no one was coming to fetch you.” Chen Fei smiled as he spoke.

“Thank you, Captain Chen!” Yang Ming nodded his head and boarded the police car.

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