So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Brother Bao 

“Little brat, what have you done? What crime have you committed that brings you to this place? It is better for you to say it clearly. I don't care about what you did outside but inside here you must follow my rules!” The tower-like man was known as Brother Bao. He stretched his neck and furiously cracked his knuckles that rattled with “klik, klak” sounds.

At this moment, a person who knew the details whispered a few words into Brother Bao’s ear. Yang Ming remembered that he had met this fellow in the hearing room. This guy was here because of robbery.

“Rape? Haha, damn, I can't really see it. Do you have the guts?” Brother Bao laughed as he approached Yang Ming. Then, he delivered a punch to Yang Ming’s crotch.

Yang Ming was a good fighter. How could he let Brother Bao hit him so easily? Brother Bao initially thought that he could break Yang Ming into tears with a hit. It never occurred to him that  Yang Ming could immobilize him by firmly gripping his wrist.

“You motherf*****!” Brother Bao was enraged. He launched a kick toward Yang Ming.

Yang Ming left a cold sneer as he launched himself toward Brother Bao. Yang Ming used his knee to kick at Brother Bao’s crotch. You want to assault my crotch. What lack of manners! Let me make you feel comfortable.

Ah~~!” A screeching moan was heard. Brother Bao curled his body like a huge prawn and huddled up on the ground. He was sweating heavily with his eyes wide open as he gasped for air.

“Brothers, kill him!” The Brother Bao’s right-hand man, a wizened man, prepared to gang up on Yang Ming when he saw Yang Ming crush his boss.

“Motherf*****, don’t move!” Yang Ming grabbed Brother Bao’s throat and ferociously yelled, “If any of you here moves a single step, I will choke him to death! I have already murdered someone. I don't mind having another death by my hand!”

Yang Ming knew that those who were in the detention center were usually punks. If he didn't dominate them, he would have lots of trouble. Therefore, he brought up the case of the murder.

“Mur… murder?” Brother Bao was in a difficult situation as he uttered, “You... Didn’t you commit rape?”

“Have you heard of Ji Shuisheng?” Yang Ming strengthen his hand as he said, “ He was the one that I killed!”

Brother Bao was involved with the underworld so naturally, he heard of the name Ji Shuisheng. Ji Shuisheng was the best fighter of the Province S gangsters. He had great martial arts but he was a bit perverted as a person. As such, he offended a boss’s woman and afterward, his path spiraled downhill.

“Old...  Ji?” Brother Bao couldn't believe the person in front of his eyes was that one that murdered Ji Shuisheng! After realizing that, it wasn’t shameful to be held hostage by Yang Ming and he yielded. He was afraid that he could actually die on the spot. In fact, it was pretty common to have cases where criminals were beaten to death in jail. 

“Sorry... brother, old Bao failed to recognize such a great person. I made a mistake...  ” Brother Bao gnashed his teeth as he admitted his defeat. Deep in his heart, he was secretly cursing the fellow who told him the secret.

Hmph!” Yang Ming left a cold humph as he released his hand. Originally, he didn't intend to cause any trouble but situations like these were unavoidable in the end. He knew that it would be the same in prison. Although the prison was stricter, prison bullies and tyrants still existed. If he wasn't ruthless, the days ahead of him would be harsh. “I’m in a bad mood. If anyone would like to let me vent out my anger, do come forth.”

Er, brother, just now I was a bit rash. You see, we all belong to the underworld. Song Jiang City is a small territory and we would eventually come across each other. Can we just let it be?” Those who were in the underworld look up to strength and power. Brother Bao recognized Yang Ming’s fighting ability and decided to befriend him. “I’m Bao Sanli. Those who are in the underworld and respect me call me ‘Brother Bao’ [1]. What is your name, brother?”

“Since it was a misunderstanding, let's forget about it!” Yang Ming didn't know how many more days that he would be locked up but a friend was always better than a foe. Thus, he generously waved his hand and said, “Im Yang Ming.”

“Alright, cool! Brother Yang is it?!” Bao Sanli clapped his hands. Suddenly he stared at the informant with sharp eyes and kicked his butt as he scolded, “Little Dazi, you motherf*****, don’t you want to honor Brother Yang? Damn, you would frame Brother Yang as a rapist. Are you seeking death?”

Little Dazi mumbled as he dragged himself in front of Yang Ming. He didn’t know that Yang Ming was such a ruthless person. Even Brother Bao wasn’t a match for him. At this moment, he was filled with regret in his heart. Why had he been mouthy? However, he remembered Yang Ming came here because of rape. Could it be that he remembered incorrectly? He didn’t dare talk too much. People in here were not those who he could mess around with. The guy that came in recently seemed like a strong figure. Without further hesitation, he spoke apologetically, “Brother Yang, you are a great man. Please be generous with me. You see, I’m too chatty and always talk about nonsense that doesn’t amount to anything!”

Damn, I knew you’re mouthy!” Bao Sanli slapped the back of Little Dazi’s head.

“Let it be, Brother Bao.” Yang Ming grabbed Bao Sanli’s hand and said, “Don’t hit him. What he said wasn’t wrong!”

Bao Sanli was using a lot of strength but he couldn’t get out of Yang Ming’s grip. He was astonished. Therefore, he went with the flow and pretended to call it off by saying, “Since Yang Ming has spoken for you, I will just let it go. You’d better thank Yang Ming immediately.”

“Thank you, Brother Yang. Thank you, Brother Yang!” Little Dazi quickly nodded his head.

“Brother, you mentioned that Little Dazi wasn’t wrong. What do you mean? Could it be that you came in here for that?” Bao Sanli asked in a curious manner.

“Sort of!” Yang Ming nodded his head. Since he had nothing to do and Bao Sanli was quite cool, Yang Ming decided to reveal the matter where he had gotten framed.

“Damn!” Bao Sanli was furious after listening to the whole story. He jumped up from the floor as he condemned, “I look down on people who are incapable of getting their own women and frame others! Be assured that when I, Bao Sanli, am released from this place, I will murder him!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] 豹哥 (Bào gē) - Brother Leopard - This Bào means leopard.  The Bào in 暴三立 (Bào Sānlì) is his surname and a different Chinese character.  What a bada** nickname - only because you can substitute different words that sound the same in Chinese.

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