So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: First Experience in the Detention Center

“Yang Ming, although the urine test can prove that you were drugged, any evidence against Wang Zhitao is gone. From the law’s perspective, we can't press charges on Wang Zhitao.” Chen Fei shook his head, “You should understand this. With the help of a lawyer for such a case, Wang Zhitao will cast away any suspicions.”

“Captain Chen, you said it too. I was drugged. I thought I was dreaming at that time...” When Yang Ming heard that he could be charged with rape, he was alarmed! Rape was a serious crime. It was common to go to jail for almost 10 years!

“Yang Ming, although I pity you, you must know that our National Criminal Law, section 236, has regulations for rape.” Chen Fei stopped for a while and continued, “However, the law doesn't exist for negligent rape. So in any situation, it always violates the will of the victim! Besides, your subjective view also proves that you intended to have sexual intercourse. The aphrodisiac can’t be your excuse for exoneration. You thought you were dreaming; this is just your thought, but it is not a rationale to excuse yourself! So I'm not sure about the judgment. You’ll have to wait for the court’s decision!”

Yang Ming took a deep breath. He had calmed down at that moment. Yeah, no matter what reason, I made a mistake and the girl was innocent. I should blame myself for trusting Wang Zhitao so easily for having a dinner! Yang Ming finally understood the idiom, “Getting a larger loss by going for the small gain”. The best example was he.

Captain Chen, how many years do you think the court would decide?” Yang Ming had given up; he had to face reality. Yang Ming was in remorse for disappointing his parents. Worse still, he couldn’t face Zhao Ying and the others anymore! However, Yang Ming felt he really owed much more to the girl. She was obviously the victim of this grudge between him and Wang Zhitao.

Chen Fei explained, “I said that I'm not sure about it. Based on my experience, the testimony of the victim was the most important basis. The key point was the victim’s statement of the process about you. It's possible for only one sentence to have an effect. Then the court will base the judgment on how much damage was done to the girl.” 

“Can I meet…  the girl?” Yang Ming didn't want to ask for forgiveness from her, but he hoped that she could understand that he was being framed.

“I don't think it's possible. There is no precedent for a suspect to meet with the victim. But I will still explain your situation to the victim and hope she could forgive you. Hopefully, she would understand and say something good in her testimony.” Chen Fei said, “This is all I can do for you, kid. Don't give up, your journey is just starting -  “All roads lead to Rome” [1]. There are many pillars of society who came out of jail too!”

Yang Ming nodded and lightly gave his thanks.

Even though Xia Xue detested Yang Ming, the case could affect Yang Ming’s future. She didn't dare to be sloppy as she patiently explained Yang Ming’s framing case to Lin Zhiyun.

Lin Zhiyun’s temperament was very bad and agitated however. She didn't listen to Xia Xue and insisted that she wanted to bring Yang Ming to justice.

When Xia Xue told Yang Ming the results, he smiled bitterly. He knew it would turn out like this. Why would she empathize with him? 

Xia Xue suddenly felt that Yang Ming was really pitiful. As she looked at Yang Ming’s sad face, she couldn’t refrain from sympathizing with him. He had a good future, but it was because of such an accident that it had to turn to a different path.

The case was concluded very quickly. Yang Ming was very cooperative as he admitted his crime. Next, he just had to wait for his transfer to the detention center.

Yang Ming met his parents in an isolation room at the police station.

When Yang Ming’s father found out about it, he obviously looked more pale. His sideburns had already turned white.

Father Yang’s attitude was calm. “Big Ming, your mother and I don’t want to blame you. You walk your own path; I hope this can teach you a lesson. Your mom and I will be waiting for you to be reformed.” 

Mother Yang tearfully comforted him. “Big Ming, mom believes in you, but the law is the law. The national law is ruthless. Don’t blame yourself and others too much!”

“Dad, Mom, I don’t blame anyone. I created all these problems, I should be responsible for it. But… I have let you all down.” Yang Ming shook his head. He thought it over. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just going to jail. Besides he didn’t have to worry about his future. He had a special ability, so he wasn’t afraid that he couldn’t earn money!

Father Yang nodded. “Good, Big Ming. Since you can understand the reason, we are relieved. Your fortitude is like that of a real man. It’s alright. No matter what the court’s judgment is, you can reform confidently. After you come out, you can take over my work at the factory. It’s not bad to be a car factory worker!”

Yang Ming didn’t let his parents tell the school and teacher about this case. He didn’t want to hurt Zhao Ying. Moreover, he didn’t want Wang Zhitao to get anything he desired. He just wanted to keep it hidden for as long as possible!

After that, Yang Ming was transferred to the detention center and waited for the date of the open court session.

“Get in!” Yang Ming was pushed into a shady and moist room. “Pang!” The steel door closed.

Everyone knew that the conditions in the detention center were bad. There were many people who chose to go to jail rather than the detention center. First, the conditions were really bad. Second, the management was chaotic. There was a large variety of people. Fights and brawls happened from time to time...

After the police left, a strong tower-like man stared at Yang Ming and said coldly, “Kid, which f***ing way are you walking?

Yang Ming looked at him and ignored him. He didn’t want to be entangled with the people here.

A thin bamboo-like man jumped up and clutched Yang Ming’s shirt. “Damn, Brother Bao was speaking to you. Are you f***ing deaf?!”

“Let go. Are you trying to touch me?” Yang Ming said disdainfully. You wanted to act cool with this build but obviously, you’re just a sandbag.

After Yang Ming spoke, immediately, “Hu La”, another two people stood up. Together with the bamboo stick, there would be three people. They were covetously looking at Yang Ming. There was an old man sitting on his bed. He seemed indifferent to all this.

“Wait!” The tower-like man signaled to the bamboo. “You let him go.”

Heh!” Bamboo hummed coldly and let Yang Ming go.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 条条大路通罗马 (tiáo tiáo dà lù tōng luó mǎ) A Chinese idiom which is commonly used to illustrate that there are many ways to achieve a goal. In this context, it meant that whichever life path you chose, you still can be successful.

How will Yang Ming survive in the detention center?  Tune in tomorrow!

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