So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Framed

Once Chen Fei entered the interrogation room, he could smell the stench of strong alcohol. Chen Fei shook his head. Alcohol is a catalyst for sex. The saying that alcohol would make us lose our control was obviously right! 

“Let him drink some sobering medicine!” Chen Fei ordered the policeman who had just brought Yang Ming over. 

Actually, Yang Ming was pretty sober. It was just that he didn’t know how to open his mouth. It was only a few hours and it felt like he was in another world. Everything was so dream-like that Yang Ming wasn’t able to gauge whether these things were real or not.

Yang Ming took the policeman's sobering tea and drank a mouthful of it, then he formed his words. “Captain Chen, I was framed by somebody!”

“What are you saying? Framed by someone! What actually happened?” Chen Fei was startled. As he heard Yang Ming, he realized the severity of the case. To be honest, he also wasn’t willing to see Yang Ming as a rapist. 

“Captain Chen, this is the situation. I have a classmate who invited me to have a meal at Tavern Heaven on Earth. Then, I drank quite a lot of alcohol and I passed out. However, after a while, I felt like my whole body was on fire, and there was a strong sense of desire. The moment I opened my eyes, there was a girl not wearing any clothes next to me. I thought I was dreaming so...” explained Yang Ming.

“Dreaming! You shouldn’t just have sex with others even when you are dreaming! Why do you have such bad self-control!” Chen Fei shook his head as he heard Yang Ming. Chen Fei grasped a large part of the situation. Even though Yang Ming was possibly framed, the fact that he raped a girl was sufficient to prove that he committed a crime. 

“I also don’t know... Captain Chen, I won’t lie to you. At that time, it felt like I ate some aphrodisiac. I couldn’t really control myself!” Yang Ming said while being slightly embarrassed.

“Little Zhang, give him a urine test!” Once Chen Fei heard that Yang Ming had ingested some aphrodisiac he thought of something and immediately gave an order to the policeman beside him. 

“Yes.” The policeman stood up then passed a disposable paper cup to Yang Ming.

“What?” Yang Ming was puzzled. 

“Pee!” Chen Fei said, “You just reminded me. I suspect that your classmate gave you a form of aphrodisiac or something similar to it!“

“Then... I pee here?” Yang Ming stared at the disposable paper cup.

“We are all men. What are you afraid of?” Chen Fei laughed. 

“Alright! Yang Ming knew Chen Fei did this for his own good. He didn’t hesitate, opened his pants and started peeing into the disposable paper cup.

“Captain Chen, the girl’s statement is out...” The door to the interrogation room opened. Xia Xue was holding a document as she walked in. Then she saw Yang Ming who was holding his little thing peeing. She was dumbstruck and then eventually shouted, “Barbarian!”

Yang Ming was shocked when she rushed in like that and then she suddenly shouted. His hand shook and half of his urine spilled to the floor.

“Xia Xue! How many times must I tell you that before you come in you must knock on the door?” Chen Fei complained. “What barbarian? According to your logic, if you were to enter a guy’s washroom, would you call everyone there a barbarian?” 

“I... hmph!” Xia Xue gave Yang Ming a fierce stare but then her vision went down to Yang Ming’s lower part. Her face couldn’t help but turn a bit red. However, the moment she remembered how Yang Ming used that thing to bully the young girl, she really wanted to rush over there and destroy that thing.

Yang Ming immediately zipped up his pants, scared that this violent girl might do something to him.

“Xia Xue, do a urine test for him and give me the results.” Chen Fei pointed at the disposable cup in Yang Ming’s hand.

“Me?” Xia Xue was obviously reluctant to do so especially when she saw how the side of the cup was all stained by his pee. She really didn’t want to touch it, however, she had no choice but to follow the captain’s order. 

Yang Ming intentionally pushed the paper cup into Xia Xue’s hand, spilling urine on her hand. 

“You!” Xia Xue was so angry that she wanted to just spill the pee on his face but noticing how her leader was still beside her, she would have gotten quite some punishment if she did that. 

All police agencies have a specialized testing facility, therefore, the urine test results were ready in ten minutes. The result was positive that Yang Ming’s urine contained a large amount of aphrodisiac, the type that a Japanese prostitute would use on her client. 

“It seems that you really were framed by your classmate. Xia Xue, you and Little Zhang go to Tavern Heaven on Earth now and take all the glass bottles from the Purple-Gold Pavilion for examination!” Chen Fei said as he made a prompt decision. 

However, Chen Fei was too late. Everything in the Purple-Gold Pavilion was all cleared away. Even the table was cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, all the evidence was eliminated! 

“Bring Wang Zhitao back to assist in our investigation immediately!” Chen Fei ordered Little Zhang and Xia Xue their second tasks. 

Shortly thereafter, Little Zhang called back and said, “Captain Chen, Wang Zhitao wasn’t willing to follow me back.” 

“What? If he’s not willing, don’t you all know how to make him come here?” Chen Fei asked in reply. 

“Wang Zhitao’s family is having a meal with a few leaders. Wang Zhitao said if there was anything else we would have to speak to his lawyer. I was scolded by the leaders too because they said we disturbed them.” Little Zhang said in mild despair. 

“It’s fine. Both of you come back now.” Once Chen Fei had heard that Wang Zhitao actually had a lawyer, he knew this case wouldn’t be so simple. Moreover, all the evidence that was against Wang Zhitao was eliminated. If he insisted on not admitting it, Chen Fei couldn’t do anything to him anyway.

Moreover, Wang Zhitao’s family must be pretty special if they were able to have dinner with these leaders. His parents would definitely be people with power in the Song Jiang City society. Even if there was evidence, for Wang Zhitao, this type of crime would have been settled by some cash. Long story short, Chen Fei could only make him admit that he dropped an aphrodisiac into Yang Ming’s drink but whatever happened after that was actually Yang Ming’s responsibility!

Chen Fei shook his head as he read the statement that Xia Xue jotted down. 

The victim’s name was Lin Zhiyun who was 18 years old this year. She studied in a high school attached to Song Jiang City’s university. When she was bringing a meal to her father, she was rendered unconscious with a drugged handkerchief. After she woke up, she was raped by Yang Ming.

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