So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Erotic Dream

“How’s the thing going?” Wang Zhitao cheerfully finished peeing and gave his body a shake. His bladder was finally relieved.

Zhang Biao said, “It’s already done. I have caught the person with knockout drops. She is in the private room upstairs.”

Wang Zhitao asked worriedly, “Have you found out who she is? Even if my dad is powerful in this small land of Song Jiang, I don’t want to cause any trouble for my father because of such a thing.”

“Don’t worry, master. Monkey and the guys caught her at the hospital entrance. She must have a hospitalized family member because she was delivering a meal.” Zhang Biao said, “If you think about it - if they were rich, they would have stayed in the special ward with three meals provided. Why would they deliver it themselves?!”

Wang Zhitao scolded,  “Bulls***! I remember last time when I had my circumcision that my mom delivered soup to me!” Obviously, Wang Zhitao was very different from other playboys. He was much smarter.

Zhang Biao said, “Master, I, Biaozi, am not stupid. I have investigated very thoroughly! This girl came off a bus and was wearing unfashionable clothes. She is definitely from a poor family.”

Wang Zhitao pointed at Yang Ming. “En, this is acceptable. Let’s go. You carry this guy upstairs. He looks quite solid. I can’t move him.” 

“Since I’m here, master, you don’t have to do it!” As Zhang Biao carried Yang Ming on his back, he thought, I’m not as strong as you but what can I do since you’re my master?

Nearly all the hotel staff recognized Wang Zhitao. They greeted, “Master, Master” and Wang Zhitao nodded his head slightly.

“Is it her?” Wang Zhitao pointed at the girl on the bed. “She looks quite pretty. This treat is really nice for Yang Ming!” Wang Zhitao sniffed the girl. “Looks like she is still a virgin. There is still some body scent on her.”

Zhang Biao smiled lewdly. “Master, do you want a taste first? We are going to frame this guy anyway!”

“F*** your a**. Your police title is just a title is it?” Wang Zhitao was pissed and looked at Zhang Biao. This man is loyal but he is just too stupid.

Zhang Biao didn’t expect his suggestion to backfire so he immediately shut up.

“Find a waiter to take off her clothes. We should go out.” Wang Zhitao finished speaking and walked toward the door. “Oh yeah, Zhang Biao, since he was so drunk, will the drug still be effective?”

Zhang Biao explained, “Master, you don't have to worry. This drug was brought back from Japan by Monkey’s friend. Even a dead man will wake up and f*** a woman!” 

Wang Zhitao nodded.

Yang Ming felt really dry and hot. His lower part was already erect. What is happening? I didn't have such strong lust when I was drinking last time!

Although Yang Ming was a virgin who had some lust for sex, he never had such a strong reaction when he watched porn.

When Yang Ming opened his eyes, he first saw a woman’s body without any clothes, then he saw the hotel room!

How is this possible? Yang Ming felt it was impossible. Wasn’t I drinking with Wang Zhitao just now? Why am I here all of a sudden? Yes, this must be a dream, a damn erotic dream!

Yang Ming stared firmly at this little girl! Yang Ming saw naked women in porn too but a real person was very different from porn. The strong sensation caused his penis to be fully erect.

Such a perfect body together with a slight body fragrance and especially her pure, breathless beauty intensified Yang Ming’s sinful thoughts.

Yang Ming thought, It's just a dream anyway. It would be a waste if I don't take the opportunity. Why does this face look so familiar to me? But everything looks familiar in dreams. Yang Ming didn't think too much more.

Yes, this was a scene that no man could resist! Yang Ming jumped on her like a hungry wolf. He forcefully pierced the little girl’s body. 

The little girl seemed to feel something. She grimaced in pain.

The warmth wrapped around him made Yang Ming feel ecstatic. Isn't this dream just too real? But only a few things can be logical when a man is lustful. At this time, Yang Ming was obsessed with the little girl. Yang Ming held onto the little girl’s soft breast and molded it into different shapes...

“It's about time. Let’s call the police!” Wang Zhitao stubbed out his cigarette and said to Zhang Biao, “Go prepare a digital camera and take photos later when Yang Ming is brought out by the police. Hehe, I want to know - would Chan Mengyan still be in contact with a rapist?!”

Zhang Biao had forgotten his mistakes once he was out. “Master, isn't it better if we just take them inside the room?”

“Big brain!” Wang Zhitao pointed at his own brain. “Please, can you think before you speak? Take a photo inside? If this photo is out, do you think we can still get away with it? It can be a coincidence when you snap them as he gets caught by the police. If we went inside, then it was obviously our plan!”

After Zhang Biao heard this, he quickly nodded and agreed, “Master, you’re right, that’s why you’re the master and I’m just a chauffeur.”

Wang Zhitao heard his far-fetched speech and smiled while shaking his head. Then he took out a mobile phone and inserted a new sim card.

“Good evening. This is the 110 police service center.”

Wang Zhitao said, “Good evening. I want to report a case. I’m a customer of Tavern Heaven on Earth. I heard the sound of a woman struggling for help and the moans of sexual intercourse!”

“Sir, are you sure that it was a call for help?” The person had heard of Tavern Heaven on Earth and couldn't refrain from asking more. Tavern Heaven on Earth was an entertainment venue so a prostitute in there wouldn’t be a secret anyway. Even if there was woman moaning, it wasn’t easy to make a conclusion.

Wang Zhitao had prepared his speech. “Yes, my friend said that the customer in room 315 was drunk and he dragged a drunk school girl with him.

“Alright, thank you for your information.” The person immediately reported this to the police on duty. The police on duty heard the words ‘school girl’ and realized the case wasn’t that simple, so they rushed to Tavern Heaven on Earth.

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