So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: A Drunken Yang Ming

“What he wants is beer. Have you prepared it?” Wang Zhitao quietly asked the man across from the room’s entrance. 

 No worries, master, I can guarantee you that it looks completely similar to a factory produced product!” assured the man.

“Alright, Ah Biao, you go and arrange to have a waiter to deliver it in a while. Make sure he doesn’t mix it up.” Wang Zhitao nodded his head and asked, “Oh yeah, how well have you arranged the things that come after that?“

“I already have my brothers downstairs finding our target!” said Zhang Biao.

“Hehe, Yang Ming, this time around I shall really screw you up!” Wang Zhitao sneered. “Okay, you go down first. I will go back since it’s been a while or else this brat would think that I am making him pay the bill!” 


Yang Ming thought it over and immediately went to the room’s door to have a look outside. He realized Wang Zhitao was talking to the “Brother Biao” from the other day about something. Yang Ming can see them, but couldn’t really hear them. Yang Ming felt sorry for himself. He already obtained the legendary x-ray vision but if he could also get a super-hearing ability, that would be brilliant! Although it was just wishful thinking, he knew that this wasn’t possible. A person having one superpower is already really great because it was a God-given talent. How could he ask for more when he wasn’t some kind of demigod? Therefore, Yang Ming decided that after the college entrance exam, he would find a chance to learn lip-reading as a substitute for the super-hearing ability.

Could it be that this brat is still looking for someone to give me a beating? But there’s really no need to spend that much effort, right? Buying me such a high-class meal? Even though Yang Ming felt that Wang Zhitao was a coward, he wasn’t an idiot. But since Wang Zhitao didn’t slip away, Yang Ming didn’t have to worry about other things. Different situations called for different actions! The first thing is to fill up his stomach before anything else.

“Hehe, you waited for a while, right?” Wang Zhitao pushed open the room’s door and walked in. “I met a friend just now and had a small chat with him. Oh yeah! It was the person who wanted to give you a lesson last time. I told him that we are now good brothers so that if he were to bump into you, he would need to be respectful to you!”

Wang Zhitao was obviously not an idiot. He went out for a long time, so of course, he was afraid that Yang Ming had peeked at what he was doing. Therefore, instead of covering it up, he took the initiative to tell him why he met with Zhang Biao earlier but modified some of the facts. He was certain that Yang Ming wasn’t able to hear anything since the distance was pretty far. The fact was that Yang Ming really couldn’t hear anything at all. 

After listening to Wang Zhitao’s semi-believable explanation, Yang Ming’s doubt disappeared. He never thought that Wang Zhitao would just tell him everything but the more Wang Zhitao behaved like this, the more Yang Ming felt confused! 

Very quickly, the waiter served the beer, and it was a full box! The beer was stored in a big glass bottle. This has to be explained. People in the North are lavish drinkers. They hardly go for a small cup of drink. Regardless of how rich a person was, the most popular drink was still this type of big glass bottle even though this was a high-class restaurant.

“Sir, how many bottles would you like?” asked the waiter.

Open ten bottles first. Me and this gentleman over here, five bottles each!” Wang Zhitao ordered and said to Yang Ming, “Let’s drink straight from the container itself. It’s so troublesome to pour it into a glass!”

Wang Zhitao’s suggestion went right along with Yang Ming’s intention. Last time when he drank at the big food stall with Xu Peng and friends, everyone was also drinking a bottle each.

It was obvious that this waiter had gotten an order from Zhang Biao. When he was distributing the bottles, he was taking them from two different sides. Yang Ming didn’t have this societal experience so he didn’t realize this small detail. He raised the glass bottle and said, “To our great class monitor, this is for you!”

“Ah... it should be me drinking this for you! Come, both of us are brothers. Words can’t say much. Let’s finish one bottle first!” Wang Zhitao also raised the glass bottle in his hand.

Even though he looks like a good boy in class, his tolerance to alcohol is pretty good. Starting with a full bottle! Yang Ming thought to himself but Yang Ming was not afraid of Wang Zhitao at all. During those years when he was drinking with his brothers at the big food stall, everyone was drinking from boxes. Yang Ming’s record was finishing two boxes in about a day’s time. 

Yang Ming saw how Wang Zhitao was pouring the fluid into his stomach. How could he let Wang Zhitao win? He took up the glass bottle and poured it into his stomach too.

One bottle went down and Yang Ming burped. He felt a bit dizzy. How come this beer is so strong? Last time when I drank, it was also this same brand, but it was like drinking water. Is it because I haven’t had a drink in a few months that my alcohol tolerance dropped? Yang Ming shook his head.

What Wang Zhitao drank was water. It was actually carbonated tea which he had Zhang Biao prepare earlier. What Yang Ming drank was a specially made condensed beer.

I have heard that you have a high alcohol tolerance. I’m so glad that I have prepared everything well. This time around you shall drink to your grave! Wang Zhitao raised another glass bottle and said, “Brother, the last time it was my fault. This bottle is me asking for your forgiveness. I will drink it first as a sign of respect. You can drink whenever you want!” As he finished the sentence, he raised his chin and another bottle of “beer” entered his stomach.

At that moment, Yang Ming was feeling tipsy. That kind of drinking mood was also here. Therefore, he also raised another bottle and pour it right into his mouth. He raised his empty bottle and said, “Sure! Let’s drink together!”

“Brother, you are really forthright! Come, let’s eat while we drink!” Wang Zhitao signaled the waiter to open a few more bottles. It seemed that even this strong alcohol wasn’t having enough attack power. If it were any other Tom, Dick or Harry, half a bottle would be enough to make him drunk.

Those two exchanged their words and five bottles went down into their stomach. This time, Yang Ming didn’t really need Wang Zhitao to ask him. He just took the bottles and drank it himself.

Wang Zhitao let out a breath of air as he noticed the situation in front of him. He was also feeling uncomfortable because his stomach was full of tea. It felt as if everything was going to overflow from his throat and eyes! He really didn’t understand how Yang Ming could drink all that alcohol.

Eventually, Yang Ming lost to the strong alcohol. He felt a bit blurry... then afterward he was no longer aware of anything. 

Wang Zhitao then stood up shakily, walked towards the front door. He felt that his body was full of tea. Whenever he moved, he could hear the tea sloshing around - splash, splash.

“Master, are you okay? Why are you so pale?” Zhang Biao asked concerned.

“It’s alright; drank too much tea. Help me to go to the washroom to settle it. Damn, this is killing me!” Wang Zhitao complained.

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